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RUSH: Saturday night, Washington, DC, Congressional Black Caucus foundation annual dinner, President Obama.

OBAMA: I was up in the G20 and some of you saw those big flags and all the world leaders come in and Michelle and I are shaking hands with them and one of the leaders, I won’t mention who it was, he comes up to me, we take the picture, we go behind and, he says, ‘Barack, explain to me this health care debate.’ He says, ‘We don’t understand it. You’re trying to make sure everybody has health care, and they’re putting a Hitler mustache on you. I don’t — that doesn’t make sense to me. Explain that to me.’ (applause) He didn’t understand.

RUSH: I wonder if Obama pointed out that the people carrying those signs around are Democrats, Lyndon LaRouchies. I wonder if Obama explained to whoever this was that asked him about this, ‘We have a First Amendment in our country, and some people don’t agree with my plan.’ I don’t even think I believe this. This was a favorite Bill Clinton ploy. (doing Clinton impression) ‘Yeah, you know what, I was over there at the G14, whatever it was, and I had some of these world leaders come up to me and say, ‘You know, you’re trying to do the greatest things for the people of your country. Why, why, why, why, why are your people so opposed to what you’re doing?” This is a standard ploy. Who was this world leader? He won’t identify the world leader. Probably Hugo Chavez. Who was it? Certainly wouldn’t be anybody from Canada, Great Britain or France.

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