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RUSH: Doris Kearns Goodwin is heartbroken. Obama is learning the presidency is hard. Everything left over from Bush is much worse than anyone thought. That’s her summary. Charlie Rose said, ‘Doris, what do you make of President Obama?’

GOODWIN: What we’ve seen so far is a man that surprisingly is in command of the office. Think back to the days when people worried about a 3 a.m. call coming in the middle of the night and this rookie wouldn’t know what to do. He’s had multiple crises, and he seems to still be steady, projecting an aura of self-confidence. My suspicion is that things are far worse than he thought and that accounts for some of the difficulties he’s having.

RUSH: This is considered to be one of the brightest women on the East Coast, and this is just a plain old silly comment. He is not in command of the office. He’s not in command of the health care issue. He’s lost it. Charlie Cook, Doris, the Democrats have totally lost control of the debate. He says they’re going to lose 20 seats in the House. That’s Obama. Obama’s the face of the Democrat Party. He doesn’t seem in command of anything. He’s out there using terms like ‘wee-weed up.’ He’s complaining and whining about Bush, and you’re helping it here, Doris, by saying, ‘My suspicion is things are far worse than he thought.’ And then Charlie Rose goes to Arianna Huffington of the Huffing and Puffington Post and says, ‘Arianna, how do you see this leadership question with President Obama?’

HUFFINGTON: I agree with Doris. On top of it, he’s a natural-born teacher. He’s teaching about how to be a human being, not just a president. His ability not to hold grudges, to stay centered, all those are great qualities. My concern is that he’s demonstrating a preference for compromise and reconciliation even before the fight has been fought. He’s a pied piper, but he has not taken this strong stand on health care or, indeed, on reforming Wall Street that would have led to fundamental change.

RUSH: What in the world is she talking about? He hasn’t taken a strong stand? What planet is she on? We know that Barney Frank’s prowling around Uranus. We know that that woman at the health care meeting came from Lyndon LaRouche’s planet, the woman at Barney Frank’s meeting. What planet is this woman on? We’re very close to hiring a translator here for when we have Arianna Huffington sound bites. What in the world is she talking about? And now this. She continued. She’s not happy with the way Obama is executing the brilliant plans of Saul Alinsky.

HUFFINGTON: President Obama who, as you know, is a student of Saul Alinsky, the great community organizer, has actually changed the perspective of the Alinsky theory. He wants to move from the first stage, which is the identification of the problem, to the fourth stage, which is reconciliation. And he doesn’t really want to deal with the messy parts in between.

RUSH: Well, this is absurd, much less insane. Barack Obama is not about reconciliation. He’s about sweeping people off the playing field and getting rid of everyone.


RUSH: We continue now with the disarray that the Obama White House is in on health care and Obama himself and the angst this is causing in State-Controlled Media. Very concerned that Obama has lost the magic, this morning on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough was talking with Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes. They’re talking about Obama’s health care and Scarborough says, ‘Lesley, it seems like it’s always something in August, people get wee-weed up out there.’

STAHL: You know, I was thinking about Reagan and how unbelievably unpopular he became when he had his recession, and we forget that that happens to presidents. When you have increasing joblessness, it is absolutely inevitable.

RUSH: Uh, Obama’s unpopularity the same thing Reagan went through in a recession? There’s a difference, though. What’s the big difference, Glicklich? I’m going to put you on the spot here. What is the big difference in Reagan and his recession and Obama and his recession? We need to pass this on so Lesley Stahl can understand it, too. What is the big difference? Chad, you want to take a stab at this? What’s the big difference in the two recessions? Nobody wants to take a stab. See, this is why there isn’t another me. I’m giving everybody an opportunity to show — (interruption) no. Well, he did have optimism, but the big difference is Reagan was trying to end his recession; Obama is not trying to end his. Very simple. Obama is not doing one thing to end this recession. He’s doing things to compound it. Reagan was trying to end it. He cut taxes. Obama’s making it worse. She wasn’t through. She kept going.

STAHL: There’s all this question about how he’s not being passionate, he’s not expressing verve, and Reagan used to do it so brilliantly. He could be angry without having that angry face. People said he was a B-actor but as president he was an A-actor.

ROSE: Right.

STAHL: I would be right up close and he’d get that angry, for example, at the air traffic controllers, things like that.

ROSE: Hm-hm.

STAHL: He’d get the angry look, and I knew he was acting, I knew it wasn’t from down here, and Obama has to find that spot, because he’s an actor, too, and find a way to express his passion without crossing a line he doesn’t want to cross. He doesn’t want to —

ROSE: Right.

STAHL: — become part of the angry mob.

RUSH: This is unbelievable. This woman is one of many who spent years impugning, insulting Reagan because he was an actor, he wasn’t a real guy. And now all of a sudden he was great, he was a great A-actor, and Obama’s gotta learn how to act. This couldn’t be a bigger insult. Of all the people, somebody in the State-Run Media’s advising Barack Obama to emulate Ronald Reagan. They’re spiraling out of control over there. Obama, I guarantee you his head’s swimming. He has no idea where he is now.

(playing of Obama spoof song.)

RUSH: That is white comedian Paul Shanklin and I’m In Over My Head. That’s Barack Obama. You know, folks, somebody had better tell the media, like Lesley Stahl, the State-Controlled Media, stop harping on Reagan. The era of Reagan is over. David Brooks has said that, David Frum has said that, a number of conservative media, the era of Reagan is over, and yet now we’ve got the State-Run Media saying, ‘Obama, you are going to have to figure out how to be like Reagan.’ Twin spin time, folks.

(playing of Obama spoof)

RUSH: White comedian Paul Shanklin as President Obama and American Lie, a featured twin spin here at the EIB Network.

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