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RUSH: Every time the American people rise up and protest something that Obama does, in this case the parents of America getting all upset over the speech to their kids in school today, the White House insults them. Here’s Robert Gibbs yesterday on board Air Force One en route to the AFL-CIO picnic in Cincinnati. By the way, I watched a little bit of that. Obama yesterday was livid. Did you see that speech at the AFL-CIO? He was mad as hell about things. You can tell that some of this stuff is indeed getting to him. Anyway, here’s what Gibbs said.

GIBBS: It’s a sad state of affairs that many in this country politically would rather start a — an Animal House food fight rather than inspire kids to stay in school.

RUSH: Everybody wants kids to stay in school. It’s in the Democrat-run school districts that people are dropping out and not being educated. And this, by the way, was not about inspiring kids to stay in school. The original intent was inspiring kids to help Obama. But do you remember the food fight in Animal House? Somebody needs to tell Gibbs that Americans loved the Animal House food fight. It’s one of the favorite parts of the movie. You seen it, Dawn? All right. Let’s remember what happened here. Why did audiences like the food fight so much? I’ll tell you why. Because elitist control freak, arrogant frat boys were secretly working with the jackass dean, whose name was Wormer, to get food thrown on their preppie clothes and their snotty, stuck-up faces. That’s why people liked it, because the elitists got it handed to them.

So when Obama had some lesson plans drawn for teachers to jam down elementary children’s throats, Americans didn’t bend over and say, ‘Thank you, sir, may I have another?’ Gibbs made the perfect analogy here with the Animal House movie, he probably didn’t even realize it. Barack Obama is Dean Wormer and his administration is all these elitist frat boy kids who think they’re better than everybody else lauding it over everybody. He’s working with an elitist fraternity with members in it like Van Jones and Bill Ayers and the State-Controlled Media, and their goal is to run the campus, the country, for their own benefit, and the rest of us are just a bunch of Blutarsky slobs not smart enough or cool enough to be in their fraternity. The last time I watched Animal House the joke was on Dean Wormer and these arrogant frat boys. The food fight that we’re having — if that’s what Gibbs wants to call this — the food fight we’re having now isn’t hurting anybody. It has the whole country laughing at people like Obama and Gibbs, who think they’re too cool for the room.

Oh, by the way, I see that Peggy Noonan has finally come around and realized something I pointed out during the campaign: Obama is not cool, he’s cold. He’s a cold, ruthless, calculating guy. And do you remember the circle of irony in that movie Animal House, at the end of the movie John Blutarsky, who was played by John Belushi, the character John Blutarsky went on to become a United States Senator. Do you remember at the end of the movie, the guy that started the food fight at all of the elitists — Gibbs, you’re an idiot, you’re a flat-shoed bird-brained idiot, you have just used the perfect example. We are, we’re the frat kids that are not cool. Your boss is Wormer, you’re one of the assistants, and the rest of your administration is a bunch of too-cool-for-the-room frat boy, exclusive elitists, arrogant, impudent snobs looking down on us, and you want to ram your little agenda down our school kids’ throats. And rather than bending over and saying, ‘Thank you, can I have another,’ we said, ‘Keep your words out of our schools.’ Then you have to backtrack, Gibbs, had to do a speech Obama doesn’t believe. Obama had to deliver a speech that was entirely conservative in its message, 100% conservative in its message. Why? Because this is a conservative country and the only way Obama can get his leftist agenda is to make people think he is not who he is, but he’s got a problem with that ’cause he’s got guys like Van Jones all over his administration.

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