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RUSH: ‘The gross domestic product, the US economy declined 1% in the second quarter, better than expected.’ Well, let me tell you something, folks. I am Rush Limbaugh. I am EIB, always performing better than expected. There are never any unexpected lows or highs here. We only have the highest expectations of ourselves, and you do, too, and we meet and surpass those expectations each and every day on this program and therefore always performing better than expected. Rush Limbaugh, household name in all four corners of the world. So state-controlled Associated Press: ‘The gross domestic product declines 1% in the second quarter, better than expected.’ The bottom line is the economy is still shrinking! It’s contracting. There’s negative growth. One percent, big whoop, we’re supposed to feel happy about this? The only thing that would make me happy about this is if I saw a story that said the government shrunk by 1%. Then we’d be making progress.

Now, did you see the new CBO projection on jobs for next year? ‘Two-point-three million more people will be unemployed next year than expected, according to the CBO.’ In other words, the projection of unemployment next year has now been upgraded 2.3 million more jobs, more people will lose their jobs next year, according to the CBO. Now, these unemployment numbers, folks, they are an indictment, and the State-Controlled Media will want to stay on the Kennedy situation here until these numbers are forgotten. In this scenario here the CBO is the prosecutor. These new unemployment projections ought to serve as an indictment on this administration. This is stunning information. To those people, how is that hope and change working for you out there, to all of you who trusted Obama to help the economy. I mean this is a bombshell story. And we’re not even getting this story. What we’re getting here is the gross domestic product declined 1% in the second quarter, whoa, whoa, what great news. The economy shrinking slower than it was. But it’s not a bombshell story to those of us who warned you about Obama’s objectives, but it is a bombshell to millions of Americans who voted for what turns out to be the fictional candidate, Barack Obama.

Obama got ten million more votes than McCain. I’d like to believe that none of the millions of people laid off during Obama’s time in office will vote for him again. If that happens, a conservative will be elected in 2012 and we can work to fix what Obama has broken. By the way, Victor Davis Hanson yesterday at National Review Online addressed something that I have been addressing, he answered it, something that I have been asking. You look at the performance of the economy, and you look at Obama’s ability to deal with it, stimulus was supposed to grow the economy, grow jobs, not doing any of that. Health care supposed to improve health care. It’s not going to do any of that. None of these programs, not one of them, not one Obama initiative is working as intended. But yet it is, from his standpoint. He’s getting a bunch of chaos, he’s getting a bunch of angst, which helps him set up the government as the great savior, but Victor Davis Hanson points out with these out of control deficits, and we got the numbers in the last two days, $9 trillion deficit over the next ten years according to Obama, $7 trillion deficit over the next ten years according to the Congressional Budget Office. There have been some people who have looked at it and added the numbers up and think it’s going to be $14.1 trillion.

Victor Davis Hanson says — I’m going to paraphrase what he wrote — very simple, the only way, quote, unquote, only way to deal with this is a massive restructuring of the tax code. The whole purpose of this, according to Victor Davis Hanson, is to raise taxes substantially on everybody, but primarily the wealthy. This is all about returning the nation’s wealth to its rightful owners. This is on purpose. This is wrecking the US economy for the express purpose of remaking America and getting rid of the wealthy. Everybody is going to end up being equal. It is obscene what is happening. I said this on Glenn Beck’s show on television yesterday. I’ve been saying it here behind my own golden EIB microphone. All of this is purposeful, this wrecking of the economy, the job losses, all of it. This health care, he doesn’t care about the specifics of health care. All he wants is something that’s going to break the bank. Well, he likes the aspect of being able to control everybody’s life with it, but the end result here is the giant redistribution. He is a redistributionist, and this is his way of getting there.

You get to the point where the only way we can deal with this, everybody is going to say the consensus is to raise taxes. Now, we all know that lowering taxes would be the correct way to generate more revenue. Revenue is not keeping up at all because taxes are low, people are losing their jobs, and it just breaks my heart, folks. To sit here and watch this, to watch the purposeful destruction of the free enterprise system, to watch the purposeful destruction of American capitalism, that’s what we’re watching right before our very eyes, and we’re lionizing a guy who had a fundamental role in it all of his legislative career, and that’s Senator Kennedy.


RUSH: Dave in Dallas as we head back to the phones, great to have you. I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the EIB Network, sir.

CALLER: Yes. Pleasure to talk to one of our modern framers. My name is Dave from London. I grew up in socialist England under government health. I’ve lived in Dallas for 17 years. My question is, are beer and cigarettes more important than health insurance? If you take the uninsured, the people that can’t afford health insurance, do they spend $200 a month on beer, cigarettes, cable TV, cell phones? I would say yes, the majority probably do. So they’ve already voted with their wallets that beer and cigarettes are more important than health insurance.

