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RUSH: President Obama has arrived at Marxist Vineyard, has told the press no coverage, just leave us alone, we don’t want any coverage here, just leave us alone. I feel like waiting for the next headline on Drudge to be: ‘People to President: Leave Us Alone! Keep your hands off our health care; keep your hands off our Social Security; keep your hands off everything, just stay up there in Marxist Vineyard with your buddy skip Gates and go play a couple rounds of golf.’ In fact, I have a very good friend — I wonder if I should say this — one of my really good friends owns the golf course on Martha’s Vineyard. Now, there are two golf courses up there but ‘the’ golf course on Marxist Vineyard is owned by a friend of mine and I’m told that arrangements have been made that Obama and his merry band of golfers is going to show up there a couple, three times this week.

Folks, I want to show my devotion to you. Last week a friend of mine sent me a note when I was in California, I guess it was Thursday or Friday, I got a note from a friend saying Bill O’Reilly has written a column. I don’t know where O’Reilly’s column was published, but in the column it said it was a good thing that Obama was going to Marxist Vineyard because there he could get away from Rush Limbaugh. So, my friend, says, you know, we ought to go up there and play golf on Wednesday. You ought to come up here to Connecticut, pick me up, we fly over there, we play golf and have lunch on Wednesday. I mean, the word will surely get out. I said, ‘I can’t take the day off. I would love to do it, but I can’t take the day.’ I got a client meeting here on Wednesday afternoon. I’m doing Glenn Beck’s show Wednesday afternoon at 5:30 on the phone. I couldn’t get away. It would have been a hoot, it would have been so much fun to bop up there and play golf after O’Reilly says get away from Rush Limbaugh and there I bop into Marxist Vineyard. And, of course, you know I’ve got chaff dispensers on EIB One. (interruption) Well, in case you get fired on, Dawn, planes release this chaff, and it’s supposed to attract the surface-to-air missiles away from the airplane. I have it on there ’cause I flew into Marxist Vineyard a number of times. If they find out I’m coming in advance, you have to take defensive measures out there.

Here’s the phone number, folks, 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

I’m not kidding. The Obama White House said please leave us alone this week, we don’t want to be covered, leave the kids alone, we want our privacy and so forth. Here’s a guy who’s been on television 24/7, every day, since he was immaculated, and now all of a sudden turn it off.


RUSH: None of this was supposed to happen. Our economy was supposed to be roaring by now, jobs created at a furious pace. The sea levels should have begun to fall by now. None of what he said was going to happen. Now he’s on vacation at Marxist Vineyard and is telling the press, ‘Leave us alone. We don’t want any part of your coverage.’ I wonder, think about something last night. Can Obama tell us when and where he supports free enterprise? I mean, he supports government at all times, and it rarely works. You know, this is a fascinating question. If you listen to any of Obama’s policies, if you look at them from the stimulus to the bailouts to health care, where does he support free enterprise?

Where does he support freedom? Where does he support ingenuity in the private sector and creativity and entrepreneurism? He doesn’t. But his people are out there now with an Alinsky rule using capitalist lingo to sell health care: competition, incentives. He’s speaking within the area of most people’s experience, which is capitalism, but he’s lying through his teeth about it. Let’s look at all the other problems. We had a problem in health care, we’re going to nationalize it, one-sixth of the economy. Well, there are homeless people. Should we nationalize homeless people? In fact, there’s an amazing story on all the homeless people that live one block from the White House. I can’t believe this story got published with a Democrat president.

All this is coming up, by the way. The housing industry is an absolute mess. Should we nationalize builders? Should we nationalize realtors? There are hungry people. Should we nationalize the farms and the agricultural business? I mean, we got health care and he says we’re nationalizing it. Why not nationalize everything? If Medicare and Medicaid are not public options, what the hell are they? And they’re broke to the tune of trillions of dollars. What we need is not a public option. We don’t need a series of public options. We need more private options, more private sector options. And look where he goes on vacation. He goes on Marxist Vineyard; one of the richest, whitest places in America. He sends his kids to private schools. He insists on the best medical treatment money can buy for his own family. He uses an enormous amount of energy. He has not cut his own travel.

And guess who’s paying for this? Folks, this is the thing that just irritates me all to hell. Barack Obama, as president of the United States, lives in public housing. He travels on public airplanes. He eats public food. Barack Obama has the lifestyle of one of the wealthiest persons in the world, and he’s living off the hard work of the private sector while out there ripping the private sector to shreds. He has the best food, he’s got the nicest clothes, and it’s all paid for by who? It’s paid for by the American taxpayer. Without the American taxpayer, without the American private sector, without free enterprise, there is no money in Washington — other than that which they would print. So it’s the private sector that has created all of this wealth, the trappings of which Barack Obama is able to live on.

