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RUSH: Tom in Williamsburg, Virginia, you’re up next on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, it seems to me that ACORN is just replacing the mob. They’re doing the work, it seems, that the mob refuses to do, just like you’re doing the work that Charlie Gibson refuses to do.

RUSH: Well, except the mob is still there. What ACORN’s doing — your analogy is somewhat close — what ACORN’s doing is the work Obama is doing, but they got caught. You know, Obama is ACORN.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Obama inspires ACORN. Oh, by the way, I am watching — I’m not listening, of course, because I am hosting the program — but I am watching Obama in Pittsburgh and somebody is going to catch hell because he has no powder on and the lights there are reflecting off his forehead. This is not godlike, this does not look good ’cause it looks like he’s got the Nixon sweat going. Looks like he’s glistening out there. Look at the way the lights are reflecting. It’s especially bad up there on PMSNBC, which is, of course, his official outlet. But he finished a speech in Ohio to the autoworkers. Now he’s in Pittsburgh at the AFL-CIO. So you could say ACORN’s a mob. I thought we were the mob, wait a minute. I thought we were the unruly mob. Well, regardless. ACORN is doing the work Obama is doing. It’s all one happy family. And this is Obama’s America.


RUSH: Obama is in Pittsburgh now talking with autoworkers. That was in Ohio. Now he’s talking to AFL-CIO members. This is really cool. Obama’s out talking to the groups that already got stimulated. He’s talking to groups that already got their stimulus cash. He’s talking to them about health care. Now, listen to this. This is from the State-Controlled Associated Press. ‘The events are designed to be heavy on working class appeal in hopes of boosting the White House credentials with the middle class voters so crucial to the president’s economic agenda.’ Is that tone deaf or what? Do you think going out and making a speech to people who have already got stimulus money and the health care plan is basically to ensure their health care plans… Do they really think that the way to get middle class support is to go out and kowtow to unions?

The middle class is paying for all this! The middle class is paying for these people who have already been stimulated. Meanwhile, the shovel-ready jobs are still shovel and they’re still ready and nobody’s working on them. Stimulus payments have slowed except to Obama’s buddies to whom he’s now speaking. And they think Obama is speaking to his buddies is going to inspire the middle class to get back on board? And try this from the New York Times: ‘For Obama, a Chance to Reform the Street is Fading.’ Now, ‘reforming the Street’ in this case means Wall Street. ‘After bailing out most of them, Obama warns them not to expect it next time. He also warned those on Wall Street cannot resume taking risks without regard for consequences and expect that next time American taxpayers will be there to break their fall.’ So you’re going to get more government oversight as if they were outside observers in the first place. This is typical.

‘Hey, we didn’t know what was going on. We’re spectators here and you guys are gaming the system and you guys are unfairly paying yourselves bonuses.’ It’s already very highly regulated.


RUSH: You want to hear some Marxism? There’s no other way to describe this. I’ll let you hear some Marxism. This is Obama this afternoon in Pittsburgh at the AFL-CIO convention talking to his friends who he’s already bailed out. Here’s a portion of what he said.

OBAMA: And the fundamental test of this century, of our time, is whether we will heed this lesson, whether we will let America become a nation of the very rich and the very poor, of the haves and the have-nots, or whether we will remain true to the promise of this country and build a future where the success of all of us is built on the success of each of us. (applause) That’s the future I want to build. That’s the future the AFL-CIO wants to build.

RUSH: Now, folks, that’s straight Marxism and it’s not true. Build a future where the success of all of us is built on the success of each of us? I mean that’s the fundamental test of the century, is spread the wealth around, redistribute the wealth. But the fact of the matter is your success doesn’t depend on anybody else’s success! It doesn’t. This is proven every day in this country. Your success does not depend on everybody else. It might depend on some others but it doesn’t depend on everybody. We’ve proven this. But let’s take these words. ‘The success of all of us is built on the success of each of us.’ He wants to build a nation while his family members live in squalor in a village where water is still delivered by donkey to the thatched roof huts in which they live. Here’s the next sound bite we have from his remarks to the AFL-CIO.

OBAMA: I refuse to let America go back to the culture of irresponsibility and greed that made it possible. Back to an economy with soaring CEO salaries and shrinking middle class incomes, back to the days when banks made reckless decisions that hurt Wall Street and main street alike, we’re not going to go back to those days. It would be bad for unions, bad for the middle class, and bad for the United States of America. We’re not turning back. We’re moving forward.

RUSH: This guy’s becoming a laughingstock. This guy’s becoming an insane laughingstock. He has destroyed the middle class single-handedly. Do you know what the unemployment rate is? And it’s not Wall Street’s fault. It’s Obama’s fault, it’s Obama’s policies’ faults. Unemployment rate is 9.7%, it’s headed toward 10%. None of what he said would happen because of his policies has happened. And, by the way, this from Reuters: ‘Some of the largest US banks will remain caught in the government’s financial bailout program for months, as officials do not expect to grant the next wave of exit approvals until near the end of the year.’ So Obama is publicly sending a message that banks are shedding government help, and yet he won’t let ’em get out of the government, he won’t let them get back and be independent. Then he comes out with this nonsense that we’re not going to go back to the culture of irresponsibility and greed that made it possible, back to an economy with soaring CEO salaries and shrinking middle class incomes. He’s taking care of both. Nobody’s incomes are going to grow when this guy gets through, nobody’s! This is a dangerous guy, but he’s becoming a laughingstock. Let’s listen to even more.

OBAMA: That’s how we’ll grow our great American middle class. (woman screaming, ‘I love you!’) I love you, too, sister. Although it sounds like you been hollering too much. Your toes all — (laughing) We’re going to grow our middle class with policies that benefit you, the American worker.

RUSH: Pray tell how does government do that? How do you grow the middle class with policies that benefit you? The only answer to that is you start taxing the achievers and you give it to people like this woman. ‘I love you!’ ‘I love you, too, sister.’ And here’s the final sound bite, whipping them into a frenzy over health care.

OBAMA: When are we going to say enough is enough? How many more workers have to lose their coverage? How many more families have to go into the red for a sick loved one? How much longer are we going to have to wait? It can’t wait. (crowd chanting, ‘We can’t wait.’) We can’t wait. My friends, we have talked this issue to death year after year, decade after decade. That’s why I said last week, before a joint session of Congress, I said the time for bickering is over. The time for games has passed. Now is the time for action. Now is the time to deliver on health insurance reform.

RUSH: Keep talking, Barack, buddy. The more you talk, the more the polls go against you. Keep making speeches like this to your buddies, largely held accountable by the American people for many of the problems that we have here today. Find a business in trouble and you will find a union involved.

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