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RUSH: Folks, seriously, this is weakness on display. This is reminiscent of Michael Dukakis in the tank as Beetle Bailey and Jimmy Carter saying he killed a killer rabbit that attacked him when he was on a canoe somewhere on some obscure river in Georgia. Those were metaphors for weakness, and they stuck because Dukakis and Carter were, in fact, weak. They both became objects of derision. Obama will never live this down, like Dukakis will never live down the Beetle Bailey moment when he grabbed a helmet and got in a tank and drove around, and Jimmy Carter announcing that he killed a killer rabbit that attacked him in a canoe. President Obama has brought weakness, his own, to a head now. He has wasted his country’s time and his prestige in the economy, in the military, and he’s now symbolically captured with his failure with the Olympics.

We have 9.8% unemployment. Administration officials say three to four months more of this, maybe, and then we’re gonna start seeing jobs added. I thought Obama had saved 23 million jobs! I thought he and Biden had saved all these jobs. Now the administration, well, three or four more months, and maybe we’ll have some job growth. We hope. Obama demeaned the office of the presidency going on this sales pitch for Chicago’s corrupt profiteering. Everybody knows what this was about: Corruption and patronage on a grander scale than ever before. That was the opportunity Mayor Daley and everybody saw and they sent Obama off to secure it. And I’ll tell you another reason he decided to go, not just because Daley sent him but Obama needed to distract everybody’s attention from his massive failures at home and abroad.

The North Koreans are nuking up; the Iranians are nuking up. We pull the missile shield. The Russians are nuking up; the Russians are expanding. They’re huffing and puffing. Our unemployment is at 9.8%. Health care is an absolute disaster in Congress. The stimulus bill is not working. There is not approval for the president in growing numbers. There’s angst and anger and so off he goes to make a great sacrifice on 747, with Michelle on a 757 a couple days ago before. Great sacrifices for the children of Chicago and the world! Our economy is crumbling right before our eyes; our military is being undermined by Obama playing politics with health care. Obama has been rejected by the American people in the polls here at home. Now he has been rejected by the world, the International Olympic Committee — a bunch of thieves in their own right.

They’re as corrupt organization as you can get. They looked at Chicago and Obama and said, ‘Nope, we can do better elsewhere. We’re the ones that fleece people when we show up, and we’re not going to share the spoils with you. We’ll go to Rio! They’re desperate to have us. They’ll let us steal whatever we want.’ The Olympics was a domestic distraction that became an international embarrassment. Weakness — Seriously, now, folks, this is a moment of weakness, and weakness invites trouble. You think I’m laughing, what do you think is happening in Tehran? What’s happening inside the KGB in Moscow? What do you think that little potbellied dictator over in Pyongyang is doing right now? What do you think Hugo Chavez is doing? What about Moammar Khadafy? Are these guys sad or are they secretly rubbing their hands together in glee?

What about Fidel Castro and Raul Castro? What about all of these people around the world? What about the people in the Czech Republic? What about the people in Poland? What about the people in Afghanistan? What about the people in Iraq? The United States is humiliated. This isn’t supposed to happen to ‘Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm, mmm, mmm.’ No, it’s supposed to happen to George Bush. Obama’s weakening the country in fact and in perception. Nothing good will come of this. And again, I want to ask you a question very seriously. Are we actually being governed by an imbecile? ‘Cause this was a stupid plan. I don’t care what Mayor Daley has on you. I don’t care what Mayor Daley is threatening to expose. You are president of the United States! There are certain things you do not do.

This is why whenever in the old days we had an agreement on anything with the Russians, it was always done first. The illusion was, ‘The Russians and the Americans are getting together for sensitive talks,’ and at the end of the talks there was great fanfare and celebration. ‘We came to a deal! We came to a deal! Oh, it’s wonderful. The world is safe again. Gorbachev will save us!’ The deal’s hammered out long before the two sides ever get together. Diplomats — ahem — get together with each other and hammer out the details and the two world leaders show up, shake hands, and go through the motions of making it look like they did it. It’s like, do you remember Ollie North before the Iran-Contra committee? Those Democrats, they thought they were going to nail Reagan via Ollie North.

They thought they had Reagan in their crosshairs. They thought they were North was going to dump all over him. They made a fatal mistake: They didn’t dispose North before his testimony. They had no idea what he was going to say their arrogance made it certain they were going to be able to trip him up and as such North ran rings around them. Well, the IOC and the world has run rings around Barack Obama. It is not coincidental and it is not insignificant that Chicago was first out, that Chicago was eliminated first. I mean, this was a bitch slap, folks, upside the head. What kind of an imbecile allows this to happen when you are president of the United States? You go over there without having it in the bag? He doesn’t realize the IOC and pretty much all Europeans hate American more than they like him? He doesn’t understand how delighted the world is to make him look foolish in order to take a swipe at our country. We’ve got a two-year-old man-child with a Mars-size ego — which, today, crashed and burned.

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