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RUSH: Sandra in Fort Myers, Florida. I’m glad you called. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Thank you for all you do. You must know that for millions of us who listen to you every day you keep us centered, and you keep us sane. My point is the Boomers are almost up on Medicare. We keep talking about grannies being put out by what’s about to happen to us, but —

RUSH: ‘Pull the plug on granny. Pull the plug on me.’

CALLER: That’s exactly right. But the Boomers are headed, and we all know they are a big chunk. And I just wonder how coincidental it is that this is about to happen as they’re coming up on their Medicare. This world has been their oyster. They were raised, many of them, by permissive patients. They were told they would be forever young. They have done so much, they’ve invented so many things, and I think they’ve always kind of thought that they would be around forever and ever. They have knee replacements, hip replacements, face-lifts; anything they wanted has been available to them.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And when is it going to dawn on them that this Obamacare is about to off ’em, and how will they react to this when it finally does dawn?

RUSH: I think they’re starting to figure it out. I think it has dawned on them. You know, the Rasmussen poll shows 55% — that’s the highest number that Rasmussen’s produced — disapprove of the big plan.

RUSH: But, Rush, they can disapprove, but what are they going to do to stop this? Are they going to be become so ensnared when it finally happens that they realize it, that they can’t get out of the trap? What’s going to finally be the tipping point? I mean, I can’t imagine they’re going to go into the sunset willingly. So do you see something that is going to cause this if indeed Max Baucus and his ilk get this plan through, that —

RUSH: Max Baucus’ plan isn’t going to get through. Olympia Snowe bombed out of it. There’s no Republican. The Democrats don’t like the Baucus bill. They may lose. They may not have the votes in the House of Representatives right now for the House plan. I think the tipping point has been reached.

CALLER: Well, but he’s going to get something, and it’s going to continue to grow. They cannot afford to have him lose on this and then weaken him for all the other plans they have in store.

RUSH: I have made that point myself. Everything is wrapped up in this. They’re gonna pass a bill. Even if they produce a bill that says nothing more than, ‘We must study this further,’ they’re going to get a bill that says ‘the Health Care Recovery Act of 2009’ or whatever. They’re going to produce something to save the guy’s bacon. But, look, the 2010 elections are crucial. What are the Baby Boomers going to do? We’re doing everything we can to inform people, and I think it’s working out there. You need a little bit more optimism out there, Sandra. We need a little bit more optimism out there. There’s a huge conservative ascendancy taking place here, and it’s well timed. When they trot out the national hemorrhoid to join this talk about half the country is racist, it’s a tantamount admission that they’re losing.

It’s a tantamount admission that they’re close to losing. When they throw the race card out like this, this blatantly, they’re trying to distract from a whole bunch of stuff. Five appearances Sunday on the Sunday shows and every time he goes on TV the numbers go down for his health care, and he’s going to go kiss ass on Letterman before he does the five Sunday shows. They’re on the run up there. We’ve never had a president like this. We’ve never had a president with this all-consuming need to be on television 24/7. This is Castro-like. This is like Castro. This is like a banana republic where the leader is all over television all the time. Chavez. This guy is on TV more than Chavez is, and Chavez has his own five-hour television show! This guy’s everywhere. You know, when he went on vacation up there in the ‘black enclave’ of Martha’s Vineyard, he wasn’t on TV quite as much and his numbers started trickling up a little bit.

Then he did the big House speech where Joe Wilson said ‘you lie,’ and he got a little bit of a surge. But it’s gone. It’s gone. He shoulda just stopped right there, just shoulda stopped. Now, Baucus has come out with this thing and everybody’s opposed to it. The Republicans can’t stop this. The Democrat Party cannot unify themselves — and now you got Charlie Rangel, Charlie Rangel saying Obama blew it by cutting the price $100 billion. Where is that story? I gotta find that. I printed it out. It’s somewhere here quick. I put in the health care staff. Dibby, dibby, dibby — Oh! Oh! Oh! This is what I was looking for when I was talking to you. This is a different story, too. This is from the Washington Post, but where is the Rangel story? It’s in the New York Post today. Obama blew it by cutting a hundred billion dollars from the health care plan from a trillion down to $900 billion, and that’s where he blew it. So you have the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, one of the largest tax cheats in the history of electoral Democrat politics. This guy, Rangel, he owns more homes than he can remember. He’s getting rental income from them that he doesn’t report. He’s got people living in places that he is telling other people are his offices, in Harlem. He finds a million dollars of income a week and says, ‘Eh, you know, it’s very complicated. I forgot to report it,’ and he’s out there saying it’s too cheap, the plan’s too cheap, $900 billion. We can’t do this without another hundred billion.

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