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Rush’s Morning Update: Acrimony
September 22, 2009
**Note: Today’s Morning Update available in audio only.
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During his weekend media blitz, Obama sat down with Bob Schieffer of CBS Snooze. Unchallenged by the host(naturally),Obama said thathe has “no interest in increasing the size of government.” He just wants to make sure government is smartly run. After comparing himself to Lincoln, FDR, and Reagan,Obama blamed bloggers and the 24-hour news cycle for the acrimony in public debate.

As I said a few weeks ago, we are no longer engaged in the traditional national argument, with conservatives advocating limited government– while liberals tax-and-spend their way to bigger government. No, we are now fighting liberals who seek unlimited government.

Obama’s federal government is devouring America’s private sector like Pac-Man on steroids. Almost every new home mortgage loan is under government control. Just last week, the government eliminated the private sector role in providing education loans, starting next year. The auto industry and the financial sector are already toast,and Obama’s Democrats have the energy sector targeted next.

The battle over health care– representing one-sixth of all economic activity– is critical. If health care falls into government hands, the tentacles of federal power will reach into each of our livesin ways frightening to contemplate.

It isn’t the bloggers, the 24-hour news cycle, cable news, or talk radio that are causing political acrimony. It’s the brazen attempt byObama and elected Democrats to seize our economy and freedoms, granting themselves unlimited power. State-controlled journalists can ignore it,but this hijacking of Americawill not go unchallenged.

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