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Rush’s Morning Update: Assault!
October 1, 2009

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Well, folks, it never stops. The Democrats are unleashing their latest horror. In coming weeks, the cap and trade bill, better known as “cap and tax,” is expected to move from a Senate committee headed by Barbara Boxerto the Senate floor. American power plants and businesses are among the chief targets; they’ll be forced to cut emissions or purchase “emission allowances” under an undisclosed scheme. (No doubt it’ll be rigged to benefit groups friendly to the Democrat Party.)

Boxer and JohnKerry (who, by the way, served in Vietnam) are pushing for a 20 percent cut in so-called greenhouse gasses by the year 2020. Their 800-page bill– which few legislators have actually read– is even more heinous than the House bill. Environmentalist wackos will love this Senate version,but the rest of us are going topay for it.

Now, don’t forget:this bill is based on fraud. Manmade global warming is a mythDemocrats are using to gain powerand to tax businesses and consumers. And let’s also not forget that America has an abundance of natural resources, which would provide all ofour energy needs,but Democrats want to outlaw the development of our own energy.

This bill is anti-American-business and anti-American-consumer. It’s a job killer. It will harm the economy as much– or more– socialized medicine… and it’s the latest assault on American freedom and growthbrought to you by Barack Obamaand his freedom-killing Democrats in Congress.

When Boxer announced this this afternoon, she said she was more excited to advance this bill; it was more exciting than it was togive birth to her children! What does that tell you about Democrats and their agenda?

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