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RUSH: Folks, we live in two parallel worlds here. We live in the real world, and then we live in the Obama-snorting world. In the real world, we just learned in a document dump late Friday afternoon, that the national debt would increase not by one or two billion dollars, not by ten or 20 billion, but by $2,000 billion, $2 trillion. That’s how much we are going to be adding to the national debt via the deficit, annual budget deficit: $2,000 billion. But in the Obama-snorting world out there with the State-Controlled Media, we hear that Obama’s ‘fiscally responsible,’ and we hear that he will ‘cut deficits.’ And he says it persuasively, elegantly, believably. It happens. He speaks within the expertise of his audience’s understanding. Meanwhile, the debt is piling up at record rate, unseen in this nation ever.

Yet we hear that Obama is responsible, that he’s fiscally responsible, that he’s going to be cutting these deficits and that’s why we have to do health care. That $2,000 billion more — $2 trillion, $2,000 billion more in debt — is before the additional $1,000 billion to $2,000 billion more that Obamacare will add to it. The new debt figure was the biggest news of the year, and so far it’s the least reported news of the year. In the real world, Obama’s health care plan is collapsing under the weight of its own undeliverable promises. In the Obama-snorting world, Obamacare is collapsing with ‘disinformation,’ because of the Republicans, because the Republicans are lying about it, because talk radio is lying about it. But the truth is, it’s collapsing under the weight of its own undeliverable promises and the fact that people have lost trust in the president of the United States.

He tells us that doctors want to sever feet and other limbs for profit, that doctors want to remove tonsils for profit. He’s doing everything to demonize the insurance agencies, the insurance companies, and so forth. At the same time saying he doesn’t want to take over health insurance, but he does want to tell insurers who they have to insure and what they have to cover, what they can charge and what they can earn in salary and profits, what states they can sell in. But he says he doesn’t want take over the health insurance business! No, they don’t want to take over health insurance. The translation is they will still allow insurers to keep their company names on the policies, but that will be about it. We have an amazing dichotomy. The world that we live in versus the world that the Obama State-Controlled Media tries to tell us we live in.


RUSH: Alan in Long Island, you’re great to wait. Thank you for calling the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Mr. Limbaugh?

RUSH: Sir.

CALLER: A pleasure. Let me say, I am the son and grandson of CPAs. My father, in fact my employer, read this bill, this medical bill as this president claims to call it, and he has said, ‘This thing is going to destroy us, it’s going to do no one any benefit.’ He said it was insane. Every doctor we have, and we have a majority of doctors as clients, every doctor we have is afraid of what this bill is going to do to them because how are we going to continue to function? How are they going to continue to work if they’re told we can only perform certain procedures and we can’t help people because doing that would be too much. They don’t deserve to live. What kind of right does the government have to say that?

RUSH: They don’t. That’s what people are so alarmed about. Finally people are waking up, the government doesn’t have the right to tell you you can live or not. It’s not of the government’s decision whether you have your insurance now and you get to keep it. Like I said earlier, there are people going hungry. Why don’t we nationalize the food business and agriculture and why doesn’t Obama tell us what we can eat and tell us what we can’t eat? Why don’t they go all the way? Well, they will if given the chance. Health care is the vehicle that lets ’em do it. We got a homeless problem. Why don’t we nationalize that, why don’t we start building houses for the homeless? We got all kinds of problems. Why do we nationalize everything? Well, that’s the end result. And they know it’s going to take years and years and years to do it, but just as it was in Nazi Germany, the National Socialist party, health care was the building block foundation. Just as the Constitution was the foundation and the Declaration of Independence was the foundation of this country, premised on individual liberty and freedom, nationalized health care is the foundation on which all of that that we got from the founding vanishes. It is the end of liberty and freedom. And then there will be building blocks on top of it.

Once you get nationalized health care, forget public option — there’s going to be a public option, there’s no reason for them to do this without a public option. Everything they say about, ‘Well, we may not get the public option.’ BS, they’re going to get it, they want it. They’re not thinking they can’t get it. They’re thinking how can we get it without anybody knowing it’s happening to them? And with that, they then regulate what you can eat and what you can’t eat and they might be able to regulate where you live down the line. They might be able to regulate every aspect of your life as it relates to health care and cost. In the meantime, we’ve got Obama and all these people in media, ‘Oh, it’s so horrible, this great young president, he had so much potential.’ But it is Barack Obama himself directly responsible for the problems that confront him today. Like every other paranoid schizophrenic, the problems are self-created. Barack Obama, for example, has no health care bill to promote or defend. He has none. He can’t take a piece of paper out, he can’t take a folder out say, ‘No, no, no, you’re wrong, here it is on page 34, says specifically, no death panels.’

Now, he has not openly endorsed H.R. 3200, the House bill. He has not claimed that as his own. He makes grand and vague promises and assertions as health care would be in Obamalot, Camelot, but he has no single health care bill, he doesn’t have one. The president doesn’t just make promises and assertions about a fictional health care bill. He also attacks those who point out his inconsistencies as half-truths and lies. The president says there are rumors about his health care plan, a plan which does not exist. His plan does not exist. I really do wonder if he is aware of just how detached from reality all this sounds. If we didn’t know that Obama was lying about his intention to destroy private health care in America, he would be suspected of suffering from schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is when a person has a serious thought disorder, hearing voices, that the patient assumes are real. Like in the movie A Beautiful Mind. If Obama was not known as an authoritarian socialist, it would appear he was promoting an imaginary plan. There is no plan.

Did you see the movie A Beautiful Mind? If you didn’t, it’s tough to explain. There was a genuine schizophrenic who thought he was being talked to and led astray by the CIA and other government forces trying to find communist conspiracies and so forth. He was out of his mind nuts but he was brilliant when it came to mathematics, highly respected by his peers. It’s almost the same thing here. Rumors about his health care plan which doesn’t exist, he does not have his own. We know Obama is lying about his intentions to destroy private health care. He says he’s not; we know he wants to. His detachment from reality on this is instructive in a lot of ways.

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