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Rush’s Morning Update: ACORNs
September 16, 2009

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On Monday, the US Senate voted 83 to 7to blockHUD from giving any more grants to theObama front group, ACORN.

In recent weeks, videos surfaced of two young conservative activists posing as a pimp and his prostitute. 25-year-old independent filmmaker James O’Keefe and 20-year-old Hanna Giles visited ACORN offices in New York, Maryland, and Washington, DC. In each case, they asked forhelp to hide their illegal moneymaking operations from the government and to buy a house.ACORN said it might be illegal– but they still enthusiastically helped them out.

Just last week, prosecutors arrested 11 ACORNpeople for falsifying hundreds of voter applications during a “registration drive” in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The stench from ACORN has gotten so bad that Obama’s Census Department severed ties with the group,fearing ACORN’s involvement would discourage cooperation from the public and negatively impact the 2010 Census (which they’ll find a way to make up anyway).

Nebraska Republican Senator Mike Johanns said ACORN has received $53 million in taxpayer funds since 1994, and was eligible for even more funding in pending legislation, so we’llseeif the Senate vote really puts a stop to ACORN’s cash flow.

What’s reallycalled for here, folks,is a genuine wide-scale investigation of ACORN activities. Will it happen? No. The Community Activist-in-Chiefand his Democrat Partycannot afford to have the inner workings of their surrogates fully exposed. Obama is ACORN… and verse-visa.

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