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RUSH: Rio got it. Rio de Janeiro. Let me tell you about Rio de Janeiro. You don’t want to go there. People get kidnapped. The crime, thuggery in Rio de Janeiro. I’ve wanted to go so many times, people that have been there, ‘Don’t go.’ (interruption) Worse than Chicago? Well, maybe a toss-up with Chicago, I don’t know, but one, they don’t have enough hotel rooms. They held the Pan American Games in Rio. They made all kinds of promises to the Pan American Games committee, building stadiums. They never fulfilled the promises. It was a disaster. But anyway, Rio de Janeiro gets the Olympics in 2016.


RUSH: It’s going to be a lovely weekend at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. They’ve sent Axelrod, he’s been out there everywhere today since the vote, said, ‘We don’t care about politics, purely political vote over there and we don’t care about the politics.’ I have those sound bites coming up. Now, folks, I was watching the room. I had it on in here. Well, computer streaming and I was watching the room. And when they were about to make the announcement that it was Rio, the mood in that room was vivacious, it was ebullient, they were fantastic, they were happy. And that was not the mood when Chicago was making its presentation. There was no joy during the Chicago presentation earlier in the day, and why would there? You had these two Obama people come up there and they start telling their own personal sob stories, as though Chicago deserves the Olympics because the Obamas were born and because her father has MS. And Obama, of course, had a typical white grandmother he had to put up with. And he wanted to be able to walk outside his door, Tony Rezko’s neighborhood, with his daughters, go out and see the people of the world, gathering together. I mean morons. Ego-obsessed imbeciles on parade representing the United States. Oprah is now eating Denmark.

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