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“Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama deserve each other, folks. Misery indexes love company.”

“If Barack Obama wants to be the president that he told everybody he was going to be during the campaign, then he needs to schedule a speech — not five appearances on Sunday shows and Letterman — and say, ‘Stop this race stuff. This is not productive. This is not helping America.'”

“Jimmy Carter is such a disingenuous, old, doddering, incompetent boob that I have mixed emotions about him: I wish he’d go away, but yet I’m glad he’s here because he’s doing nothing helpful to the Democrat Party.”

“Obama is not black to me. He’s not half black/half white, he’s thepresident of the United States, and, as such, given his agenda, he poses a grave danger to the America I believe in. That’s all that matters to me. I couldn’t care if he’s a hermaphrodite.”

“I know I’m getting knee-deep in it here, but anybody want to argue about the spending potential of women?”

“Look, it’s no longer about bias with the media, it’s about incompetence, political correctness, boosterism. They have chosen sides. Ever since their monopoly’s been busted up, they haven’t been the same.”

“I have a question for Jimmy Carter; seriously, now. Remember the election of 1980? An overwhelming portion of the country did not think Jimmy Carter was qualified to lead the country. Were they racists?”

“We’ve never had a president like this. We’ve never had a president with this all-consuming need to be on television 24/7. This guy is on TV more than Chavez is, and Chavez has his own five-hour show!”

“E-mail: ‘Dear Rush, your message is immortal, but you are not. What will happen to us after you? When you are on vacation, it’s like a morgue out here. Can you have sex with 20 girls and produce 20 Rush baby boys?’ What do you mean, ‘it’s worth considering’? Don’t be silly, Snerdley!”

“So that was a bite of Obama calling Kanye West ‘a jackass’. Obviously it’s a racist comment.”

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