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RUSH: Now, Bob Gibbs, Robert Gibbs, the most brilliant, qualified press spokesman we’ve ever had, yesterday in Washington at the White House briefing, Chip Reid of CBS said, ‘On the Afghanistan meetings, do you anticipate these going on and on indefinitely with no time frame whatsoever?’ Meaning the strategy meetings with the generals, is it completely open-ended time-wise?

GIBBS: We’re going to take the time that’s necessary to get the policy right.

REID: Could that be into next year?

GIBBS: I doubt it, no. I think — I think I’ve said earlier a number of weeks.

REID: Could it be a number of months, could it be two months, can you give any kind of clarity on that?


RUSH: So the headline today after the press secretary’s statement was: ‘Obama to Take Weeks to Study Afghan Strategy.’ Now, if we had real journalists and real news editors, you know what the headline would be? ‘Obama Tells Afghanistan to Shove it Until after Obamacare Passes.’ What if Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pulls an Obama on Obama? After the meeting today, what if Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says, ‘Well, it’ll take weeks to study the West’s proposals.’ Will our media say, ‘Well, like, are you talking months, into next year?’ And Ahmadinejad would shoot them. I think we’ve got a new television show here in the making, folks: ‘Dancing with Politicians who Stall for Time.’ We all know that Afghanistan’s on the back burner until he gets this health care thing passed, pure and simple.

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