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RUSH: You want to hear a little sample of media shock and dismay? This morning… Well, no. That’s coming up later. This is even better. This is this morning early today on PMSNBC. The reporter is Natalie Morales. And the sum total of this bite, which you will hear is, the rock star Obamas have clinched it!

MORALES: A lot of confidence here from the Chicago delegation, uh, particularly after the president and first lady made such a passionate and emotional appeal to the IOC voters here. It really seems at this point, uhh, if I’m quoting a couple of sports writers that I talked to that is really Chicago’s to lose now that the president has spoken and the first lady made such a lasting impression here. Uh, you know, it — it remains to be seen what will happen in the next couple of hours because it’s scheduled to go for a vote about 12:30 Eastern time but, uh, a lot of people feeling like this is Chicago’s time.

RUSH: And she continued with this….

MORALES: Oh, it was crazy. We — in the press we were all standing there waiting to see if the president and first lady would even walk by us! But he kind of got stuck behind a wall as, uh, the IOC pretty much rushed him. Everybody seemed to really want their picture with the president, shaking hands; and of course the IOC voters trying to appear somewhat impartial but you could tell that they, too —

ANCHOR: (giggling)

MORALES: — felt the rock star power there that the president and first lady were exuding.

RUSH: The fraud is happening in real time. Media corruption is being exposed in real time. ‘They were rock stars! Oh, it was so great! It’s in the bag. It’s Chicago’s to lose, now that the president has spoken and the first lady made such a lasting impression!’ Yeah, but what kind? And then, of course, my favorite is CNN’s Ed Henry. Just a half hour before the vote, ‘Michelle Obama steals the show in Copenhagen!’ Never before has such fraud and corruption been so openly exposed in real time of the United States media.


RUSH: You know, like I always say, folks, and I’ve been saying it since the primaries, Obama cannot win in a fair vote. The only thing missing in that vote today was ACORN. If he had ACORN representation stuffing ballot boxes, registering fake IOC members, then maybe Chicago would have had a chance. But Obama couldn’t do that. He couldn’t get ACORN over there. See, Obama doesn’t debate people; he clears the field. But he couldn’t clear the field today. So I’m waiting for Gibbs and the White House daily press briefing. I want to hear Gibbs blame Copenhagen talk radio and the vast right-wing conspiracy in Scandinavia that destroyed this great chance for our wonderful president. I want to hear Carville and Begala and F. Chuck Todd all get together and say this is actually a smart move on the part of Obama, this clears the way for Chicago to get the Olympics in 2020. They’ll try to turn it into something positive. Oprah is so distraught she just ate Norway I’m told and that’s gotta be bad for Norway. Michelle (My Belle) in a funk, has ordered Air Force One to Paris for the whole week next week for shopping therapy. I’m wondering if Tony Rezko is still around. Did Rezko send Obama a dead fish in the mail to Chicago?


RUSH: You want to hear something funny and pleasurable? This is CNN live, anchor Tony Harris covering the announcement that Chicago was eliminated from the Olympic race in the first round of voting.

HARRIS: Let’s take you to Copenhagen right now where we’re about to get an announcement of the first city out. Let’s have a listen. Let’s have a listen.

ROGGE: Books given, 95. Participants, 94. Abstention, nil. Void, nil. Valid ballots, 94. The city of Chicago, having obtained the least number of votes, will not participate in the next round.

HARRIS: Chicago is out? Chicago is out? Madrid is still in? Tokyo is still in? Wait a minute, Chicago is out? I want to hear the sound in the room. Let’s listen to the sound in the room. Take us back to Copenhagen.

RUSH: Chicago is out? Madrid’s in? Tokyo’s in? Chicago is out? Wait a minute. That’s Tony Harris, State-Controlled CNN, live, in a state of disbelief that Chicago was voted out first. And that was Jacques Rogge, who is president of the IOC, does that guy not sound like a Bond villain or what?


RUSH: You know, Snerdley, it was just yesterday that we had that call, a woman asking, ‘Can you have a little fun? Do maybe just one hour Obama free?’ And I was going to try to do it today. Ha-ha-ha! Not possible. And besides, this has been a fun show. This has been a great show. Our country is up and inspired like it hasn’t in a long time. I wonder how ‘proud’ of her country Michelle Obama is today. I wonder how proud the Olympic committee, Michelle Obama is today. (interruption) You don’t think she’s very proud, Mr. Snerdley? I don’t even know why Jesse Jackson’s whining about it. He’s a citizen of the world! Wherever the Olympics goes, he’s a big shot. Obama, too. Why are they upset? Obama is president of the world. He ought to be happy. You know, we have 4% of the world’s athletes, but we win 25% of the medals.

