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Rush’s Morning Update: New Deal
September 9, 2009

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A new conventional wisdom has taken hold among the pundit class – that it’s Republicans who are the big stumbling block on passing health care legislation.

Case in point, an article by Jonathan Cohn, senior editor of The New Republic. He lists past compromises Republicans made with Ted Kennedy, including so-called immigration reform, the Medicare drug benefit plan, and the infamous “No Child Left Behind” education deal.

According to Cohn, the “real story” of the last few months is that it’s almost impossible to find Republicans, quote, “willing to be part of the reform enterprise.” Translation: willing to cut deals with liberals to further the liberal agenda.

Mr. Cohn. You conventional-wisdom pundits are missing the “real story”…yet again. Democrats own the government! Republicans can’t stop a unified Democrat Party from moving any piece of legislation through Congress. If you liberals can’t get your (ahem) “reform enterprise” done – point your gnarly fingers at your own Democrat Party – led by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Dingy Harry Reid, and Czars like Van Jones.

If Obamacare is such a great deal, why aren’t Democrats passing it, claiming victory, and grabbing the glory? Hmmm?

Because here’s the “real story”: the American people don’t want to cut another trillion-dollar deal with liberals. Americans look at past “deals,” and can predict the future for this one: runaway government growth, a bankrupt program, and reduced freedom. America doesn’t want any part of this “new deal” – we already know it’s a bad deal.

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