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RUSH: Now, a program note, we’re going to be in Los Angeles on Tuesday and Wednesday. Well, actually Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but who’s the guest host on Thursday? Mark Steyn is going to be here on Thursday. I gotta go out and finish The Family Guy, and then I’m doing Jay Leno’s new show Thursday afternoon and there’s two parts to that. I’m actually going to be on the set. They have one sit-down guest every show, and a musical guest. Smokey Robinson is the guest the night that I’m on, if he doesn’t cancel when he finds out I’m there. Well, first time I was on The Tonight Show, James Taylor was the musical guest and canceled. They said, ‘Oh, no, no, no, it’s not because of you,’ but Smokey is going to be there. Now, they’ve got this new thing at the Leno Show, they got this promotion going with Ford and their electric car, an electric Focus and they’ve set up this 2200 foot track outside Leno’s new studio and you race against the clock in the electric car and they’ve been asking me, ‘Would you do this?’

I said, ‘Look, you guys know where I come from on all this.’ ‘That’s great, no problem at all.’ Drew Barrymore I think was the first to do so last Friday and NBC’s got some giant Sunday Night Football client get-together so Costas and Michaels are going out there Wednesday afternoon and I’m going to do it Thursday. There are all kinds of things, like pop-up balloons along the track of various environmentalists and you’re supposed to avoid them, it’s one of the challenges. If you run over the balloons it’s a five-second penalty. I hope to end up with the record for the slowest pace around the Jay Leno Ford Focus electric car track. So that’s on Thursday but we’ll do the program Tuesday and Wednesday from Los Angeles and Mark Steyn will be here Thursday. We’ll be back here at our home base Friday and again, no Dittocam from our Los Angeles studio out there, a cavernous compound that nobody can find even if we gave them directions. I just wanted to point out to the Dittocam subscribers that there will not be a Dittocam Tuesday or Wednesday, well, and there won’t be one Thursday with Steyn as well.

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