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Rush’s Morning Update: Critics!
September 18, 2009

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Last week, during his joint session speech, President Obama accused opponents of lying about Democrat health care proposals. One of lies, he said, was that abortion is covered in the plan. “No federal dollars will be used to fund abortions,”he declared.

But… Congressman Bart Stupak(Democrat-Michigan)has been unsuccessfully trying to meet with Obama to tell him: “There certainly is public funding for abortion in the House bill” — specifically in the Capps Amendmentsponsored by Congresswoman Lois Capps (Democrat-California),which passed in committee by a 30-28 vote. The Capps Amendment requires that abortion funding be provided through individual premiums. So far, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rules Chairman Louise Slaughter have not even allowed a vote on Bart Stupak’s amendment, which would explicitly ban coverage for elective abortions. So, Mr. President,you want to tell us one more timewho, exactly, is lying here?

Switching gears. Senator Byron “Helmet Head” Dorgan(Democrat-North Dakota) is urging the Obama administration to stop spending hundreds of millions of dollars in Porkulus projects. In a recent interview, “Helmet Head” Dorgan complained about a $15 million handout to build a facility at a small border checkpoint wherefive cars an hour pass through. He says Homeland Security is spending like they’ve got a “bottomless pit” of taxpayer money. (Well, they do, Helmet Head!)

Of course, in the new America, anybody who criticizes Obamais guilty of racism. So Mr. Stupak and Mr. Dorgan,how does it feel to beracists? Hmm?

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