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RUSH: Politico has an amazing story today by Jeremy Lott, editor of Capital Research Center’s Labor Watch newsletter. He’s a lib. He’s the author of The Warm Bucket Brigade: The Story of the American Vice Presidency. Here is the headline: ‘So far, Obama’s Failing Miserably,’ and wait ’til you hear what Obama’s failing at in the liberals’ own words. This is more testament, folks, to ‘do not doubt me.’

‘When he ran for president, George W. Bush promised to be a modest reformer at home and a humble representative of the United States on the world stage.’ Al-Qaeda changed all that. ‘Barack Obama’s initial approach to the office of the presidency has been as grandiose as Bush’s was restrained. It’s not hard to recall that he ran as a transformative candidate, promising sweeping, though somewhat fuzzy, ‘change’ during the campaign.’ Oh, now they call it ‘fuzzy.’ It was hard to call it ‘fuzzy’ during the campaign. It was always sweeping and it was massive and it was overwhelmingly great. Hope and change! Now, who said this first, Obama’s failing miserably? Was it Jeremy Lott here at Politico or was it me?

‘For the first several months of his presidency, Obama has labored to deliver on that pledge’ of fuzzy change. ‘He pushed a controversial stimulus bill through Congress to help rev up the economy, turned Bush’s reluctant bailout of Chrysler and General Motors into a giant government auto buyout and appointed a record number of ‘czars” to help regulate bureaucracies in both public and formerly private sectors. Then, Step 2. Obama is trying to fundamentally alter the American economy by backing sweeping environmental, labor and health care legislation. He wants to change the way Americans consume energy, unionize and see their doctors. So far, he’s failing miserably.’ This is exactly what I had hoped for, but I’m not ready to proclaim him a failure yet. The libs are upset because he is failing. He is failing at fundamentally altering America in their view. This is why I wanted him to fail from the get-go, and I still do. And now the libs are starting to write about how, ‘So far, he’s failing miserably’ because he’s not delivering on what they thought he was going to provide.


RUSH: Jeremy Lott in Politico of Obama, ‘So far, he’s failing miserably. Consider the following: Cap-and-trade legislation had to limp over the finish line in the House … Environmental legislation generally has taken a drubbing in public opinion polls when people consider how costly it is. The Employee Free Choice Act [Card Check] may be stripped of its ‘card check’ provision in the Senate… On health care, forget the rage set off by private citizen Sarah Palin tweeting about ‘death panels.’ Forget the misleading talk about whether there will be a ‘public option.” This guy gets it right here. He says: ‘The ever-evolving plan is one giant public option, folks.’

That’s the point that I’ve been trying to make! Whatever they do is a public option, national government-run health care plan. He says, ‘Forget the angry voters who crowded into the town halls during the August recess. Forget that a number of Democratic senators … are still not willing to sign on to a bill. Right now, even after Obama’s address to the joint session of Congress last week, it’s possible Democrats don’t even have the votes in the House — where they currently enjoy a 77-seat majority. It’s entirely possible — nay, likely — that Obama will lose on all three big issues. He’ll probably take that personally.’ No, no, no, he won’t, Mr. Lott. It’s not about Obama. Ah-he-he-ahem. Of course he’s going to take it personal. ‘The question that most political handicappers are considering right now is not ‘Will Republicans make gains at the midterm elections?’ but ‘How large will those gains be?’

‘What all this means is, barring some unforeseeable world event, Obama’s will probably not be a historic presidency.’ Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a minute! I thought it already was. He’s already written two memoirs about his first five minutes of his life. He’s the first black president. Every time he opens his mouth it’s historic, I thought. ‘So Obama now has the chance to be the sort of president Bush would have been if the World Trade Center towers had not come down. Here’s hoping he makes the best of it.’ So the libs, they’re out there proclaiming Obama a failure already.

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