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RUSH: Now, this, folks, is hilarious. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. This is Sunday morning, NBC’s Meet the Press. David Gregory said, ‘Your wife famously talked about the vast right-wing conspiracy targeting you,’ and they bought it! They bought it. ‘As you look at the opposition on the right to President Obama, is the vast right-wing conspiracy still there?’

CLINTON: Oh, you bet. Sure it is. It’s not as strong as it was because America has changed demographically, but it’s as virulent as it was. I mean they’re saying things about him, you know, it’s like when they accused me of murder and all that stuff they did. But it’s not really good for the Republicans and the country what’s going on now. I mean they may be hurting President Obama, they can take his numbers down, they can run his opposition up, but fundamentally he and his team have a positive agenda for America. Their agenda seems to be wanting him to fail. And that’s not a prescription for a good America.

RUSH: Seems that the president, former president, made a coded reference to me. I think I’m on these people’s minds all the time. They cannot get me off of their mind. ‘Their agenda seems to be wanting him to fail.’ Damn right it is. You are damn right we want his agenda to fail. We want it all to fail. And we want it to fail in order to save the country, Mr. President. Mr. President, if I were you I would think about joining us. Do you realize what this man’s done to you and your wife? Barack Obama has done what we tried to do for eight years, and that’s make you irrelevant and make you a babbling, worthless force in the Democrat Party. Nobody has ever been able to pull that off. Obama did and you’re out there standing up and supporting him? And I know at the first sign of genuine weakness Hillary and Bill are going to be in there trying to undercut this guy as fast as we are. But right now he’s gotta present this notion that they’re all unified and the vast right-wing conspiracy is back. Gregory said, ‘Do you worry about a repeat of 1994 politically?’

CLINTON: There’s no way they can make it that bad, for several reasons. Number one, the country is more diverse and more interested in positive action. Number two, they’ve seen this movie before because they had eight years under President Bush when the Republicans finally had the whole government and they know the results were bad. And number three, the Democrats haven’t taken on the gun lobby like I did and they took 15 of our members out. So I don’t think — it will be — whatever happens, it will be manageable for the president.

RUSH: No, but, I’ll tell you what, health care numbers are at a record low, Rasmussen 41% support. The anger in this country, according to Rasmussen, is universal. It’s universal demographically and it’s rising, genuine anger at Obama, at his policies, at the state of the country and for the future. It’s an unreported story because the State-Controlled Media doesn’t see it. And when they do see it they laugh at it and mock it. They think it’s just a bunch of mobsters, a small, unruly mob. They think that everybody is still in love with Obama. Now, they’re starting to get a little edgy, Howard Fineman is begging Obama to stay off of television now. Just saw the piece, haven’t printed it out yet, just saw it before the program started, ‘Mr. President, Please Stay off TV,’ is the headline from Howard Fineman at Newsweek.

Now, let’s go back, one more sound bite, Clinton Friday night on CNN, Anderson Cooper’s 180, he said, ‘Do you think things are more polarized now? When you see the so-called tea party protests, when you see some of these raucous town hall meetings and you hear Obama being called a Nazi, a socialist, is the debate just nastier now? I mean, it was pretty tough against you when you were president.’ Now of course, there was no hate, there was no acrimony. There was no polarization during the eight years of Bush. Have you ever asked what eight years of hate produced? You know, all during those eight years I kept telling anybody who would listen, the people of this country are simply not going to reward this kind of virulent rage, insane hatred. But I was wrong. The Democrats attacked Bush for eight years. They said ‘no’ to everything he proposed, the things that they agreed with they later turned around and said he lied to them about it and acted like they never did support him. They used vile, disrespectful language. They wrote books and made movies on how to assassinate George Bush. And what did all that hate and what did all those no’s get ’em? Well, it got them the House, it got them the Senate, and it got them the White House. The hate worked. I’m not suggesting anything by it. I’m just making an observation. Not suggesting that we hate. Nor am I suggesting that we should. Anyway, ‘It was pretty tough against you, Mr. President, when you were president. Is this just politics as usual?’

