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RUSH: Folks, Snerdley asked me a question during the top-of-the-hour break. Maybe some of you were asking the same question. If you are, I am stunned. Snerdley said — and he was quite passionate about this. ‘I want to know something! I want to know something!’ What is it? ‘Why, if one year ago the financial collapse was going to lead us to the collapse of the world economy, the end of the United States as we’ve known it — why, why, why, why — are we even doing health care?’ I said, ‘Don’t you understand? The purpose of Obama’s speech today was to say he fixed it. It was to clear the way for adding another trillion dollars to the deficit via health care. You know, Obama traveled to New York today to commemorate the crash of Lehman Brothers. But he did not go to New York to commemorate the Twin Towers attack.

So he’s up there taking all this credit for saving the world economy and saving the United States. That’s what he was doing up there. I’ve got the sound bites. I just don’t want to play ’em. 60 Minutes has become ’60 Minutes with Barack Obama.’ It’s his third appearance this year. The guy’s on television every day, and every day it seems he starts whatever remarks he’s going to make at the same time I start this program. If this guy’s trying to ace me out then I’m going to, you know, hit back twice as hard. I’ll just stop playing Obama sound bites. People are fed up hearing them anyway. There’s nothing new in them — and, you know, hearing somebody lie to you repeatedly is a grating thing.

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