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RUSH: Get this. This is hilarious. This is Bertha Lewis. She’s the CEO of ACORN, but she’s just a figurehead CEO. You gotta understand that but nevertheless she was on Washington Journal on C-SPAN today, and she was asked this question: ‘What would you like to say to James O’Keefe?’ That’s the journalist that walked in as the pimp to all these ACORN offices and got that video.

LEWIS: I know Mr. O’Keefe is a conservative videographer. I do think it is disturbing, however, that if you want to go undercover, to come in to an organization, uh, that 99% has, uhh, black and brown people, that you would think to dress up as a pimp and a prostitute and sort of bully your way into these offices. I think that says a little bit about what Mr. O’Keefe thinks that a black-and-brown organization would go for. I do think that, uhhh, Mr. O’Keefe should talk to his mother. I don’t think, um, his mom would be pleased with him playing a pimp.

RUSH: I think his mother’s pretty proud of him, Bertha. But to me this is funny because she’s on C-SPAN, Washington Journal, she’s saying, ‘This guy obviously, well, I don’t know who he thinks he is but to walk into our group and to think we’re going to go for a prostitute and a pimp,’ and they did! (laughing) He bullied his way in there and bullied his way in? Well, it didn’t look to me like there was any objection to any kind of prostitution going on; underage women, girls being illegally brought into the country. I’ll guarantee you… I don’t know James O’Keefe, but I’ll guarantee you the fact that the color of the organization was not relevant to him at all. It’s what they do! It was exposing who they are and what they do — and it’s the left once again that wants to continue to focus on race, grouping people and so forth.


RUSH: Now, we all know that yesterday the House of Representatives, in voting to eliminate all private sector student loans and turn that into a totally government-run program, we were also told that Darrell Issa slipped in a bill there that would defund ACORN and that the house overwhelmingly voted for that. Ah, ah, ah, ahhh! Representative Virginia Foxx also with WPTF radio, the Bill LuMaye Show, asked her a question. ‘Do we at some point defund them entirely where both the Senate and the House come together and say, ‘No more federal tax dollars’?’

FOXX: They’ll let something like this fly because they know this bill has passed the House. It will go to the Senate. The Senate will modify the bill, and then it will have to go to conference — and what they do is they just drop that out when they debate the compromise. And they’ll just drop it out at that point and you can’t amend a conference report. So the rules are that you have an up-or-down vote on the conference report and you can’t amend anything. So they play this trick all the time. They’ll vote on something controversial and say, ‘That’s no problem. We vote on it,’ and then when they get behind closed doors in conference they just pull it out.

RUSH: So that’s the trick. They knew they were going to pull it out in the Senate in the conference report. Oh, go in there and let the country think that they’ve defunded ACORN when they haven’t — and that’s Virginia Foxx, a congresswoman explaining how it’s done.

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