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RUSH: I kid you not Newsweek magazine’s September 14th cover has a little white baby boy with the headline: ‘Is Your Baby Racist? — Exploring the Roots of Discrimination.’ The headline of the actual story: ‘See Baby Discriminate — Kids as young as 6 months judge others based on skin color. What’s a parent to do?’ Now, this is just lies. This is page one of the Democrat Party playbook. They’re out of ideas; they’re panicking. They cannot debate the ideas with us and so for — I’ve been here 21 years — 21 years they have been trying to besmirch and impugn my casualty and credibility by saying I’m a racist. And it doesn’t work because A, I’m not one; and B, you who listen regularly know it. The media didn’t make me; they can’t break me. Only you can, and that’s up to me and you, if that happens, not them. But looking at this cover, it’s striking for two reasons.

I thought Obama was going to make all this go away. I thought the election of the first black president… Actually, I didn’t. If you’ll remember, I predicted that exactly what is happening was going to happen. I predicted that the election — ’cause I remember we had phone calls from people. ‘Hey, Rush, don’t you think it would be a good idea because then they can never say we’re racist again. They can never say America is a racist country.’ I said, ‘No, it’s only going to get worse.’ Cookie, go to the archives and dig this up. I don’t care where it is. It’s last year, late last year. First part of this year, late last year would be better. Dig something out of the archives. I know I’ve said it a number of times, any criticism of Obama is going to be labeled racist. It’s all the left knows to do is to call names and to impugn character. They do not discuss the substance of issues.

They would have us believe there’s nothing wrong with Obamacare. There’s nothing wrong with cap and trade. There’s nothing wrong with bailing out the banks. There’s nothing wrong with the government owning General Motors and Chrysler. There’s nothing wrong with any of that. The only reason people oppose it is because they’re racist? That’s laughable. It doesn’t fly any longer. Nobody is going to buy into this, and yet they continue to play the card. This story in Newsweek: Apparently being born white automatically makes you a racist — which, to me, is just another example of what obsessive racists the leftists actually are. It’s the left that refuses to let people be who they are. It’s the left that looks at people and sees categories first rather than individuals. They see either women or gays or blacks or whites or Hispanics.

It is the left that gave us hyphenated Americans. It is the left that prefers ‘celebrating diversity’ to the glory of the American melting pot. There used to be a distinct American culture that everybody who moved here wanted to be part of. Now that’s not happening. This is why I say there are two or three different Americas. And I’ll tell you this: If children were not constantly hounded about race it would never occur to them that it was an issue to be considered. Now, I’ve often said that these accusations I’m racist… I wasn’t a racist ’til the media made me one! Was I a racist ’til the Democrat Party started focusing on all this stuff and they called me one. I wasn’t a racist. There’s a guy writing a book about me, and the last time I sat down and did an interview him, it was down here in Florida and he said, ‘I don’t think you get it about race.’

I said, ‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, you know, there are a lot of people in this country whom the Constitution doesn’t speak for.’

‘I know. Obama is one of them. He doesn’t like the Constitution.’

‘Well, but how would you feel?’

I said, ‘Well, this is not 1864. This is not 1964.

He said, ‘I don’t think… I think you got a blind spot.’

I said, ‘No, you’re using a liberal cliche. How long have you known me? Do you personally think I’m a racist?’

‘Well, I think you’ve got a blind spot about it.’

So I told him some stories about growing up. I told him about our maid that came in two or three times a week named Alberta. We called her Bertie. She was like a grandmother to my brother and me, and my mom and dad. My mother took her home and I’d drive in the car. I’m six or seven years old. I saw where Bertie lived and it made me sick. I talked to my parents about it. I said, ‘Why does this happen?’ They sat me down and they talked to me about the circumstances. It was my father that enabled Bertie to buy a house outside of that neighborhood and get her a job at… I think it was at Woolworth’s. I’m telling this author all this stuff and I don’t know if it’s registering at all — and I’m, frankly, angry I have to tell it. I’m angry that I have to say this stuff.

Here’s a guy doing a book on me who I don’t know if he thinks so or if he’s just asking the question because he thinks readers are going to want to know it. But I didn’t become a racist until somebody called me one when I started this radio show. I wasn’t a racist up until 1988, and then somebody called me one — and ever since I was called a racist, I’ve been one, according to the media. And yet I never was one and I’m not one now. And all of you are racists, simply because you oppose Obama. Every bit of this was predicted.


RUSH: Before we go to the break, February 22, 2008. This is what? It’s 16 months ago. Sixteen months ago said I, El Rushbo, behind this (tap, tap, tap) the Golden EIB Microphone.

RUSH ARCHIVE: ‘If Obama gets elected president, wouldn’t it be to just get it done, Rush, and then we could end the civil rights squabbles that we’re having.’ It wouldn’t do that. Folks, it wouldn’t do that. It might even exacerbate them. Let me explain how. …

RUSH: And I go on to explain to people how it is that criticism of Obama will result in more charges of racism that the race industry will gin up. Speaking the race industry, the Reverend Jackson in North Charleston, South Carolina, just this morning told a South Carolina audience the federal bailout has failed to create jobs in America. Now, this is only obvious to everybody. But the Reverend Jackson saying it has added impact to his audience.


RUSH: You know those pro-amnesty rallies, immigration, were they called racist? Were those people called racists? I mean La Raza organized and sponsored those rallies. Were they called racist? Of course they weren’t.

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