CLINTON: The public is so tired of all this, they want to just get together and go for it and have a solution. The congressional Republicans need to know that just saying ‘no’ on everything and praying for the president to fail is not a good strategy.

RUSH: We’re not praying, Mr. President, we are working hard. We’re not praying for Obama to fail. We are working and fighting as hard as we can to make sure that it happens. So Clinton says the right-wing conspiracy that once targeted him is now focusing on the poor little experienced Obama, says their agenda seems to be wanting him to fail. How typical. How typical of Clinton. You see how his mind works? It’s the way all liberal minds work. When they cannot force their weak ideas on us — and they’ve got all the power, we don’t have one way to stop them with votes. They’ve got these weak ideas. When they can’t even unify — by the way, ‘The public is so tired they want us to just get together,’ that’s what they thought Obama was going to bring. They thought Obama was going to bring this, Mr. President, and he has created all this partisanship. Just like I said on Jay Leno’s show, there are lots of people who are opening up their eyes and saying, ‘This is not what I voted for.’ So they can’t force their weak ideas on us. What do they do? They blame it on the evil and vast right-wing conspiracy. When the polling gets bad and State-Controlled Media start to catch onto their lies and misdeeds, then it’s time to blame it all on the evil and vast right-wing conspiracy. Vast. I love that word. I love being part of a vast group that objects to fascism.

I love being the Mister Big of the vast right-wing conspiracy, and I still am by virtue of being reanointed by Mr. Clinton here, the Mister Big of the vast right-wing conspiracy that objects to socialism and fascism. So let’s just review, shall we, ladies and gentlemen, despite having control of everything in the world and a summer-long full-court press to court support, gone out there and wined and dined, given gladly by the Drive-Bys, all of this support, not one negative word other than for the unruly mobs at the town halls and the tea parties. He has not stimulated our economy nor created jobs. Young people, unemployment rate, 52%. Now, what’s one of the crown jewels of the Democrat Party and the left? The minimum wage. The minimum wage goes up, 52% unemployment among young people. And the story is it’s so bad, it will take them years to find a place in the economy with decent paying jobs because there are many people ahead of them looking with more experience, and when things do kick back in gear and get up and running, those will be the people that are hired first, not these young people.

The AP even has a story today on, you know, all these tax increases on the rich are not working in New York and they’re not working in New Jersey. I couldn’t believe this story. It even mentions me. Anyway, that’s just part of what’s coming up. So he hasn’t stimulated the economy, he has not created any jobs, all because of us, all because of the vast right-wing conspiracy. That’s what Clinton’s out there saying. The economy is in the tank, no jobs, all because of us. He can’t get his health care legislation passed, all because of us, the vast and evil right-wing conspiracy. He can’t figure out if he should commit more troops to Afghanistan, because of us, the vast right-wing conspiracy. He can’t talk tough with Iran. You can’t stop Iran from nuking up. All he wants to do is really, really talk to them. It’s all our fault, it’s all the fault of the vast right-wing conspiracy. He cannot stand up to any nutcase. Iran, Russia, Venezuela, the Norks, because of us, the vast right-wing conspiracy.

I guess I should mention this. Not only are we evil and vast but we are racist, the evil, vast, racist right-wing conspiracy is what they have tried to tag on us. They’re blaming all of their failures just like they always do on us, when we are powerless to stop them. If they unify, which they’ll have to do against the will of the American people, if they unify, nobody can stop ’em, until perhaps the 2010 elections. And I think President Clinton’s a little optimistic over what the results of the 2010 elections will be.


RUSH: Yes, my friends, I am talking about that very same vast right-wing conspiracy that arranged for Monica Lewinsky to be hired as an intern at the White House and then arranged for Monica Lewinsky to take a pizza into the Oval Office — and then the same vast right-wing conspiracy that unzipped President Clinton’s pants and enabled all of those Lewinskys to take place in the first place. Yes, that’s the vast right-wing conspiracy to which I refer. And remember the vast right-wing conspiracy was created by Hillary to distract people’s attention away from the unzipped pants and the pizza and the Lewinskys in the Oval Office. (crumbling up paper) Pure and simple.

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