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RUSH: Now, if all of this racist stuff is not bad enough, yesterday ‘House Rules Committee Chairwoman Louise Slaughter (D-NY) released a helpful, updated primer for members regarding their conduct on the floor and in committees.’ Now, this action they took against Congressman Joe Wilson yesterday, they say it’s the smallest, the least stringent action that can be taken against a member.

And I’m told (and I happen to believe this) that most of the House leadership wanted no part of this because it opens up the doors to criticizing Charlie Rangel and Barney Frank and all these other things if you’re gonna rebuke this guy — and, by the way, he didn’t call the president ‘a liar.’ He said ‘you lie.’ He accused the president of telling a lie. He didn’t call him a liar. It may be a distinction without a difference.

But I’m told that the Congressional Black Caucus demanded this rebuke and so the House leadership just had to go along with it, because the Congressional Black Caucus demanded it. Now we’ve got this list of words or thoughts that you can and cannot express on the House floor. America is becoming a shadow of her former self! ‘[T]he section on how to properly insult the executive branch in the chamber. ‘Disgrace’ and ‘nitwits’,’ it’s okay to use those words. ‘Liar’ or ‘sexual misconduct,” you cannot say those words. ‘Under Section 370 of the House Rules and Manual, it has been held that a member could:

• refer to the government as ‘something hated, something oppressive.’
• refer to the president as ‘using legislative or judicial pork.’
• refer to a presidential message as a ‘disgrace to the country.’
• refer to unnamed officials as ‘our half-baked nitwits handling foreign affairs.’

‘Likewise, it has been held that a member could not:

• call the president a ‘liar.’
• call the president a ‘hypocrite.’
• describe the president’s veto of a bill as ‘cowardly.’
• charge that the president has been ‘intellectually dishonest.’
• refer to the president as ‘giving aid and comfort to the enemy.’
• refer to alleged ‘sexual misconduct on the president’s part.”’So the House of Representatives and their rules committee has now put out a list of things that can and cannot be said on the floor of the House of Representatives in what was the greatest representative republic in the history of the world.


RUSH: So the House of Representatives has formally banned truth-telling in its chamber, which makes sense, folks. At least the Democrats that run the joint are being honest in a dishonest way. Liars lie about everything they do, so they have banned free speech when it happens to be accurate speech. Look at how they name their bills. Every bill they pass has a name that misrepresents what’s in the damn thing. For example: ‘the American Recovery and Investment Act of 2009.’ That’s the stimulus bill, otherwise known as the Porkulus bill. It drove up unemployment and bankrupted the country, and it’s called ‘the American Recovery and Investment Act of 2009.’ ‘The America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009’ is actually a bill to destroy private sector medical care and insurance and seize control of one-sixth of our economy. ‘The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009’ is a tax on energy. It’s a cap-and-tax bill that will crush the US economy.

So it makes total sense that the Democrats that run the House of Representatives would now ban free speech when it happens to be accurate speech. Now, my question, and I ask it seriously: Can we really have an African-American president in this country when the constitutional body, the press rolls over and plays dead and becomes propagandists and stenographers? Can we really have an African-American president? If anybody objects to this rational question, which is based entirely upon facts about the media as they currently exist, then they are cowards when it comes to a discussion of race. Remember, our esteemed attorney general, Eric Holder — who’s doing everything he can to make peace with our enemies and prosecute those who keep us free — said that we need to have a conversation about race in America because America has a lot of racial cowards.

Remember Holder saying this? We have a lot of cowards afraid to discuss race. I think the racial cowards are in the White House and all throughout media headquarters in Washington and New York. They run around tossing out this accusation of racism instead of having an honest examination of what is really happening. I mean, this ACORN meltdown is an amazing thing to watch. And, see, the Drive-Bys are now saying, ‘Well, you know, we don’t cover noise,’ is what somebody in ABC said. Chuck Todd said Van Jones, ‘Well, we don’t have time to cover somebody number 600 on the power list in the White House.’ Number 600 on the power list? He’s handpicked by Valerie Jarrett! Look, it’s no longer about bias. It’s about incompetence, it’s about political correctness, it’s been boosterism. They have chosen sides.