Obama doesn’t like winning. He doesn’t like competition. I wonder how ‘victory’ seems to Obama now that it has escaped him. But he ought to be happy. Some place that never had the Olympics got the Olympics. Maybe the Drive-By spin will be — because they’re all asking what happened. The Washington Post now, ‘What went wrong? What went wrong?’ CNN still can’t believe it. They ran this story by CNN’s Ed Henry today, ‘Michelle Obama Steals Show in Copenhagen.’ Yeah, right. The anchor, Tony Scott, whatever his name is, on CNN, doing live commentary when the announcement came in Chicago was first eliminated could not believe it. He was just stunned. So they gotta come up with some reason. They’ll try to blame me for spreading the fail vibe all over the world; then they’ll blame Bush for residual hatred of America even though he’s not here.

And then they might turn around and say, ‘Well, you know, Obama’s really way ahead of all of us. This clears the way for Chicago to get it in 2010 in a much cleaner bid,’ and then they will come out and they’ll say, ‘You know what? Obama probably really didn’t want the Olympics. He wanted it to go to a city that had never had the Olympics before and so he tailored his presentation to see to it.’ (interruption) Well, look, these people in the tank. You think that sounds ridiculous? It’s no more ridiculous than their day-to-day coverage the guy to come out and suggest that he wanted to lose it on purpose because it’s not fair. No one country is going to dominate it again. No one country is going to tell them what they can and can’t do, especially us. The guy runs around apologizing to the world for nine months for his country and then we get voted down?

He shouldn’t be surprised. He engineered this! I’m just telling you. It sounds ridiculous to you. You think I’m off my rocker here, but I’m telling you: Nobody knows the media like I know the media. Nobody knows leftists like I know them. They’ve got to save this guy’s bacon, folks! This is a disaster! Do you understand what a disaster this is? This is a worldwide how humiliation! ‘Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm, mmm, mmm,’ and Michelle (My Belle) Obama, ‘Mmm, mmm, mmm,’ put it all on the line, and they got bitch slapped, humiliated in front of the world. There’s going to be somebody that’s got to cover the bases on this. Somebody has got to come up with a way that this can be explained that Obama maintains his brilliance, his uniqueness, that he is a step ahead of all of us. Mark my words. I just want to say something. Yes! Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, is talking with F. Chuck Todd moments ago. Listen to this.

TODD: A little bit of the shine is going to wear off today. It’s a stomach punch. But we’ll see. There will be plenty of people that will write on a lead to their column, ‘Boy in a day that unemployment went up his hometown doesn’t get the Olympics. He couldn’t bring it home. You know, this guy’s president…?’ blah, blah, blah. You could see how that could shape itself. The president could use a victory here sometime soon, that’s for sure.

MITCHELL: Well, it’s a good thing he did well in the, uh, the diplomatic talks with Iran, but that’s another whole subject.

RUSH: (belly laugh) At least he did well with…? Do you see what I mean? You laugh at me when I tell you how the media is going to spin for the guy? Let me tell you what. The New York Times: ‘Obama Meets with McChrystal.’ It’s in their Asia-Pacific section of the New York Times. And I don’t know if this is in the paper today or if it just got posted on the Web, but the point of this story is the ‘real’ reason Obama went to Copenhagen was to secretly meet with McChrystal on Afghanistan! The whole Olympic thing was a clever ruse by Obama. That’s the New York Times. I’m looking at it right here. I have summarized the story for you. So here you have… I mean, the fraud and corruption of the US media is happening in real time, before our very eyes and ears. So now the whole… Did I not just tell you, Snerdley? Did I not just tell you?

