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“If Barack Obama really wants to help kids in school he will cut their parents’ taxes and he will cut the taxes of their employers.”

“I’m glad I’m back from vacation, there’s no question about it, but I wish Congress was still on vacation. I wish Obama was still on vacation.”

“It’s the middle of the day so I couldn’t do a drinking game, but if Obama gave this speech at night and I took a drink for every time he said the word ‘I,’ I would be inebriated.”

“Every time he goes on television to make a speech about health care the numbers plummet even further.”

“Substance has taken over the cult-like belief that people held in Obama. The fact that he’s a centrist is out the window. Nobody believes he’s a centrist, nobody believes that he’s anything they thought he was.”

“All these czars? Nobody knows what they make. They don’t fill out the questionnaires that cabinet secretaries do. They don’t have to be vetted.”

“Van Jones is Obama. Mark Lloyd at the FCC is Obama. Jeremiah Wright is Obama. There’s no difference. The only difference is that some of them make reckless public statements, but in terms of what he believes, Obama’s no different than Van Jones.”

“What’s frustrating about this is that so many of us tried to warn the country about this long before the election took place all during the campaign.”
“The Drive-By Media, the State-Controlled Media, the American left thinks that you and I pose a greater danger to them than any foreign enemy that’s armed with weapons, including nukes.”

“If you’re looking for validation by finally seeing fairness and accuracy in the State-Controlled Media, you are forever setting yourself up to be disappointed, ’cause it’s never, ever going to happen.”

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