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RUSH: This is last night on MSNBC. And they talked to Sherrod Brown’s wife, who is Connie Schultz. She is a columnist, a newspaper columnist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and the host of this show asked Connie Schultz about the Death Book, the VA Death Book, and she said, ‘Why are the anti-reform people (sic) moved on to veterans?’

SCHULTZ: Well, I think they were running out of steam on America’s number one most vulnerable group, senior citizens. So now they’re trying to prey upon veterans. They’re preying on fear. This has become a game for too many of the Republicans, and — and I wish… I would make an appeal to the elected Democrats in the Senate and the House. You’ve campaigned across the country to elect Barack Obama. You campaigned across the country telling Americans, ‘You can trust this man. You can trust what he’s proposing for America.’ This is no surprise now that he’s proposing health care reform. It was a major plank of his campaign. If you thought we could believe in him then, I wish each and every one of you (haughty laugh) that would be the universal message now: We can trust him. We could trust his plan. We could change the way health care is delivered in this country.

RUSH: That’s the wife of Democrat Senator, Sherrod Brown, Connie Schultz. She’s a columnist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Connie, no! The people have lost trust in Obama, and he’s not going to get it back. Nothing that he has said would get better is getting better. Everything is getting worse. We are more vulnerable to a terror attack than ever before. No jobs are being created. No jobs are being ‘saved.’ We have a debt that is $9 trillion. Some people are saying it’s going to get as high as $14 trillion over the next ten years! The deficit? Folks, listen to this: The budget deficit in ’09 will be larger than all of George W. Bush’s annual deficits combined! Obama’s first budget deficit is higher than every Bush deficit added up and combined. I mean, nobody would do what Obama is doing. No, that’s a story in the Washington Examiner by Mark Tapscott: ‘Obama’s ’09 Deficit Exceeds All Eight Years of Bush Red Ink.’ He has lost trust, Connie. He’s lost trust with the American people and he’s not going to be able to get it back. There’s one more sound bite. The question was asked, ‘Well, you mentioned town hall meetings earlier and there was one held by Chuck Grassley in Iowa yesterday and a man in attendance reportedly compared Obama to Hitler, said he would take a gun to Washington if enough people would go with him. How worried do you think we ought to be about violent language like that?’

SCHULTZ: I felt this way from the moment that Sarah Palin started campaigning and using hate language. The Southern Poverty Law Center has been talking about how the citizen militia is churning again because of the hate talk. This is not without consequences. Innocent people are feeling scared — and when people get scared, they run. They run away from it. They don’t want to embrace change. And that way I think the Republicans are hoping they can win. Because it’s the only way people who oppose health care reform right now are going to win, and that’s by making everybody just scared to death.

RUSH: They are genuinely scared to death. Sarah Palin didn’t start any ‘hate language.’ So you’re listening to a cliched liberal — a brain-dead, mind-numbed liberal. They don’t get it. Well, even if they do, it doesn’t matter. One thing they know is the American people want no part of this, and all that does is make them hold the American people in even greater contempt and have more desire to ramrod something the American people don’t want down their throats.

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