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RUSH: We’ll start on the phones here in Port Byron, Illinois. Sherry, thank you for waiting. You’re up.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Mega dittos. I just want to know if your listeners and just the rest of the country has fury over the fact that our president chose to be advised by a communist. Van Jones is a communist, and his divisive speeches were not unknown to President Obama. Just because he wasn’t vetted by Congress doesn’t mean that Obama didn’t know who he was dealing with. He selected this man.

RUSH: Well, yeah, that’s why I said at the beginning of the program in talking about this, Van Jones is Obama. Van Jones was not vetted. He was a czar, and the czars are not vetted. They don’t have to fill out the questionnaire. Nobody knows what they get paid. They work directly for Obama. Valerie Jarrett, who is at Obama’s right hand, as close as she can get with Michelle sitting there watching, is the woman who picked out Van Jones. And Obama knew who he was, and he’s an avowed communist and so forth. Obama’s mentor was an avowed communist, Bill Ayers. You know, it’s a tough thing to say because people don’t want to believe this about their president. They just don’t want to believe it. It’s going to take more and more Obama actions for this to be clearly seen. And then you’ve got State-Run Media, which refuses to report on any of this, until the resignation happens, then they go after right-wingers for making it happen. ‘We gotta find out who these people are, we’re going to investigate these people,’ and so forth. And that’s because they hate us as much as they love and support Obama’s agenda. Defeating us and keeping us from being influential is as important to them as advancing Obama’s agenda is.

So my point to people is that Van Jones is Obama is Van Jones. There’s another Van Jones at the FCC, the diversity czar there, Mark Lloyd. He’s another one of these people. Valerie Jarrett is one of these people. A lot of these czars, Ron Bloom from the Service Employees International Union, who is the car czar and is now the manufacturing jobs czar. They are Obama. Well, yes, I’m frustrated about it, Snerdley. Snerdley asked if I’m frustrated about it because I warned people about this during the campaign. Yeah, it is what it is. I also know that people don’t want to believe this kind of thing about their president. If Obama is sounding like a god and a messiah during the campaign and somebody’s out there saying, ‘Don’t be fooled by this, folks, we’re dealing here with a hard-core leftist radical who wants to basically overthrow this country’s institutions,’ people don’t want to hear it. And then you’ve got the State-Run Media out there, ‘Limbaugh is just a creep, just a kook, just da-da-da-da-da.’

So, yeah, I get a little frustrated by it ’cause I’m not surprised that guys like Van Jones end up at the White House, I’m not surprised that guys like Mark Lloyd are over the FCC. I’m not surprised that hardcore leftist radicals have been appointed to positions with no accountability. They do not have to undergo Senate confirmation. I’m not surprised at all. I mentioned to you that I was invited by President Bush on my birthday, January 12th, to go have lunch, a farewell lunch at the White House. And he told me he’s going to have all these czars and they’re not going to be accountable to anybody. Bush told me this on January 12th, and I came back and I told you this, ‘He’s going to have all these czars,’ and how did Bush know? Obama told him. Obama told him he’s gonna go the czar route. Obama’s not intimidated by anything. He’s not intimidated by people knowing what he’s going to do. People don’t want to believe it. They have to see it and they’re starting to see it now.

And, you know, there’s another thing, too. I keep hearing, like on my golf trip, I can’t escape this. I went out with like-minded guys, and even these guys were saying, ‘Rush, it’s not going to matter, the media still says what the media says and the media still doing this, and media still portrays you as a wacko, most people think you’re a wacko, and we’re never going to make any headway here.’ I said, ‘When was the last time you watched ABC’s World News Tonight with Charlie Gibson?’ ‘Well, I never watch it.’ ‘When’s the last time you watched the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric other than when I’m on it? ‘I haven’t seen it a long time.’ ‘When’s the last time you watched the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams?’ ‘Well, I don’t want to watch it.’ The audiences for these shows are down the tubes. Fewer and fewer people are watching. Now, the New York Times audience, they don’t know about Van Jones, if that’s all they read and there are some people who still watch the evening newscasts, but I guarantee you they’re trending upward in the age demographic, but they’re not the all-powerful monolith that they used to be. And I think it’s incumbent on people to understand here that progress is being made and there’s reasons for optimism, but it’s not a time to let down your guard.

When I say these people are going to govern against the will of the people, it’s not just these people, it’s liberals forever. Clinton had to govern against the will of the people to get what he wanted. They all do. Liberals cannot ever be honest about their agenda. They cannot ever be honest about what they’re going to do. They always have to use conservative language to advance their ideas. This is not a leftist radical country. It is not a country that’s in Obama’s image. The only thing is he doesn’t care about that. Most politicians who wanted to go down in history as great would understand what the people want, understand when they’ve overreached and govern accordingly, that’s what Republican politicians tend to do. With Obama, it doesn’t matter to him. In fact, I’m going to keep saying this ’til I’m blue in the face, all this chaos, all this unemployment, all this worsening economic news, it’s by design! It is necessary.

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