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RUSH: Ventura, California, Dale, hello, and welcome. Great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush. It’s a pleasure to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. You bet.

CALLER: I’m just wondering if everybody’s forgetting the fact that about a year or so ago Kanye West blew up and went into a tirade about the fact that the music awards were racist because he didn’t get one. And I shudder to think that if it was a black artist receiving an award up there, he wouldn’t have interrupted her.

RUSH: Yeah, okay, I’ll grant that but he’s entitled because all white people are racist. We are learning this from the mainstream media. Of course Newsweek magazine says that by six months white kids can distinguish differences in skin color of people and they become racists and their parents can’t do anything about it.

CALLER: Well, Rush, I think the racist here is Kanye. He needs to look close in the mirror when he takes his time off.

RUSH: Kanye can’t be the racist. He doesn’t have power to be a racist. Jesse Jackson once said that African-Americans cannot possibly be racist because even if they are they don’t have the power to implement their racism or to wield it over anybody.

CALLER: Could I make one more quick point about the media?

RUSH: Yeah, besides, I mean if you’re Kanye West and here’s some 19-year-old country western virgin, and what’s she doing on the show in the first place when you got somebody like Beyonce out there, it’s all totally understandable if you look at it from Kanye’s worldview.

CALLER: Yes. Could I make one quick point about the media, Rush?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: The hypocritical yellow journalists in the media are conveniently forgetting while they’re vilifying us as racists, that they went to great lengths in the campaign to let us know that Barack was half black and half white. So are we now racist for opposing one of our own?

RUSH: Well, did the State-Controlled Media make that point?


RUSH: I thought it was Obama himself that was doing that with his typical white racist grandmother.

CALLER: And it was being reported by the media.

RUSH: Well, I guess it was. And they did do the ‘Magic Negro’ piece in the Los Angeles Times. By the way, is Obama’s brother still living in a hut? Have we got an update on that? I think he’s still in the hut, right? Hut, hut. ‘Hut, Sweet Hut,’ Obama’s brother still in the hut.


RUSH: I’ve got a good question here, I have a serious question, stop everything for a minute, I have a serious question I want everybody to consider. Newsweek magazine is essentially saying this racism is inborn. I mean their cover story is all about children, white children being born racist. I mean that’s the cover. Did you not hear me discussing this yesterday, Dawn? No. No, no, no, no. A long time ago they did, we’re all socialists now. September 14th cover, children born racist, like TIME Magazine, boys and girls are actually born different? This is white kids are born racist and at six months these babies are able to distinguish skin color differences and they become racists and their parents can’t do anything about it.

Now, if racism is thus inborn, as Newsweek magazine says, not me, now, Newsweek magazine says, and if homosexuality is inborn, it’s not a choice, then I, ladies and gentlemen, El Rushbo admit to being confused, which doesn’t often happen. I’m Mr. Clarity here but I admit to being confused here. If homosexuality being inborn is what makes it acceptable why does racism being inborn not make racism acceptable? I’m sorry, I mean this is the way my mind works. Apparently now we don’t choose racism, we just are racists, we’re born that way. We don’t choose it. So shouldn’t it be acceptable, this is according to the way the left thinks about things. Seriously. Well, no, sensitivity training cannot cure racism. If sensitivity training could cure racism there wouldn’t be any. How much sensitivity training have we had about racism starting with the Civil War? You can’t get more sensitive than the Civil War and following we’ve had the Voting Rights Act, we’ve had the Civil Rights Act. Eric Holder says we have to have a national conversation about race. We’ve never stopped the national conversation about race. I mean the sensitivity to this is, it can’t get any higher.

So if homosexuality is not a choice, if you’re born that way, and if racism is not a choice, if you’re born that way, then as homosexuality, well, it’s acceptable because you’re born that way, you can’t criticize it, then how can racism be criticized? We need to ask the editors and the writers at Newsweek this question because they of course have posited the theory. I just casually off the top of my fertile mind moments ago asked if Obama’s brother is still in the hut. During the break I got this story. It is from Kenya, September the 13th, it’s in the Boston Globe: ”African Kin Seek Obama’s Help — But President Offers No Special Aid or Access.’ After Barack Obama was elected to the US Senate in 2004, a delegation from the remote African village where his father was raised journeyed to Washington, seeking financial help. But Obama offered them advice, not money. Now that Obama has moved to the White House, expectations of financial benefit have grown even greater in this tiny hamlet where water is still delivered to thatched huts on the backs of donkeys.’ The village where his father was raised, water still delivered to thatched huts on the backs of donkeys there.