And you laughed at me. You pooh-poohed my brilliance! You said, ‘Come on, Rush! You’re going to sit there and say that Obama threw it just so some other country that never had it can have it? That’s what — I’m not saying that. I’m saying I wouldn’t be surprised if the media did. Now the New York Times, the whole Olympic thing, the whole trip over there, really wasn’t about securing the Olympics. No, no, no, no, no, no! It was to secretly meet with McChrystal, the general in Afghanistan. Now, he did meet with McChrystal — for 25 big minutes! So you fly overnight to go to Copenhagen as a trick? Who are we going to keep this secret from? Why is it a secret he’s going to talk to the general? Why do you need a ruse to meet with a general. It’s not like you’re flying to Afghanistan to meet with the general.

You’re going over to Copenhagen! You’re going to Denmark, for crying out loud. You’re not going to the theater of ballots to talk to the guy. Why do you need…? Why does the president of the United States need a ruse to talk to his commanding general in Afghanistan? So I’m telling you, folks, don’t ever doubt me when I am telling you possibilities about people on the left in the media, et al. (interruption) Well, I know they’ll have fun with my show today. I can’t wait for them to. This whole show, in fact, has been the giant Tweak of the Day. This whole show is a tweak of the media. Do you realize CNN…? I still can’t get over this. ‘Michelle Obama Takes Copenhagen by Storm.’ They were humiliated! Ed Henry wrote this. They were humiliated. So now we’re going to be treated to this whole notion that it was a ploy, it was a trick.

Because once the New York Times says this, everybody picks it up. I got two requests from Drive-By journalists today for comments before this show started, based on something in the New York Times. ‘What do you think of X? What do you think of X? Do you think X is good?’ I wrote back, ‘Do you people originate anything that doesn’t start with the New York Times?’ So the New York Times says it was a ruse, I guarantee you it won’t be long. Before the end of this program, you’re going to start seeing stories about how Obama’s just tricked everybody. He’s so, so far ahead of us. ‘The Republicans were out there mocking him because he refused to meet with the general. He was worried about his health care plan. He didn’t want to meet with the general for fear of angering his left-wing base, but he did it! He mocked the Republicans. He’s made a fool of the Republicans. He met with the general. He met for 25 minutes and he managed to do it on a secret trip to Copenhagen. It looked like he was going to the Olympics but in fact he mocked the Republicans!’

And in fact The Politico: ‘Bad Day for USA, Good Day for GOP?’ That’s the headline in the latest post there. ‘ Bad Day for USA, Good Day for GOP,’ question mark. So here we go. Folks, these people are so predictable that it is laughable to me. And, by the way, that 25 minutes? That’s the shortest secret meeting with a general I ever heard of. So in 74 days Obama has spoken maybe an hour total, three times, with the general leading the charge in Afghanistan. Play cut 27 again here. F. Chuck Todd is talking to Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington.

TODD: A little bit of the shine is going to wear off today. It’s a stomach punch. But we’ll see. There will be plenty of people that will write on a lead to their column, ‘Boy in a day that unemployment went up his hometown doesn’t get the Olympics. He couldn’t bring it home. You know, this guy’s president…?’ blah, blah, blah. You could see how that could shape itself. The president could use a victory here sometime soon, that’s for sure.

MITCHELL: Well, it’s a good thing he did well in the, uh, the diplomatic talks with Iran, but that’s another whole subject.

RUSH: ‘The President could use a victory here sometime soon, that’s for sure’? Whoa! A slip of the tongue there by F. Chuck, because F. Chuck is telling us just how bad it is for Obama. He ‘needs a victory sometime soon, that’s for sure.’ And of course the brilliance of Andrea Mitchell, ‘Well, you know, he really, really did well in those diplomatic talks with Iran.’ Yeah. (laughing) I just love it, folks. I can’t help it. I just love it.


RUSH: New York Times: ‘President Obama met here Friday with Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, his Afghanistan commander, to discuss a possible change in strategy and proposed troop buildup in the eight-year-old war. The meeting had not been previously announced. General McChrystal flew here from London, where he was on business, and joined Mr. Obama in the forward cabin of Air Force One on the tarmac of the Copenhagen airport for 25 minutes after the president finished his presentation to the International Olympic Committee on behalf of Chicago’s bid to host the 2016 Games.’ That’s it. That’s in the New York Times, published after the announcement, so it’s on their website, Obama meets with McChrystal, that’s the story, and I guarantee you the rest of the State-Controlled Media will echo this theme, he met with McChrystal.