And he’s out there ripping the very people who make his life possible. He could send his kids to public school. He could insist on rationing the health care that his family receives like he’s insisting for everybody else. He’s insisting that minorities continue to go to public schools. He’s going to ration health care for everybody else. If the White House is too big an extravagance he could move across the street to the Blair House. That’s the White House guest house. If he really believed in cutting back, he could curtail a lot of his travel but he does none of it. He would have nothing without the private sector and free enterprise. That’s what produces the wealth and money necessary for the president of the United States to live the lifestyle he does along with his family. These people are just pure downright elitists, up there at Marxist Vineyard, of all the places he could go, the richest places in the country with the whitest people in the country.

And Pelosi’s no different. You know, Nancy Pelosi and her husband could afford their own jet, and here she is trying to worm her way into more and more government jets. Socialism sucks the lifeblood out of free enterprise and the private sector, the very sector that produces everything Obama is living on. Pelosi and her husband, they’re worth tens of million of dollars, yet they want to play class warfare? You got Obama living the good life. He thinks nothing of flying a pizza chef from the White House to St. Louis or vacationing among the rich, largely nonintegrated Marxist Vineyard. He thinks nothing of sending his kids to the best private school around. Pelosi and her husband own a vineyard in Northern California. They’re worth a bundle. I don’t care about this. That’s fine and dandy. Except for the fact that they want to keep what they have and live as they do and deny that opportunity to the rest of everybody else, like the Russian czars. They are smug, arrogant, elitists.


RUSH: Chad in Selma, Ohio, nice to have you on the EIB Network, sir, hello.

CALLER: Hey good afternoon, Mr. Limbaugh. It’s a pleasure to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I’m just flabbergasted at our president. You know, it must be nice to be able to take nice, lavish vacations when those of us that don’t even get 40 hours a week and have three kids that are asking, ‘How come we can’t go anywhere, Daddy?’ when he sees him on TV with his two daughters getting off this plane at Martha’s Vineyard.

RUSH: You’ve got the wrong attitude about this.

CALLER: Oh-ho-ho.

RUSH: You know what your attitude is supposed to be?

CALLER: What’s that?

RUSH: Happy.

CALLER: (scoffing) Oh!

RUSH: You are supposed to be proud that your president can live this way. After all he is The One! He is your leader, he is your fearless leader. We’re supposed to be happy that our president is going on vacation to get away from the evils of Washington. We want our president to live the good life. We want our president to have the best — and as an elitist, he doesn’t care what you think. He doesn’t care what people think about his vacation. He doesn’t. Look, folks, I’m telling you: If he cared about you losing your job he wouldn’t be doing the things he’s doing. I don’t know how to make this any plainer. If he cared about your lifestyle, if he cared about your lot in life, he would yank this stimulus plan. He would yank this health care plan.

He would enact across-the-board tax cuts. He would get rid of the capital gains tax for a year or two. He would be doing everything he could to get people in the private sector, business and personal, investing — in themselves, in the country, in jobs, in everything. He’s doing none of that. If he really cared about you, none of this would be happening. He cares about him. He’s building monuments to himself! He cares about himself. He’ll break the bank for George Soros. George Soros is essentially the owner of Brazil’s oil company. Last week, the Obama administration announces $2 billion for Brazil to help them drill for oil. The company that’s getting the money, the largest stakeholder, is George Soros. So, two things are happening here: We are handcuffing ourselves in terms of our own energy exploration and development and discovery and use. At the same time we are helping another country; actually, in this case, a Democrat contributor.

So once again George Soros — who would love to see this country on its hands and knees. George Soros would love to see this country suffering. George Soros doesn’t need $2 billion from Barack Obama. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t need a government jet. She and her husband could buy four of them. They don’t need government jets. They just want you to pay for everything so they don’t have to. Soros doesn’t need $2 billion from us if he wants to explore for oil in Brazil. He’s got his own $2 billion he could throw into it. But, no, we’re going to give $2 billion down there to a company in Brazil, largest investor (or one of the largest) is George Soros, big Democrat contributor. So Barack Obama will bend over backwards to keep George Soros rich and wealthy and at the same time handcuff his own country, while you’re out there trading in your Corvette.

This country is destroying perfectly good cars in the cash-for-clunker program. They’re just destroying them. It’s part of the plan. You have to destroy the car you take in, the so-called clunker. I saw… Well, I didn’t see it, but somebody sent me the link. I don’t watch videos. I hate computer videos. I don’t like watching them. I don’t know why, it’s just a pet peeve. It’s probably because I can’t hear ’em but anyway they destroyed a perfectly good Corvette using the rules as required by the Cash-for-Clunkers program. So here’s Obama. He wants you driving around in cars you don’t want, little bubble cars. We’re investing in windmills and wind and all of this stuff and here’s George Soros free to explore for oil in Brazil. If Barack Obama cared about your lifestyle, if he wanted it to improve, he would be doing none — zero! — of what he’s doing.


