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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, Obama is making three speeches today. He has now booked on Letterman and five Sunday shows. He’s doing every Sunday show but Fox News Sunday. I kid you not. Three speeches today, and speaking of the speech today, why is this guy having to whip up support like this with his best supporters who have already been stimulated with stimulus money? Why is he giving this kind of speech now? The tone, the need to talk to a union crowd, is he down to just the union kook thugs that will cheer him now? Does he think he’s losing them, too? There’s nothing bipartisan about what he’s doing. I mean this is incredible. This is like Castro. I’m not saying this halfheartedly or lackadaisically. Five television shows this Sunday, Letterman he’s booked on, three speeches today. You know what I would do? You know what I would do if I were Fox News Sunday? I would get a shrink. I would go get a psychiatrist. I’d have a panel of psychiatrists with the topic being, ‘Why does Obama need to be on television every minute of every day?’ There has never been a president like this. This need, this hunger to be on television every minute, to be on the cover of every magazine, this is a lust that is sick! This is like Castro.

Castro gives five-minute speeches occasionally or five-hour speeches, Obama is doing the same thing today in three different locations, a total of five hours of speeches or what have you to his buddies. And when you listen to the sound bites we played, a campaign speech to union supporters. Odd. Odd speech, odd tone at this point in time. ‘We can’t wait, the time is now.’ And not for four years we’re going to implement this, not for four years, we gotta get it done now. And then the chants coming along. I mean I’m reminded of things I don’t want to mention here, when I hear these crowds. Five Sunday shows, every one of them but Fox, and Letterman, which, of course, that’s going to be a kiss-ass episode. That’s gonna induce vomiting. All those other Sunday shows are going to be the same thing, they will be vomit-inducing. People are going to be hurling all over the country on Sunday morning when they watch this garbage.

And, meanwhile, over on Fox, you know, I’d go out, I’d get Jackie Mason on there and Raoul Felder and a panel of shrinks, a panel of psychiatrists, to analyze why, and clearly state, ‘Look, we haven’t seen the president as a patient, but we are highly trained in the field of neuropsychosis. And we do want to endeavor to explain here just why this man has this unquenchable thirst and lust to be on television all the time.’ Especially why he has to do this when it’s known that the more he’s on TV the worse his numbers get. You know, as a subtopic I’d have the shrinks explore also why it is that Obama refuses to help his family living in a village where water is still delivered on donkey back. His family has been waiting for money since 2004. He’s taking money from everybody else and giving it to everybody else, but not to his family, the brother George Obango Onyango Obama living in the hut, six by nine. He hasn’t even sent a sign, ‘Hut, Sweet Hut.’


RUSH: Anyway, that’s my idea. That’s what I think Fox ought to do. I would love to be on Fox this Sunday — and I’m going to be in Washington, but I can’t do the show, and I’m not a psychiatrist anyway, although I could explain.

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