RUSH: Yeah, you know, this comes up a lot on the program. I don’t know if you were listening yesterday, but we had a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance, a liberal mind-numbed robot by the name of Christine call here.

CALLER: I heard it.

RUSH: Okay. Well, Christine typifies the entitlement mentality that you know so well from Great Britain. Christine, it wouldn’t have even occurred to her to drop cable TV or, I don’t know if she smokes or drinks, but to drop other discretionary spending, it would never occur to her because health care is a right that government is going to pay for. And that’s where a lot of people are with this. But more and more people in this country when they hear attitudes like that say, ‘Screw you,’ just like what you’re saying. ‘Drop the beer and cable TV and pay for it yourself.’

CALLER: I could add something else. If you go to England today you’ll pay $8 a gallon for gasoline, your rent will be double what it is in America, the food costs will be much more, the basic living costs under socialism will cost more than the cost of health insurance. So capitalism equals lower cost, better quality of goods and services. There is no better place in the world than America where the average man, the poor man has got so much, whereas in the socialist countries, yeah, maybe you get free health care, but the health care is half as good as it is in America, and that’s for everybody, but everything else is going to cost you more so you’re going to be worse off, you’re gonna get worse health care than the emergency room health care, and you’re going to be paying more for basic living costs, so you’re going to be worse off than you are today under Obama and socialism.

RUSH: Well, more and more Americans are understanding. And it’s not socialism. It’s actually fascism and I think we need to be precise about this. Socialism, technically, is when the government owns the means of production. And they don’t yet. I mean they own a couple car companies and they’re mucking that up. But fascism is where the private sector still owns businesses but the government runs it. The government, in one way or another is either in bed with the CEO or the management team or they rule by dictate and fiat. And fascism is a more apt illustration of what Obama’s establishing and setting up here. But they both are horrible.


RUSH: Back to the phones to Fayetteville, North Carolina. This is Michael. Nice to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. It’s an honor to talk to you. Hey, I’m a soldier about ready to go to Afghanistan again and as someone who’s fought in Iraq and Afghanistan I’d like to say that it’s a complete slap in the face to see any Democrat take any kind of credit for any progress we’ve made in Iraq.

RUSH: Yeah. Are they taking any credit?

CALLER: Well, I mean you’ve heard President Obama, he gets up there and talks about the great progress we made and, you know, I’ve heard him say it before, so —

RUSH: Well, yeah, yeah —

CALLER: — obstacles we’ve come over.

RUSH: Yeah, you have a point, you have a point, it is insulting.

CALLER: And what I wanted to ask you about, though, was I’m originally from Nebraska, and there’s farmers in our family, and he wants to pay for this health care by taxing people over $250,000 a year. Well, many of these people are farmers. They’ve already tried to tax them out of the field with cap and trade. Are they going to tax them out of the field and lead to a world food crisis with health care reform?

RUSH: They are going to tax everybody through the roof. It is going to be focused on people that are wealthy because that’s who they can tax. That’s really the point of all this. When you look at the stimulus plan — see, this doesn’t make any sense, this is not working, it’s not going to work, it’s not intended to work the way we all were told it was gonna work. Health care is not going to get better. It’s gonna get worse. It’s gonna get rationed. The economy, the energy sector, nothing is being improved here. Everything’s being wrecked. The whole private sector is being dismantled in front of our eyes on purpose. While people are watching this happen, they’re told, ‘Well, yeah, we’re going to rebuild the economy in a stronger way where it will never, ever happen again. It’s going to be tough sledding for a while but it will never, ever happen.’ Just today the CBO says, guess what, 2.3 million additional unexpected jobs will be lost next year. That’s going to push us over 10% unemployment. Now, this is absurd.

The only explanation for this is to rack up so outrageous an annual deficit for so many years that they only solution is a massive tax increase. I was right about this from the get-go, Barack Obama’s primary objective is to return the nation’s wealth to it’s rightful owners. This guy comes, if you look at some of his czars, for example, this Mark Lloyd guy, the diversity czar at the FCC, this is one angry son of a gun. I’ve heard him speak, I’ve read what he’s written, this is one angry guy, angry at this country. And a lot of Obama’s support people are angry, don’t like this country, from Bill Ayers to Jeremiah Wright on down. They think this country was founded in an unjust and immoral way and it has been unjust and immoral since it was founded. And it’s about time it changed, it’s about time the little guy got his share because the little guy is only little because everything’s been stolen from him by the big guys. And so that’s where this is all leading. Yeah, farmers are going to get taxed, everybody’s going to get taxed. Everybody’s going to get taxed if there’s no brake put on this, if the guy is not stopped.

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