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Rush’s Morning Update: Safe Kids!
October 2, 2009

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In 1988, a 15-year-old approached his Concord, Massachusetts high school teacher with a confession. The boy had met an older man in a Boston bus station,went home with him, and had sex. The teacher, Kevin Jennings, advised the boy: “I hope you knew to use a condom.” Did Mr. Jennings contact law enforcement to report the statutory rape? Contact the boy’s parents? Nope.

We learned of the incident from Mr. Jennings. He bragged about it at a conference of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network,which he founded.

Jennings now heads the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Skroolsin Obama’s Education Department. Criticism erupted after psychology professor Warren Throckmorton found an audiotape of Jennings’ boast, posted it on a website,and the story was picked up in conservative media.

So Mr. Jennings,safety czar for American schools,offered an apology…sort of. “Twenty-oneyears later,” he sees he could have handled things differently. Maybe asked for more information, or “consulted medical or legal authorities.” But teachers back then didn’t know better– no training, no guidance, he said. Blah, blah, blah.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Obama are satisfied. Duncan says he’s honored to have the “uniquely qualified” Jennings on the team.

Mr. Duncan,Jennings is not “uniquely qualified.” Roman Polanski would be an equally good choice,or Woody Allen;there are tons of liberals just as “qualified” to keep our children “safe”… by yourstandards.

By the way, folks: priests get sued 20 years later for this stuff –liberals get promoted.

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