Nicholas Rajula, a businessman in the village, said, ‘There are still those who are waiting for him to send millions.’ So is his brother. ‘Dreams alone seem to be sustaining those counting on an economic boom in this rural corner of western Kenya, near Lake Victoria, where the American president’s father — also named Barack Obama — grew up and where many of his relatives remain. In Kogelo, the village where Barack Sr. was raised, there is no restaurant or post office to speak of.’ What’s that mean, no post office to speak of? Means there’s a post office, but it’s unspeakable? What is it, an ACORN whorehouse? I mean what the hell? Why can’t you speak about the post office in this village? ‘Two hours from the nearest city, it is not on most maps. Still, the price of land here has skyrocketed because of rampant speculation about an Obama Family Museum that the Kenyan Ministry of Tourism has promised to build.’

Oh, my God, I don’t believe this. They’ve been waiting since 2004 for millions, Obama sent them not a penny and already land prices are skyrocketing on the dream there’s going to be an Obama Family Museum in Kenya? ‘And there have been some modest, but tangible, signs of progress that seem tied to the village’s new notoriety. Within a week of Obama’s election victory last year, the government began to pave the main road to town. It also brought in electricity and water lines to Obama’s step-grandmother’s compound.’ Wait a second. They brought in electricity and water lines, one each to Obama’s step-grandmother’s compound, not to the whole town, just to Obama’s step-grandmother. How in the hell do you have a compound in a village that’s not on the map where donkeys still deliver water to thatched huts? (interruption) Okay, three-hut compound.

‘Some relatives have also set up foundations, trying to raise money for development projects using the Obama name. And strangers are suddenly a common sight in the market, attracted by safari companies that advertise heritage tours about the first African-American US president. A tourist hotel is planned. But what is missing is a direct infusion of cash from Obama or the US government, say local residents and members of the extended Obama family, some of whom say they have relayed funding requests through e-mails and letters to Washington. That expectation might come as a surprise in the United States, where such gifts are not an obligation and Obama is not considered a particularly wealthy man.’ Well, ACORN is. ‘But in Kenya, where politicians are often judged by how much financial help they funnel to family and tribe, the lack of cash donations from the president has caused some consternation.’

‘The Kogelo businessman who funded the delegation’s trip to Washington in 2005, said Obama encouraged the group — which included his own uncle — to form self-help organizations and apply for funding through official channels, such as USAID. ‘There is no money that comes from his pocket,’ Rajula said. A White House official said: ‘The president’s policy of pointing aid requests to official channels is consistent with his message of good governance.” So here’s the headline again: ‘African Kin Seek Obama’s Help — But President Offers No Special Aid or Access.’ But he is his brother’s keeper. That’s what he says.


RUSH: Folks, I got a solution to the whole problem of tourism in Kenya. I’ve been thinking about this. By the way, you heard me describe the village where Obama’s dad grew up and where relatives still remain. And the great-grandmother, the step-grandmother, whatever, has a compound that are just now running water line to it and electricity. This place sounds like a green paradise. They got water being delivered by donkeys and people lived in thatched huts. There’s no electricity. I mean, man, this place sounds like exactly what they’re trying to turn this country into via ‘green’ policy. The place must be paradise. Land values are skyrocketing, waiting on the forthcoming Obama Family Museum. You know how to get that thing built?

Here’s what the village elders ought to do. They ought to say to the birthers in this country that they’ve got Obama’s birth certificate and that they will put it on display if somebody donates the money to start the building of the family museum. Would that not be cool? The birthers could build the Obama Family Museum! All the Kenyans would have to do is say, ‘Hey, the first exhibit will be the birth certificate!’ Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.


RUSH: Oh, I got a quick question, folks, serious question here. I’m still struck by the story that ran over the weekend the Boston Globe about Obama’s relatives in the green paradise Kenyan village waiting, they’ve been waiting since 2004 for a little money from Obama. He’s got family that live there in huts. If you’re Obama why — do you realize, just send ten grand over there, it’s probably ten times the annual village budget! Do you realize what ten grand could do? Why not send the ten grand and get rid of these stories that you are a cheapskate and a skinflint? Why not do it? No, I’m serious. Do you not take care of your family when they’re in trouble? And this bunch has been waiting for five years. This bunch, his step-grandmother, is just now having a water line run to her hut compound and an electricity line. Water is still delivered by donkey to thatched huts, to Obama’s family members in Kenya! Why not just send ten grand?


RUSH: You know what I’m thinking of doing? Obama’s not going to send any money to the village. It just isn’t going to happen. Yeah. Let me think about this.


RUSH: I can just envision here the Rush Limbaugh Wing of the Obama Family Museum. I mean, people that donate get their names put on things, right? Like, you know, ‘the Mervin Snerdley Heart Attack Center at Presbyterian United Methodist Century Hospital’ or whatever. It’s true. You get your name on things. (interruption) Mmm-hmm. No, no, no. My name would not go in the hut. I would not tolerate my name on a hut. I want one of the donkeys named after me. I want one of the donkeys delivering water to become the Rush Limbaugh Water Express. Mmmm. (interruption) No, I don’t think that would work. It opens it up to too much mockery. But I’m seriously thinking about that. We just need to find the channels necessary to do this. The money is not a problem, unlike it apparently is for Obama.

