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RUSH: In Philadelphia. Richard, welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Good afternoon. I’m a physician in Philadelphia, and when I read that story by Betsy McCaughey in the Wall Street Journal yesterday — I’m so glad that you brought it up — it actually made me physically ill. As a physician reading that, I think of the Hippocratic Oath. I mean, how can you look a patient and the family in the eye and say, ‘You’re outta luck because some mad scientist, Ezekiel Emanuel, is telling them you’re not worth it.’

RUSH: Let me explain to the audience that may not have heard this yesterday what it was that made you physically ill. Ezekiel Emanuel…. There’s a story written by Betsy McCaughey in the Wall Street Journal, a column, and Ezekiel Emanuel is the number one health care advisor to President Obama. He’s the brother of Rahm Emanuel, the ballerina, who is the chief of staff. Ezekiel Emanuel said the big problem with medicine is the Hippocratic Oath, that doctors are too focused on doing everything for the patient. Doctors have to be more focused on the good of society and make decisions as to, ‘Hey, it’s not worth treating this patient. We got three 70 year olds and the resources might be better spent on a 16-year-old who’s sick, who’s got a longer life.’ So the whole notion here that there aren’t any death panels? The lead advocate for Obamacare is thinking things like this and has written about them. And that’s what Richard in Philadelphia here, a doctor, is upset about.

CALLER: I am putting this in my office. I’m distributing this article to every nursing station in the three hospitals at which I work. I mean, people have to be aware of this death wish — and you said it perfectly. These people are just budgetary numbers to them and the end justifies the means. This is worse than anything I imagined, and today it’s actually true fascism. There’s nothing else… I told my wife this yesterday, that if this goes through and I have to put up with this and I have to look a family in the face and tell them, ‘Sorry,’ then I’m done. I’ll quit. I will not go along with this, and I think there’s a lot of doctors that will not.

RUSH: You know what? You will be the one telling them. You’ll have some Obama medical board telling you but they will not be the ones dealing with the patient. You will. You’ll have to be the bearer of the bad news and have all the anger focused on you. That would certainly part of the plan. We were talking. A bunch of us this morning about what if this passes? Some version is going to pass. We have to understand this, folks, they’re going to get something. And whatever they get, whatever it is — and, you know, Charles Krauthammer has a piece today. I actually wish he hadn’t written because it’s advice on how to scrap up what they’re doing and come up with version 2.0 of Obamacare.

If the Democrats listen to him and take his advice they might get it, and I think it’s disingenuous to think that there can be a version 2.0 because whatever they get is going to be government health care! There’s no reason for them to do it if not that. So they can say, ‘Okay, people don’t like the death panels. We’ll stop talking about that. We’ll stop talking about end of life, and we’ll stop talking about public option. We want to just get all that stuff, all the negatives, just scrap ’em and start all over,’ and I guarantee you, if they do that, it’s going to be a big lie. They’re going to put everything in it that’s in it now in a different way with different language. They’ll use the Alinsky trick of talking our language, just like Obama is talking about ‘competition’ and ‘lowering prices’ as part of his health care plan, when everybody knows it’s going to bust the bank even further.

There isn’t gonna be any competition. But the Alinsky trick is to use words and language that fit within the experience of your audience, the people that you’re trying to screw — and we’re being screwed. No, we have been screwed. We’re just trying to prevent the pregnancy. That’s exactly where we are here. We have been screwed. We’re only seven months in and we’ve been screwed, and we’re trying to stop the pregnancy here. Some say we are for abortion in this case. Right now we don’t have a fetus but we’re going to get one if we’re not careful and the fetus is going to be this health care bill and that thing is going to be born in four years after it’s passed and if that happens — and they’re going to get something, folks.

Trust me they’re going to get something. It’s too important to Obama’s monument building. When they get it, you think that there is anger now over what people already understand this to be, and they can come back with version 2.0 and nobody’s going to trust what they say because everybody now knows what their real intentions are with health care. So they come back with a new plan that’s watered down, has all the offensive and worrisome stuff taken out of it but it will still be there. ‘Cause the bottom line is, at the end of the day whether it’s Obamacare version 1.0 or 2.0 or 3.0, it is going to be government health care. Pure and simple. And if it passes, you think there is outrage now? You wait. You wait until this thing passes and people have to live and deal with this — and the doctors, the whole community has to deal with this. There is going to be more outrage than you can possibly understand.

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