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“The media did not make me. You did. They didn’t make me, so they cannot break me.”

“The president is going to try to convince members of Congress to vote against the will of the American people. That’s what’s on tap tonight, and it’s all about him, it’s all about saving his bacon.”

“Rush Limbaugh, talent on loan from God — and the only radio show they could get in an elementary school in Los Angeles yesterday when the TV broke down when they were trying to tune in the Barack Obama speech.”

“If you allow yourself to be made by the press, they can tear you down any time they want to.”

“It’s a very fluid situation but it is a wobbly time for President Obama — and it’s going to get even worse, I predict, because his poll numbers go down the more he is on television.”

“Here we have the guy who, since the end of January, has made 112 speeches and remarks and counting. Now that very same guy is going to give a speech that will finally and for real, truly, not kidding this time, explain everything to us about health care reform.” -Rush

“It was never about substance with Obama. It was all about change and hope and all these vague platitudes, and the vague platitudes have not transmitted themselves into any kind of solid substance.”

“The ChiComs are making Hummers and we’re making these little bubble cars and talking about windmills.”

“Life and decisions have consequences. You can let the government run health care and deal with the consequences, or you can have the private sector as it has been doing, provide health care and deal with the consequences.”

“You can’t create a crisis when people are satisfied with what they have, and the vast majority of Americans are satisfied and like their health care coverage.”

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