RUSH: This is from Good Morning America today. The White House correspondent is Yunji de Nies and we have a montage here of Yunji de Nies (I don’t know if it’s male or female; I’ll hear it when I hear the voice) on Obama’s vacation.

NIES: The health care reform controversy has followed the president. He may not get much rest. ABC News has learned the Secret Service visited the Kennedy compound several times yesterday for what could be a possible meeting with Senator Ted Kennedy who is suffering from brain cancer. A family source says a visit might be in the offing, depending on the senator’s health, saying, ‘He has good days and bad days.’ Senator Kennedy has been advocating health care reform for decades. He has been missed.

RUSH: Poor Obama! Poor Obama, he just can’t rest. The health care reform controversy is following him. So what’s he going to do? He’s going to turn his vacation into a vehicle to exploit the illness of Ted Kennedy. From the Today Show today, here’s a montage of Ron Allen’s report.

ALLEN: This is a private family vacation. Mr. Obama is trying to get away from Washington at a time that’s been a very difficult month for him, especially the fight for one of his signature issues: health care reform. As the first family arrived on Martha’s Vineyard the president let the press know he is not trying to make news. A presidential historian thinks a few long walks on the beach might just help Obama.

GOODWIN: He can use this time away to just rethink his position in terms of where he’s going to be on the health care issue. He could well come back in a better frame of mind to really be able to deal with the real troubles that are going to come down the hill in September and October.

RUSH: That was the famous Doris Kearns Goodwin, the noted historian who is advocating a walk on the beach. Yet he needs privacy. Can you imagine them talking about Bush this way? ‘Yeah, he needs to get away to Crawford. He needs to start chopping some wood, needs to come back and needs to get his mind right get himself steeled. He needs to really, really rethink his position in terms of where he’s going to be on the health care issue.’ Doris and the rest of you, he doesn’t have to rethink it. He knows exactly what he wants. It’s simply a matter of how he gets there. He’s not looking at this opposition and saying, ‘Wow, man. You know, I’m really out of touch with what the American people want. I gotta come up with a new idea.’ That’s not the way he looks at it. He looks at it and says, ‘I’m going to have a tougher time ramming this down their throats. Damn Limbaugh, damn talk radio. They told everybody what I’m doing. Now I got a bigger problem.’ He’s trying to figure out how he can get around his opposition on this, not how he can rethink his position. And they finally admit why Obama was elected. This morning on MSNBC, the host talking to Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post and Democrat strategerist Karen Finney: ‘The president has shown over the last two years he’s more than capable of getting his mojo back for him to make reference to that in a speech this last week.’

CAPEHART: I remember last September I was at a friend’s wedding, and they were apoplectic about what was happening with Sarah Palin. ‘Who is this woman? He’s going to lose. Why won’t he fight?’ and I said, ‘Something will happen that will change the dynamic.’ It turned out that our whole finance system as we knew it was going to come crashing down around us two days later. Perhaps something in September will happen to change the conversation on health care.

RUSH: Amazing! Waiting for another element of destruction. Maybe something will happen to change, knowing full well Obama can’t pull this out on his own? We need another crisis to happen. And what better crisis to come along anything of that nature announcement that Social Security will be cut the next two years. (Gasp!) The problem with that is that the seasoned citizens already have Medicare. Joe Lieberman on CNN on Sunday with John King who said, ‘Is it time for the president to hit the reset button? Forget sweeping health care reform this year. Do three or four incremental things that are lest costly, prove that you’re bringing the cost curve down, and then go after the more difficult and more expensive issues?’

LIEBERMAN: I’m afraid we’ve got to think about putting a lot of that off until the economy’s out of recession. There’s no reason we have to do it all now, but we do have to get started, and I think the place to start is cost — health delivery reform and insurance market reforms. I think it’s a real mistake to try to jam through the total health insurance reform, health care reform plan that the public is either opposed to or of very, very passionate mixed minds about. It’s just not good for the system, and frankly won’t be good for the Obama presidency.

RUSH: ‘It won’t be good for the Obama presidency,’ says Lieberman. The problem is that the Obama base despises this guy as do most hard left Democrats. They despise this guy. It won’t be good for the Obama presidency to try to ram this whole thing down our throats. Of course, the Obama people looking at this, as, ‘I want to become the black FDR. I want to get this major monument built for myself, and I don’t care who stands in my way. I want to get it done,’ and that’s where they are. But I’m telling you not to sound like a broken record but now with Holder coming out and saying there will be a prosecutor on CIA torture, tells me that this whole public option of health care is in big trouble, folks. Big, big trouble for his side. Remember, there’s nothing the Republicans can do to stop this. His defections are from members of his own party.

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