Maybe, maybe what Obama could do is bring some of his ACORN buddies into the White House and get some tax advice on how he could send ’em the money and get a whole refund from the IRS for doing so. Maybe set up… What’s that place out in Vegas, the Bunny Ranch? You know, if you set up the whole village as a brothel, you know, using ACORN funding — I mean it doesn’t have to actually be one, you just say it is. These babes at ACORN are professionals in getting… (interruption) I don’t want to go through Aunt Zeituni. I don’t know that Aunt Zeituni would be forthcoming with me. We’ll have to go through… I know people. Don’t worry about that. I know people. I know ways to get this done: The Rush Limbaugh Wing of the Obama Family Museum. What can it possibly cost to, you know, break ground and laying the foundation? And the Obama Family Museum has to… You know, it can’t be an architectural disaster.

It has to look like the rest of the town so you’re basically talking about building a hut, a multi-hut museum with thatched rooves. How expensive can that be? (interruption) Yeah, and because they’ve got an unspeakable post office. The guy writing the story in the Boston Globe says the post office… What was his word? What was his term? ‘Nothing to speak of.’ What’s unspeakable about a post office? No priority mail. Well, I don’t think anybody sends mail to the place anyway, but don’t worry. We have ways of getting this done. I do my share of charitable giving. Most of it never is known. This would be known. Yeah. All right. My mind is exploding here, folks. The neurons are firing. I have ideas bursting forth, my skulk barely contain them.

Let’s go back to the phones. Deborah in, what is this, Boswell? Doswell, Virginia, hi welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. If you remember me, I’m the Barbaro lady — and, as you know, I deal in facts, not suspicions. And I have three kids in their mid-twenties, and more than 25 years ago I learned through the research of companies like Johnson & Johnson and articles published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that newborns and young children respond to images that are presented in black and white. It has to do with the development of the cones and rods in their eyeballs. And they first respond to black and white images, so newborns and six-month-olds are not racist. They’re simply responding to how their eyes develop.

RUSH: Wrong. Newsweek says they’re racists.

CALLER: Well, I’m sorry, Rush, but —

RUSH: And Newsweek is the Obama administration. Newsweek is State-Controlled Media. And they say by six months it’s too late and the parents can’t do anything to stop it.

CALLER: Well, that’s not the case because my kids looked at black and white images to attune themselves to being able to move their eyes.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, but, see, here’s the thing: What’s black to somebody is white to somebody else.

CALLER: Well, can I say one other thing?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Okay. Well, unlike Obama, through the Christian Children’s Fund I support a young lady in Angola whose name is Evelina. Through my contributions her family has been able to put a new roof on their house, chairs and other things in their home and feed the young lady and educate her.

RUSH: Right. And what did all this cost, 24 bucks, the same price of Manhattan.

CALLER: There you go.

RUSH: Really, when you talk about these countries it doesn’t take that much money. That’s the point.

CALLER: No, it doesn’t. And you can make a significant difference in their lives.

RUSH: Huge. I mean, the percentage increase is incalculable to them.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: It’s like winning a lottery. That’s why we’d have to send those lottery babes over. You know, the people that counsel lottery winners. We’d have to send somebody over to make sure that they don’t blow the donation in the first six months.

CALLER: Right. And so neither are our children racists nor are we racist because there are so many people who contribute through organizations like the Christian Children’s Fund to countries like Africa that, you know, Obama doesn’t have any leg to stand on.

RUSH: Well, I don’t know. I know what you’re saying sounds right, that we’re a decent, good country; but I’m hearing every day that we’re racist. I mean, Newsweek says it. Obama says it. The Drive-By Media is saying that any opposition to Obama or criticism is racist. Maybe we just have to face it: We’re born that way. It ought to be some… It’s just like I said, I mean it’s a serious thing we gotta consider. If homosexuality, you’re born that way, it’s inborn, not a choice and that is why it must be acceptable, then why must not racism be acceptable by the same definition, since it’s inborn? We’re born that way. We don’t choose. If we don’t choose it, it can’t possibly be a bad thing. Right? Thanks for the call out there, Deborah.


RUSH: I’m still pondering here, ladies and gentlemen, because it is a big mystery. Why it is that Obama refuses to help his brother in Kenya living in the hut and why the family has been waiting with their hands out for four five years, since 2004, since he was first elected to the US Senate. Not a penny, nothing. And we’re sitting here trying to think, ‘Why?’ And one thing is obviously there’s no magic in helping family members overseas. Maybe it’s racism. No, no, no. I’m serious. Obama is half white. Maybe his half-white side is to blame here. The family’s… Well, look, I’m at the bottom of the barrel here trying to come up with logical explanations here. I’m just going on Newsweek, that we’re all born racists — and Obama had ‘a typical white grandmother.’ Those are his own words. Maybe the half-white side’s winning out here. There’s a dual battle going on inside the cranium there.

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