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Rush’s Morning Update: The Memo
August 18, 2009
There is no video podcast this week as Rush is broadcasting from Los Angeles.
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A memo has become a political lightning rod. The memo, written by American Petroleum Institute president Jack Gerard, urges energy companies to recruit employees and retirees to attend rallies in 20 statesto show opposition for Democrats’ cap-and-tax plan.

Sounds like democracy to me. Inviting concerned citizens to rallies amounts to nothing more than asking people to participate in the American political arena. But environmentalist wackos,led by Greenpeace,are in a snit. Greenpeace spokesman Michael Crocker complains that the “most powerful among us” are masquerading as a grassroots movementto “stifle debate on global warming.” Crocker says the energy concerns are “manufactured,” and that those who show up at events are being “paid to put on this theatre.”

This is all laughable. The so-called most powerful among us are liberalsthreatening our economy and way of life– based on the “manufactured” hoax of man-made global warming. It’s American citizens who are being forced to pay through the nose with higher taxes and energy billsto keep this farce alive. It’s their voices that have been “stifled” during this entire debate.

Memo from me: You well-organized wackos are upset? Because folks are organizing to stop your radical agenda from taking us all down the tubes? It’s called freedom, guys. Get over it– or get used to it. Your choice. But know this:We aren’t going away. And you and your White House community organizer-in-chief can’t bitchwhen communities organize. (Try that!)

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