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RUSH: So tonight President Obama calls the people’s representatives together to tell them to ignore those that elected them. That’s what’s on tap tonight. How’s that for an authoritarian? He calls for a joint session of the US Congress, those who represent the people of the ’57 states,’ and he is essentially going to make a plea to them to ignore the people who put ’em in office. If Obama is he’ll give a speech that’s so persuasive the elected representatives of the people will ignore the specific instructions of the electorate. Not only that, the president will also convince lawmakers to add trillions of dollars of debt to trillions of dollars of debt with the next step being trillions of dollars of tax increases heaped on the very people who didn’t want socialized medicine to begin with.

And if everything goes to plan tonight, Congress will make it the law of the land to deny health care to their fellow man. Death panels for the people who put them in office. This can’t be happening, except that it is. We have the money to insure those that can’t afford their own insurance and are legally here in the country. We could either have the feds pay for private health insurance policies with something akin to food stamps or we can set up charities to fund privately held policies — and if those charities couldn’t raise enough money, that would trigger supplemental payments from the federal government. Let’s raise the current ceiling on charitable contributions. Let the private sector take care of these people through purchasing insurance policies from the private sector. What a great charity that would be! A win-win-win: larger deductions for all charitable giving.

The private sector is paid for their insurance products and services through charitable contributions and the needy get coverage. I look at all of this and it’s just surreal. Now, the president is out there advancing a lie that he has advanced before. He said he’s open to ideas. Anybody who’s got any better ideas on health care, he’s willing to listen. He said that before his Porkulus bill as well. On the economy, on health care, Obama has repeatedly said that he was open to new ideas from Democrats or Republicans. And it’s a lie. He didn’t take my idea. I had a great idea. It was published in the Wall Street Journal. He didn’t take anybody’s idea. It’s all BS. It’s just words. Obama’s never taken any idea that wasn’t leftist to the core. The stimulus bill was jammed down our throats just like Obamacare. So he’s out there saying, ‘If anybody has a great idea, I’ll listen to it.’ But he never does. He just says it.

That’s part of the illusion. That’s part of the effort to convince people that he is this new guy that can unify and get rid of the whole notion of partisanship and bring us all together as one in this glorious utopia. One of the things they’re talking about is ‘triggers.’ This is one of the ways — and, by the way, keep a sharp eye on Baucus. Keep a sharp eye on Max Baucus and the Gang of Six. ‘Cause they’re working on this. He wants to get something done today. He wants to get an agreement today with his Gang of Six — three Democrats, three Republicans, in the Senate committee — to be able to say, ‘Hey, we got a compromise here in the Senate,’ before Obama’s speech tonight. This is the guy who yesterday announced a fine of up to $3,800 if you don’t have health insurance, and there are people in this country who choose not to have it. The notion that people are clamoring for health insurance and that there’s a giant crisis, is not true.

So let’s talk about some triggers, shall we? How about these triggers? If unemployment exceeds 10%, that triggers the resignation of the president who promised unemployment would not exceed 8% if the stimulus was passed. If any taxes are raised on people making less than $250,000, that triggers Obama’s resignation from office. All the czars will be fully vetted, and if just one fails an FBI background check — and most of them will fail an FBI background check — that triggers a requirement for all the czars to resign and the czar program to be discontinued. You like these triggers? If the average temperatures in the United States have not increased at the end of this year as compared to average temperatures over the past three years, that triggers the end of any and all cap-and-trade legislation.

If any health care bill proposed by the president or Congress lessens the profitability or availability of private sector insurance in any way — increases taxes, adds to the deficit, does not including Republican reforms for private sector health insurance companies — that will trigger an automatic withdrawal of the bill from consideration. Further, if a bill results in any policyholder losing his policy or his doctor, that triggers Obama’s resignation from office. And finally if Ford Motor Company ends the year more profitable than General Motors or Chrysler — Obama car companies — the government and the United Auto Workers will be forced to sell their ownership. You want to talk triggers? I can come up with triggers all day long.

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