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RUSH: I want to close here by repeating part of my eulogy that I gave in the first hour to Ted Kennedy. The left is going to exploit him, they’re going to exploit his death, they’re going to exploit his legacy to push health care through. But the greatest tribute would be that every American, every man, every woman and child would get the same health care options that Ted Kennedy got. Tedcare for all, forever. Will there be a single liberal to come forward and embrace Senator Kennedy’s example of seeking and securing the best medical care available? Ted Kennedy, lion of the Senate, the United States government was never a partner in his death. Obama, remember, said that we are God’s partners in matters of life and death to the rabbis. Ted Kennedy never invited any bureaucrats into the decision-making process.

There are lessons to be learned in life and death. Senator Kennedy’s last days and his death are a powerful manifestation of the survival instinct, of the will, the spirit to live. God bestowed on each of us the miracle of life. It’s a gift that is personal, and it is priceless. The suggestion of a partnership between government and God in life and death is vulgar, it’s a debasement of life. It’s un-American. Ted Kennedy’s passing is a powerful reminder of the respect and dignity of the intensely personal will to live we all possess. The state was excluded from that part of Ted Kennedy’s life speaks well of the country and government that Ted Kennedy was elected to serve, and to put his name on a health care bill to try to ramrod a health care bill through in his name, in his honor, that does not honor the will to live, is hypocrisy and insulting. To pass and ramrod a health care bill in his name that would deprive people, by its existence, by virtue of law, that would deprive people of the health care he got, that’s the most insulting thing the left could do, and they’re not even aware of it.

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