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RUSH: I’m now being asked if I have any predictions on Iran and how it’s going to end. Yeah. They’re going to get a nuke. They’re going to get a nuke. KT McFarland — I’m going to steal something, I’m going to do a variation of something KT McFarland pointed out recently. The up and down, the up and down, and the up of Moammar Khadafy. Will help answer your question. Way back a long time ago, Moammar Khadafy, an international scoundrel and sponsor of worldwide terrorism. And then Reagan bombed his tent and killed a couple kids and he’s down again, goes dormant and stays silent. Then he shoots back up into power, Clinton, eight years, and Moammar Khadafy’s back. We got Lockerbie and all kinds of stuff, Moammar Khadafy is back. Well, we got Lockerbie, Reagan took care of that with the bombing of the tent. After eight years, Moammar Khadafy back in business, then Bush tracks down Saddam Hussein in that rathole and Moammar Khadafy says we gotta start playing nice. Remember when he turned into a big ally of us? And now he’s back up again. This guy is a yo-yo. He’s up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and he’s back up again, and who’s in charge?

We got Mahmoud Ahmadinejad running around saying the president of the United States agrees with him in comments about this country. The Israelis are going to have to get permission if they attack Iran to fly over Iraq to get there. And we got Americans advising President Obama to tell the Israelis we’re going to shoot you down. We’re going to shoot down your jets if you do that, biggest problem for us in the world is if Israeli attacks Iran. So I ask you what’s going to happen with Iran, what does anybody think is going to happen? We’re not the same country. What’s going to happen with Chavez? Is anybody standing up to anything? We got Clinton over there making nice with Kim Jong-il. The Chinese and the Japanese own our debt. Where do we have leverage over anybody, especially with this bunch in the White House? Now, listen to this series of sound bites. This is this morning in Pittsburgh at the G20, President Obama along with Sarkozy and the British PM, Gordon Brown, held a press conference to talk about the new Iranian nuclear facility that’s been discovered. Here is a portion of what Obama said.

OBAMA: Iran’s decision to build yet another nuclear facility without notifying the IAEA represents a direct challenge to the basic compact at the center of the nonproliferation regime.

RUSH: For crying out loud.

OBAMA: These rules are clear. All nations have the right to peaceful nuclear energy. Those nations with nuclear weapons must move towards disarmament.

RUSH: What?

OBAMA: Those nations without nuclear weapons must forsake them.

RUSH: What?

OBAMA: That compact has largely held for decades keeping the world far safer and more secure. And that compact depends on all nations living up to their responsibilities.

RUSH: What in the name of Sam Hill is he talking about? What nuclear nation is proceeding to disarmament except us? Are the Russians getting rid of their nukes? Pakistan? India getting rid of theirs? Is Israel — they’ve got them — are they getting rid of theirs? Hell no. What is he talking about here? All nations with nukes are committed to disarming them? What kept us safe for decades is peace through strength and the realization that if you hit us we can destroy you in our counterattack. And now Obama’s committed to giving that away. I want to remind you, two years ago, Barack Obama was running around touting that National Intelligence Estimate, which said there weren’t any nukes anymore in Iran, that they had shelved the program in 2003. So Obama said, (paraphrasing) ‘Bush is lying about this just like he lied to get us into Iraq, peaceful ambitions they have and we have respect them.’ Now two years ago later Obama is stunned that they’re building a second nuclear facility without notifying anyone. Who are we talking about here? Did Jesse James call the bank and say, ‘Hey, I’m on the way’? Did Bonnie and Clyde call the bank and say, ‘Hey, we’re five minutes out, get the money ready’? He expects Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the mullahs to call the international atomic energy agency and say, ‘Hey, we got a second nuclear facility that you don’t know anything about.’ Now, he went on to say that he is committed to insuring — no, I’m sorry. He’s not committed. Here, listen to this.

OBAMA: We remain committed to serious, meaningful engagement with Iran to address the nuclear issue through the P5-plus-one negotiations. Through this dialogue we are committed to demonstrating that international law is not an empty promise —

RUSH: It is.

OBAMA: — that obligations must be kept and that treaties will be enforced.

RUSH: You know, folks, we’re dealing here with a theoretician who has the vast amount of experience in community neighborhoods organizing and agitating people and in the classroom where everything is an academic exercise. He is not committed to ensuring that Iraq doesn’t get nukes. He’s committed to engagement even after this disclosure, even after this disclosure he goes out there, ‘We’re going to get really tough, we’re going to have meaningful engagement through the P5-plus-one negotiations.’ Now, you might be asking yourself, ‘Well, what did Ahmadinejad have to say about any of this? What did little Mahmoud say?’ I mean ’cause this is Obama at his toughest, folks. This is Obama, ‘You know what, you Iranians, you didn’t tell us you’re doing a second one, we’re going to really talk to you next time. We’re going to really sit down and dialogue with you now.’ That’s a real big threat. So Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, reported today that Ahmadinejad made a comment during a meeting with TIME Magazine, the editorial staff. TIME Magazine had a meeting, the editorial board had a meeting with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Here’s Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington.

MITCHELL: Caught red-handed? Well, a stern warning from Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today on the defensive after the revelation of a secret nuclear facility in his country. Here he is through a translator talking to TIME Magazine today on President Obama’s call for action.

AHMADINEJAD: If I were Mr. Obama’s advisor I would definitely ask him to refrain from making this statement, because it is definitively a mistake.

RUSH: Okay. So if this weren’t so damn serious I would be splitting my gut laughing here. So somehow we discovered that the Iranians have a second nuclear facility. Obama takes to the microphones in Pittsburgh and says, (paraphrasing) ‘You guys are violating international law. You gotta not build the nukes. We’re going to prove that international law is not an empty process. So we’re going to sit down and we’re going to really talk to you next time. We’re going to have even more conversations.’ And Ahmadinejad says essentially that Obama will come to regret making this statement. That is what he said. Ahmadinejad said Obama will regret making this statement.

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