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Rush’s Morning Update: Increase!
October 5, 2009

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Well, despite economic happy talk from State-Controlled Media outlets,the latest figures are not good.

We’re still losing jobs — hemorrhaging jobs;we’re not creating them. Thousands upon thousands of peopleare dropping off the labor rolls completelybecause they’ve given up looking for work. The housing market is still sucking wind. Despite the automobile takeover, Saturn– part of the old General Motors– went kaput. The “shovel-ready” projects that were supposed to jumpstart the economyare still shovel-waiting…even though Obama and the Democrat Congress spent trillions on their Porkulus and bailout programs.

But one place is seeing stimulus, folks, and that’sCongress. This week, Democrats in the House and the Senate voted to stimulate their own business. They granted themselves a 6 percent increase so they can run their offices– while they run the country into the ground. The Congressional budget increase also allocated a half million dollarsto publicize their town meetings (as though we don’t know when they’re happening).

Those of you who run or manage a businessknow what kind of environment you face on a daily basis. Every expense item is under scrutiny: you’re laying off employees, freezing salaries, eliminating bonuses. You’ve cut budgets to the bone, scaled back travel, reduced advertising (except my sponsors). You’re doing everything humanly possible to keep your doors open and your companies alive.

And what are the Democrats doing? They’re raising your taxes, they’re traveling on junkets, they’re squandering billions on their every whim. And now they give themselves yet another budget increase to do more of the same?

One question. Is that what you voted for? Hmmm?

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