Now, you know, the fringe lunatics are going to be angry at this, but the New York Times on their website covered, where do you think — wait for it — where do you think they put the story on Obama’s bombing out? No! No, no, no, no. They put it in the sports section. I didn’t know the New York Times had a sports section. I didn’t know they cared about sports on the Upper West Side, but they put it in the sports section on their website. Obama’s humiliating failure in the sports section of the New York Times. Now, the New York Times also has a blog. This is the Dot Earth blog, the environmentalist wacko blog of the New York Times. Posted within minutes of the Olympic announcement cutting Chicago out of the picture, by Andrew Revkin.

‘President Obama’s fruitless effort in Copenhagen to promote Chicago for the Olympics has provoked discussion over whether he will return for the global climate treaty talks there in December. Greenpeace campaigners hung a banner from a church near the Olympics meeting reading, ‘Obama, Right City, Wrong Date.’ There are political risks whether Mr. Obama decides to go or stay home. He almost certainly will not go if strategists foresee little chance of last-minute compromises replacing the hardened positions –‘ should have thought of that before heading off to this meeting. So now they’re already speculating in the Drive-By Media, will he go back to Copenhagen, it was such a humiliating defeat, but he did meet with the general.


RUSH: We want to go back to our archives, ladies and gentlemen, this afternoon, live on CNN, as the vote was being announced that Chicago was the first city to be rejected and eliminated. This is how it happened with the anchor Tony Harris on CNN.

HARRIS: Let’s take you to Copenhagen right now where we’re about to get an announcement of the first city out. Let’s have a listen. Let’s have a listen.

RUSH: Bond villain type guy.

ROGGE: Votes given, 95. Participants, 94. Abstention, nil. Void, nil. Valid ballots, 94. The city of Chicago, having obtained the least number of votes, will not participate in the next round.

HARRIS: Chicago is out? Chicago is out? Madrid is still in? Tokyo is still in? Wait a minute, Chicago is out? I want to hear the sound in the room. Let’s listen to the sound in the room. Take us back to Copenhagen.

RUSH: That was the anchor Tony Harris who ran out of things to say, so he had to go back to the sound in the room after Chicago was the first city eliminated by the Olympic committee today in the Olympic voting. Chicago is out? Chicago is out? Madrid is still in? Tokyo is still in? Wait a minute. I just love it. And don’t forget CNN’s Ed Henry today right before the vote, they posted the story on their website: Michelle Obama Takes Copenhagen by Storm. All right, now, in the last hour, I was telling all of you, keep a sharp eye on the New York Times for talking points for the rest of the State-Controlled Media. And here it is: ”Rio Wins Bid for 2016 Olympic Games.’ — The Obamas were flying back to Washington at the time of the vote. A spokesman said Mr. Obama still believed it had been worth the effort.

‘The appearance by the Obamas was hoped to overcome some of those problems, but the former IOC member Kai Holm told The Associated Press that the brevity of his appearance might have hurt. Holm called it ‘too businesslike,’ adding, ‘It can be that some IOC members see it as a lack of respect.’ … The 10-person Chicago bid team, led by Mr. and Mrs. Obama, put on a presentation heavy on emotion and visual images without getting too deep into the details of the bid.’ Well, naturally the details of the bid couldn’t be made public. Nobody who attempts to fleece somebody tells them up front that’s what happens.

I mean the Obamas couldn’t go over there and say, ‘Look, my chief aide, Valerie Jarrett, owns a bunch of slums here and she’s going to take the opportunity of your giving us the Olympics to sell ’em at a huge profit and it doesn’t matter that the residents will be thrown out in the wind and the cold with the rest of the homeless. And, you know, I got some property myself here I’m hoping to capitalize and Mayor Daley has sent me over here because this is how our city is run, full of corruption and graft and patronage. And that’s why we want the Olympics. So instead, I gotta sit here and tell you how I can’t wait for the Olympics to come to Chicago so I can open the door, take my two little girls out, and see the world in our backyard. And my lovely wife, Michelle, here is going to tell you about how her father had multiple sclerosis and how that relates to Olympic athletes overcoming all odds. You’re going to love it.’ Oh, boy. So it’s just happening out there, ladies and gentlemen, lickety-split, the reaction coming in, the Drive-Bys doing everything they can to try to cover this and to make it look like it’s something other than what it is. Make no mistake about it.

