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RUSH: I’m sitting here thinking about this Olympics business still, and I’m remembering what Obama said last Wednesday at the United Nations, and I’m asking myself, ‘Why should Chicago get the Olympics? Why should we get the Olympics? We’ve had more than our share of the Olympics.’ Why should we get the Olympics? Well, they say it’s economic stimulus. I think it’s a net loss, but why should we hog all these Olympics? No Olympics have ever been held in Africa or South America. Did you know that? We’ve never had an Olympics in the Southern Hemisphere — well, at least not in those two continents. Based on his speech why should we be hogging all these Olympics? Let Rio de Janeiro have it. Better yet! Better yet, maybe hold the Olympics in Kenya. And Obama’s brother could make some money renting out his hut to Bob Costas. It’d certainly be big enough for him.

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