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RUSH: As always when we go back to the archives, ladies and gentlemen, we always find the truth. Before I play sound bite, whatever it is, 23, we’re going to go back. Hang on here, Mike. Let’s see. Number six. Audio sound bite number six, President Obama, April 21st at the White House.

OBAMA APRIL 21, 2009: I think that we should be looking forward and not backwards. Uh, I do worry about this getting so politicized that we cannot function effectively and it hampers our ability to carry out critical national security operations.

RUSH: That’s April 21st. But I think Obama always intended to investigate the Bush administration. In a 2007 interview he said he’d have his attorney general do just what he’s done. Reno, Nevada, on a radio station, the hostette interviewed Obama (ahem) via telephone. She said, ‘If you were to be elected president, Senator Obama, do you feel we need to look back if the investigations have been done on this administration, find out what happened? Because there’s a fear there’s a dangerous precedent being set: the CIA interrogation tapes missing, warrantless wiretapping. All these are violations of the Constitution. People can be forgiven for thinking that it seems like we only enforce the Constitution when it’s politically expedient.’

OBAMA APRIL 21, 2007: One of my first acts as president is going to be to call in my new attorney general to review every single executive order that’s been issued, to overturn those that are undermining the Constitution, undermining our civil liberties, uh, that are promoting, uh, this cockamamie theory of unitary government —

HOST: Mmmph.

OBAMA APRIL 21, 2007: — that says that somehow the executive branch does not need to obey the Constitution. Uh, the signing statement.

HOST: But, Senator Obama, forgive me —

OBAMA APRIL 21, 2007: Let me — let me finish.

HOST: Okay, go ahead.

OBAMA APRIL 21, 2007: And during that process of review, uh, if it’s determined that laws have been broken, then obviously accountability would be part of my attorney general’s job.

RUSH: Do you understand, ladies and gentlemen, the man will say anything? But if you dig deep enough you can always find his real intentions — and his real intentions are to investigate the Bush administration, to investigate the CIA, to weaken our intelligence-gathering abilities, to weaken our foreign policy. He intended to do this, and he’s done it! Holder is doing it and nobody can believe that Holder’s acting on his own. He’s not a free spirit acting here; he’s not an entrepreneur. He’s under orders from Obama. So back in April, Obama said, ‘No, no, no, no. I’m not going to do that. I want to go forward,’ because he knows the American people do not want to investigate the Bush administration. He knows the American people don’t want to weaken our intelligence-gathering ability and our foreign policy.

And this business of ‘undermining the Constitution,’ I might remind you that Obama has kept the warrantless spy program, and he has expanded it. And I might remind you there’s nothing in the Constitution that says the president can fire a CEO. There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the president can turn this into a fascist economy, which he is in the process of doing. It is not socialist. Socialist is where the government owns the means of production and distribution. Fascism is where the private sector still owns what it owns but politicians run it. The state runs these businesses, but they don’t own ’em. Now, I know he owns some. He owns a couple struggling car companies. He owns some banks and some other things. But fascism is exactly what we’re getting under Barack Obama.

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