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Rush’s Morning Update: Three Amigos
September 23, 2009
**Note: No video while Rush is in LA.
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Last week, Jimmy Carter– America’s National Hemorrhoid– accused half the country of being racistfor opposing Obama’s health care takeover. Well, the peanut-brain peanut farmer is flapping his gums again.

Jimmy Carter, the worst president of the last century(until now)has aligned himself with Venezuelan thug-dictator Hugo Chavez –and against his own country. Carter told the Columbian newspaper El Tiempo, “There is no doubt” the United States knew, and possibly participated in, the 2002 coup attempt to topple Hugo Chavez. This is the same bogus pretext thatChavez has been using to stir up anti-American hate ever since.

Carter went further. He told the paper he thinks Chavez was elected in a fair vote in 1999and has since done a good job helping those who are traditionally excludedto “get a larger share of the national wealth.”

Now, least we forget,Chavez has shut down virtually all opposing media, packed the courts with cronies, thrown political opponents in jail, nationalized industries under threat of force, and formed alliances with Iran and other nations hostile to America.

In spite of that(ormaybe because of that), the National Hemorrhoid, JimmyCarter, says President Obama told himhe’d like to have “normal relations” with Chavez.

Among the three amigos– Carter, Chavez and Obama– it’s hard to decide who despises America most. Butthere’s no doubt who is in the best position to cripple America– and he’s doing it as fast as he can… right before our eyes.

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