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RUSH: Everybody is asking, ‘How did it go with William Shatner yesterday?’ Folks, it was like everything else this week. I have simply had a blast out here. We did the interview in a private home in Encino, California, and it was great. Shatner’s show is Raw Nerve. It’s on A&E. I don’t know when this particular episode is going to air. It’s a 30-minute show with commercial, so it’s 23 minutes of content. We did an hour and 45 minutes, and he had a unique setup. We were sitting in chairs that were side by side — well, not quite side by side. Facing each other, rather, with no table, and it was a four-camera shoot. And the interview…

I said that he talks to his guests about everything other than their area of expertise. Well, since I’m an expert in everything, everything was on the table, so we did discuss some political stuff. We discussed environmental wackoism. We discussed Obama’s health care plan, legacy, what we will leave for our children and grandchildren. And, for example, Bill was concerned about the environment. ‘I want to make sure that we leave a clean world and so forth for our children and grandchildren.’ I said, ‘Bill, if you really are worried about what you want to leave in terms of this country for your kids and grandkids, then we have to defeat Obama and the Democrats.’

And he said, ‘How do you know? How do you know all the time that you’re right? How do you know?’ And, you know, nobody’s ever asked me that. They just assume I’m right. But he said, ‘How do you know that you’re right?’ And I’m not going to give away my answers or anything here, but it was a largely philosophical thing. Bill Shatner is a very philosophical guy. He can get very deep. He started out with family influences, grandfather, my father, my mother. Talked about… What was it? Brian was there. Glicklich was there. Our Limbaugh family aide was there. It was wide-ranging. It was all over the place. Truly. I mean, you hear cliche, ‘wide-ranging interview.’ This really was. It was. It was a gas. It was lots of fun.

We talked about what makes great radio: Theater of the mind. People already have things in their mind before you add to it. He asked me, ‘How do you approach the notion that you’re on radio and you know that you paint the picture?’ and I gave him my philosophical, business, broadcast expertise answer to that. It really was a lot of fun and it was a unique setting. It was in the living room of a private home that was lit really well. I had a great time. I’m going to be eager to see it. Normally when I do television, eh, I can take it or leave it, because I don’t have that sense of how well I did as I do on radio. But this I felt really good about when it was all over. And as soon as we get an airdate for it, we will, of course, pass it on to you.

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