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RUSH: Headline, CBS News: ‘Michelle Obama: Health Care is a Women’s Issue — First Lady Michelle Obama made the case Friday morning that health care reform is a women’s issue and called on female activists to support President Obama’s reform plan.’ You mean they’re not already on board? Why does she have to call on female activists to get involved? We have audio sound bites. This is at the White House, Michelle Obama speaking to a group of women. Here’s the first sound bite.

MICHELLE: These are the stories that remind us about what’s at stake in this debate. This is really all that matters. This is why we are fighting so hard for health insurance ‘form. This is it. This is the face of the fight. And that’s why I’d like to talk to you today. That’s why I’m here. That’s why reform is so critical in this country — not tomorrow (huh!), not in a few years, but right now. People are hurting in this country right now.

RUSH: Yeah, because of your husband! People are hurting. Jobs? Forty-two states lost jobs last month, up from 29 states the month before. We’re approaching 10% unemployment. The Cash-for-Clunkers program fizzled out. People have quit looking for work! People are really hurting out there, while she takes a limousine one block to buy Tuscan kale at a Whole Foods farmer-type organic market yesterday. Here’s an emotional pitch using her own child.

MICHELLE: I will never forget the time eight years ago when Sasha was four months, that she would not stop crying — and she was not a crier, so we knew something was wrong. So we fortunately were able to take her to our pediatrician that next morning. He examined her and said, ‘Somethin’s wrong.’ We didn’t know what, but he told us that she could have meningitis. So we were terrified. He said, ‘Get to the emergency room right away.’ I think about, ‘What on earth would we have done if we had not had insurance.’

RUSH: You didn’t think that!

MICHELLE: What would have happened to that beautiful little girl if we hadn’t been able to get to a pediatrician who was able to get us to an emergency room. The consequences I can’t even imagine.

RUSH: Well, you don’t have to, because they woulda treated your daughter at the emergency room. It’s required by law! I will guarantee you that that’s not the first thought she had. She’s been told that her daughter might have meningitis and her first thought is, ‘Thank God! Thank God we have insurance.’ No! ‘Meningitis, oh, my God. Get to the hospital.’ That’s all you think about. ‘Thank God we have insurance so the pediatrician could get us into the emergency room?’ It isn’t going to fly, Michelle. It isn’t going to fly. We’re not Tom Brokaw or Dan Rather or Peter Jennings propping you up here. We’re not Brian Williams. We’re not Charlie Gibson. We’re not Katie Couric propping you up here. You’ll not get away with this kind of stuff. Here’s the next sound bite. This is where she says it’s a woman’s issue. She says under her ‘husband’s plan,’ when there is no husband’s plan. Her husband does not have a plan. Under her husband’s plan, women will be blessed.

MICHELLE: We all know that women earn 78¢ on the dollar to a man. So it’s not exactly surprising when we hear statistics that more than half of women report putting off needed medical care simply because they can’t afford it. It is very much a women’s issue. The status quo is unacceptable. It is holding women and families back — and we know it. Fortunately that is exactly what my husband’s plan proposes to do. If you already have insurance — and it seems that there are a lot of people who are worried that they’ll lose what they have under this plan, but under this plan if you already have insurance — you’re set. Nothing changes. You keep your insurance, you keep your doctors, and you’re blessssssed!

RUSH: God! ‘You’re blessed.’ In the first place, her husband doesn’t have ‘a plan.’ In the second place, of the two plans which are out there, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR PRIVATE INSURANCE! That is their objective. Is she on the verge of tears here or just acting like it? Snerdley, wait ’til you see this headline. There’s an editorial in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch today: ‘Rush Limbaugh and His Ilk Should Stay Away from Our Children.’ It’s about the school bus! (laughing) It’s hilarious! It is absolutely hilarious. I’m surprised KMOX didn’t call me today and ask me to comment on it. Anyway we got one more Michelle bite. Health care reform is the next step in the movement that elected her husband.

MICHELLE: Change is hard. Sometimes the status quo, even if it isn’t right, feels comfortable because it’s what we know. So it is understandable that people are cautious about moving into a — a new place in the society.

RUSH: Mmm-hmm!

MICHELLE: Look, I am here today —

RUSH: Yes?

MICHELLE: — standing before you as the First Lady of the United States of America because you all didn’t settle for the world as it is, right?

FOLLOWERS: (applause)

MICHELLE: Health care reform is part of that movement. Health insurance reform is the next step.

RUSH: She’s getting dangerously close to blowing their cover on this. Health reform is the next step in the movement that elected her husband? By the way, Michelle Obama made much more than 78¢ to a man’s dollar at that cushy no-show job she had at the horse pistol, the hospital. It was a patronage job.


RUSH: You know something, Michelle (My Belle) was almost in tears in that speech at the White House. Is that how you appeal to feminists, is you cry? You know, Michelle, the first thought you had when you’re told your daughter might have meningitis, ‘Oh, thank God we’ve got insurance.’ Not thank God you’ve got insurance, Michelle, thank God you have doctors and nurses and technologies, medicines developed by our capitalist system to help your daughter. That’s what you need to be thankful for. Instead you and your husband are running around trashing the very health care system that saved your daughter. It would help now and then, just once, maybe just once if you and your husband could acknowledge that no one dies in the gutter in this nation, unlike other countries. If you could just acknowledge the decency of our health care system you or your husband, just one of you, one time.

Michelle Obama and her husband want to take the very system that helped their daughter eight years ago and they want to trash it, they want to destroy it, and for what? How long did it take you to get to the doctor, Michelle? No time at all. How long did it take you to get emergency care? No time at all. You’re surrounded by the magnificence of our health care system. You benefit from it, and you don’t even realize it and you and your husband are out there trashing it and saying that women will be blessed when Barack’s plan, which he doesn’t have, passes. If our system is so awful, 80% of the customers and patients wouldn’t resist your husband now, would they? If 80% of the American people were for your stupid plan, you wouldn’t be having the problems you’re having. The American people don’t want what your husband wants to bless us with, Michelle. We don’t want to be blessed, because your definition of blessed actually means screwed, and we don’t want to be screwed and we don’t want you and your husband screwing with a perfectly fine health care system. And, by the way, she said health care is a women’s issue. Then we ought to tax tampons. I mean that’s how you say that, if it’s a women’s issue, fine and dandy, okay, tax tampons.

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