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RUSH: I’m waiting for audio of this, but we talk about Public Policy Polling here a lot. It’s an outfit out of North Carolina. The guy that runs Public Policy Polling is a guy named Tom Jensen. He’s a huge liberal Democrat, as I have mentioned on several previous occasions, and he was on a radio station in North Carolina (Raleigh, North Carolina) yesterday, he is in this radio interview (and I’m waiting for the audio on this) that Democrats and Obama are in big trouble and that he has been called by the Democrat political consultants in various states who have begged him and Public Policy Polling not to poll in their state as they don’t want the public to know how bad it is.

These Democrat consultants in the various states which are not mentioned said, ‘We know we are in big trouble.’ So, there is an undercurrent of this, by the way, all over the country. You can see it in Democrats’ faces as they talk about it, some of their consultants on TV. Now, here is Obama. Let’s see… Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da. Wednesday night, I believe. Yes, Wednesday night in Washington. By the way, do you know Obama went out and did a health care rally yesterday and got heckled? Now, what’s interesting about this to me is I didn’t know about this until this morning when I was doing show prep. It’s getting to the point that the guy’s on TV so much, so often, it isn’t any big deal. I didn’t know about it.

I’m up to everything. I’m up to speed on everything and I did not know about this, and maybe one of the reasons we didn’t know about it is because he got heckled. Somebody called him a liar, when he started going one of these phony examples that he gave in his ‘joint’ before Congress the other night. He had two or three examples of people. Insurance companies left them for dead, he said. They were all not true. Every one of them was not true. People are listening as he’s telling these stories in his town meetings and somebody stood up and called him a liar. We’ve got that coming up, but here Wednesday night Obama addressing the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s 32nd Annual Award Gala.

OBAMA: I want to be clear. If someone’s here illegally they won’t be covered under this plan, but I also want to make this clear: Even though I do not believe we can extend coverage to those who are here illegally, I also don’t think we can ignore the fact that our immigration system is broken. That’s why I strongly support making sure folks who are here legally have access to affordable quality health insurance under this plan just like everybody else.

RUSH: Can I translate that? He’s going to make the illegals legal! He’s going to do amnesty. Everybody knows this. Predicted this. That’s how he’s going to insure illegals. His amnesty program is going to come along, and he pretty much admits it there to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s 32nd Annual Award Gala. Here is College Park, Maryland, the University of Maryland, Obama speaking. It’s a loud crowd. It’s very hard to hear, but this is when this speech was interrupted by an unidentified protester.

OBAMA: About the time she had her insurance reason stated her breast cancer — what’s goin’ on, guys? We’re doing okay. Relax. Everybody’s a’right.

RUSH: Somebody shouted out ‘You’re lying. You’re a liar.’ Now, amnesty for illegals, to get them health insurance. Why didn’t he tell Congress this in his joint? It’s one of these lies of omission. He lied to Congress and to the country when he said his health care plan would not cover illegals. The fact is the plans before Congress were going to do just that. But let’s assume that Obama had a health care plan, which he doesn’t. Set that lie aside. The president has a plan. The president knew he was going to sign a bill from Congress that would provide amnesty to 20 million people living here illegally, and they would thus then get health care subsidized and or provided by American tax dollars. But he didn’t tell Congress or the country about this. It was a purposeful deception. But those of us who know Obama knew exactly this was the plan. Here’s the… Oh! Oh!

Finally. Koko, it’s time to put up that overexposure picture. There’s a story here from the New York Times: ‘Obama the Omnipresent — President Obama prepares for his speed date with the Sunday morning talk shows, a familiar question dogs his aides: How much Obama is too much Obama? Even by the norms of his ubiquity, Obama’s been on a prod. Lately pitching his health care plan seemingly everywhere but the Food Channel and Fox News. So he’s going to do these five Sunday shows, going to do Letterman on Monday. ‘All that has sparked another debate over the O word — ‘overexposure’ — which has become a principal topic around the White House in recent days. ‘Is the president cheapening his currency by being so visible? Or is he simply being media savvy? …

”The idea of overexposure is based on an old-world view of the media,’ said Dan Pfeiffer, the White House’s deputy communications director. Because the media are now so fragmented, Mr. Pfeiffer said, ‘You would have to do all the Sunday shows, a lot of network news shows and late-night shows’ to reach the number of viewers a president could address with one network interview 20 years ago.’ Not true. Do one network interview and all the cablers are going to pick it up anyway and all the stations are going to air it. If he were doing this talk, if he were making all these appearances to talk about how to produce more jobs and how to get the economy going, people would probably be a little bit more tolerant of his omnipresence. But they’re not. He’s out there trying to ram something down our throats that everybody doesn’t want, or very many people do not want.

The polls continue to fall in his favor on health care, down to 43% versus 55% who do not approve of his health care plan. I think he should keep talking. I love this Obama buzz factor. Just stay out there, Mr. President and keep talking. The more you talk, the worse it gets for you — and here’s ABC News’ The Note. Rick Klein, headline: ‘Obama is Everywhere Yet Nowhere in Health Care Debate — It’s only overexposure if something’s exposed that the White House would rather wasn’t. And it’s only ubiquity if there’s just enough revealed to hold our collective interest. A president who’s everywhere hasn’t been much of anywhere when it comes to the biggest/only item on his domestic agenda. Thursday’s rally in College Park, Md., barely broke through…’

That’s exactly right. Even the guys at ABC’s news The Note noticed it. His College Park, Maryland, rally ‘lost in a missile-defense flurry that seemed to surprise some US allies almost as much as it did the White House press corps. On health care, President Obama has been letting Congress drive the bus this week — specifically, Sen. Max Baucus… Now comes President Obama’s latest big moment — except it’s really three or four days’ worth of moments. Those Sunday interviews take place [this] afternoon — look for a first glimpse of George Stephanopoulos’ interview on his blog Friday, and on ABC’s ‘World News.” So he’s ‘everywhere yet nowhere.’ And what they mean by that is he doesn’t have a plan. He’s out there speaking in generalities, but he doesn’t have a plan. They couldn’t break through the missile defense flurry yesterday. Now, here’s the story. This is from WBAL Baltimore.

According to the AP, the man heckling Obama apparently said, ‘Obama, you’re a liar. Obama, your health care kills children. Abortion is murder.’ (doing Obama impression) ‘All right, whatever. Relax out there. Everybody relax. We’re all right.’ And the interesting thing here is that at the end of the story, they quote ‘Former Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich says he has no problem with President Obama holding rallies for healthcare reform but he does not understand why the president is referring to legislation being considered as ‘his bill.’ Ehrlich says it is a little confusing because there is no bill with the president’s name or the administration’s name on it. Ehrlich says there are at least two competing bills out there now and the president is trying to do his best to garner support with a variety of themes. But he says taxpayers and Congress want to see an actual bill that they can give their opinion on.’ So once again, leading the clarion call and everybody’s picking it up: There is no Obama bill. He’s everywhere but nowhere. He’s ubiquitous; he’s not overexposed. He is driving his own defeat on this.

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