Ever since their monopoly’s been busted up, they haven’t been the same. How about all these attacks on Michael Steele? Michael Steele is black. He’s the chairman of the Republican National Committee. They rip this guy to shreds! They call him stupid, dumb, whatever, all over the place. Has Michael Steele ever run around saying, ‘You stop talking about me that way, that’s racism!’ He’s never said it. These people are a bunch of cowards, folks. They are a bunch of literal cowards. From the White House on down, from Obama to Axelrod, to Gibbs, and everybody below them in the media, they are a bunch of cowards on matters of race. Now, I’m going to tell you, this racial BS is nothing other than an admission of defeat on the substance of the health care takeover in the process.

That is all this is. They cannot win on substance, and so if they cannot win on substance that means they have to turn to scorched earth politics and policies and that includes calling half the country Nazis, half of the country an angry, unruly mob — and now over half the country are racists simply because they criticize Obama. And all this is — and this is what you have to know. It’s especially established now they bring Jimmy Carter out. There is no Democrat more highly associated, more profoundly associated with utter failure than Jimmy Carter — and remember, failure is a resume enhancement in the Democrat Party. When they trot out Jimmy Carter and they start getting him to go along with all this mindless racial accusation stuff, it is a tantamount admission of defeat on the substance of the health care takeover that is taking place.

Obama is going on five Sunday shows (every one but Fox) and Letterman is a tantamount admission of defeat for his health care bill. It’s going down in flames. Now, they’re going to get something that’s called health care but the bill he wanted, this House bill, it’s going down in flames. Nobody wants any part of it.


RUSH: You know, one of the things I love to say, I was at a marketing meeting when I worked for the Kansas City Royals back in, I guess this would have been 1981, we had our off season marketing meetings, all the marketing directors of various teams met out in Scottsdale, and for some reason the league, Major League Baseball, brought in a Harvard sociologist to tell us how the people of America interact with sports so that it might help us sell more tickets. The guy said something that has stuck with me forever, ’cause he nailed it. I’m going to give you his exact quote. There were no women in the room. At the time there weren’t any female marketing directors there. The guy said, ‘The great thing about sports is that you can invest total passion without consequence. Try that with a woman.’ Now, what he meant was after your first big heartbreak, you always dial it back. You’re always guarded; you don’t want to get hurt again; you just try to hold a little of yourself back. It’s a protective thing. But with your sports team, you don’t care, because they can’t hurt you, all they can do is lose.

They won’t break your heart; they won’t tell you you’re worthless; they won’t sue you for half of what you have and then leave. They won’t do any of that. So you can invest total passion in sports without consequence. Now, I think the oldest sport in America has been politics, talking, arguing, fighting, cheering, you know, going to war on the fields of political debate within the arena of ideas. It’s the oldest and the most ingrained sport of Americans. But unlike other sports, this is not a sport we can enjoy without consequences. There are dreadful, sometimes important consequences to taking a stand in the arena of ideas on matters of politics. But to try to shut this down, to try to shut down this time-honored tradition that defines America’s greatness with stupid laws and rules about what can and can’t be said on the floor of the House of Representatives is dangerous. To try to shut down the time-honored traditions of talking, arguing, fighting, cheering, going to war on the fields of political debate, by accusing half the country of being racist is dangerous. It’s also indicative that the accusers know they’re losing.

Those guidelines that I read, what can and can’t be said on the floor of the House, is due in part to all the chicks in government. A lot of what’s happening in the State-Controlled Media is due to the chickification of the news. That list I read to you of what can and can’t be said on the floor of the House of Representatives sounds like a list a mother makes and puts on the refrigerator to teach kids how to say things and not say things they shouldn’t and should say. They may as well have attached that list with a magnet to the House refrigerator, and we have a chick running the place. Women are messing up our sport. Ah, Dawn, don’t shake your head in there. (interruption) You don’t say everything on your mind. You might say everything on your mind but nobody else can. Nancy Pelosi can say whatever’s on her mind, but let Joe Wilson try it and all hell breaks loose. It is true. It is true. This is not anti-woman. I’m giving you an analysis here. I know it’s not gonna change. Don’t misunderstand. I’m just trying to explain to you why some of this stuff is happening. That list is banal. That last is an embarrassment to the United States of America.

This country is becoming a shadow of its former self. Can you believe the pettiness of things you can and can’t say on the House floor? Meanwhile, all of that and worse is uttered constantly by the Democrats and their stupid, insane fringe base multiple times a day.

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