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RUSH: Sound bite number 30, Robert B. Reichhhh. I can only do it that long because I’ve been on the treadmill, greater lung capacity out there. He was on CNBC this morning, he’s the former labor secretary.

During a discussion of the 9.8% unemployment rate — by the way, do you know what the backstory on that is? Nobody has the guts to mention this, but I will. Nine point eight percent unemployment. You know what it means? It means people in business who hire other people are racist, that’s what it means. They don’t want Obama to succeed, businesses want Obama to fail, so they’re not hiring people because they’re racists. That’s what it means. That’s what the left will say. Isn’t everything due to race? Opposition to health care due to race? Obama didn’t get the Olympics because the IOC is a bunch of racists. Everybody is racist who disagrees with Obama. Anyway, Robert B. Reich on the show and Larry Kudlow is on there with Melissa Francis. Now, this actually is better seen because they’re laughing at what you’re going to hear Reich say here. You will hear Melissa Francis stifle a laugh but if you watch this video, they’re both laughing at him. As he says this in response to Kudlow saying, ‘All these governmental programs may be stopping small business from hiring. They’re worried about government regulations. What’s your take on that?’

REICH: Rather than worry about government spending too much I’d worry quite, frankly, about government spending too little. As I said before, the stimulus package is the thing that is actually keeping the economy up, keeping people employed. Without government spending, without the stimulus package, I’m afraid as the commerce secretary said, we are going to be in trouble.

RUSH: They’re laughing. You gotta see the video here. Can anything be more ridiculous? ‘I’m worried we’re not spending enough. Stimulus is the only thing keeping the economy going.’ (laughing) ‘Barack Hussein Obama! Hmm, hmm, hmm.’ Just love this day.

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