Now, there are other things going on in the news out there. The article in the New York Times on the Chicago blowout. I want you to try to square these two passages because the bottom line is they are reeling. Do you know what it’s like, have you ever thought something was in the bag in your personal life, you bought the car before you got the raise, you bought the car before you got the job, you did something, and then it didn’t happen, and you were left reeling, ‘How could I have misjudged this?’ Well, multiply that times a hundred thousand ’cause that’s what you’d have to do to account for the egos of the Obamas, and that’s how they’re feeling today. So passage number one: ”I don’t view this as a repudiation of the president and the first lady,’ Mr. Axelrod said. He added: ‘It was worth the effort. He would do it again if he had the opportunity.”

Then later in the story: ‘For months, Mr. Obama and his crew have approached this competition with all the intensity of the Iowa caucuses. Mr. Obama taped five video messages pitching Chicago’s bid, created an Olympic office within the White House and hosted Olympic athletes on the South Lawn. For the past couple of weeks, he worked the phones, calling some heads of state, and lobbied others at the United Nations opening session in New York and the Group of 20 economic summit in Pittsburgh last week. He put Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. to work making calls and sent Mrs. Obama to Copenhagen a couple of days early to buttonhole committee members. On Air Force One with him Friday, Mr. Obama brought a couple cabinet officers from Illinois, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, as well as Senator Dick Durban. Before leaving Washington, Mrs. Obama made clear how seriously the first couple took the matter. ‘Take no prisoners,’ she vowed.’

Remember the first statement: ‘I don’t view this as a repudiation of the president and the first lady,’ Mr. Axelrod said. ‘It was worth the effort. He would do it again if he had the opportunity.’ Trust me on this, my friends, they are reeling out there, and they know full well this is an utter disaster. The ego has landed. Whatever bloom was still on the rose is gone. The myth has been shattered. The myth has been exploded. The reality of the truth has landed like a sledgehammer dropped from the International Space Station on the International Olympic Committee hearing at the podium where the Obamas gave their me, me, me, I, I, I, Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama presentation to get the Olympics into Chicago. But don’t worry. He met with the general from Afghanistan on the plane for 25 minutes, coming up with new strategeries out there to not win the war. Like I say, I wonder whether Obama has a new understanding of victory now that he has lost big time.

And don’t forget the BBC. Oh, no BBC: ‘Obama didn’t fail Chicago. Chicago’s bid failed Obama.’ That’s the BBC. F. Chuck Todd says Daley messed this up and it’s going to be a long time before anybody in Chicago gets any favors from this White House. (laughing) Andrea Mitchell says, well, at least he had a big victory there in the talks with Iran. CNN: Michelle Obama took Copenhagen by storm. If there is any truth to that, it was the Shock and Awe at her wardrobe that took them by storm.


RUSH: All right, here it is. Wait for it… Newsweek magazine, Katie Connolly: ‘Losing the Olympic Bid is Good for Obama.’ Just posted. ‘Chicago has been eliminated in the first round of IOC voting. Wow — I did not see that coming. The way I figured it, this White House is far too protective of the president’s strategically crafted image to allow him to travel thousands of miles only to fail on the world stage.’ That’s right, Katie. That’s why we’re being led by an imbecile. ‘I thought it was a done deal,’ says Katie Connolly. ‘[W]ho’s better at vote counting than the Obama people?’ Who’s better at vote-stuffing than the Obama? I add. She doesn’t write that. ‘I would have bet money that Rahm and Axelrod knew they had the numbers in the bag before they let him step on Air Force One. I was so very wrong. Not only did they fail, they failed in the first round! It’s a bad look for the president, especially coming on the heels of this morning’s depressing unemployment figures.

‘This is pretty embarrassing for the White House. (Especially letting Obama having to fail in front of his wife — ouch!)’ Hey, Katie, she was part of the tag-team. She’s part of the failure, too. What do you mean ‘fail in front of his wife’? She was over there for two days with The Oprah. Back to Katie Connolly and Newsweek. Ahem. ‘But ultimately, it’s a good thing for him. As I wrote on Monday, the Olympics are notorious for running massively over budget. The organizing committees are always rife with infighting and power games as all manner of colorful cronies badger members to get their paws on some of those coveted Olympics dollars.’ Hey, Katie, that was the whole point, so Valerie Jarrett could sell her slum and get big money for it and kick the residents out with the cockroaches.

Actually cockroaches would stay; the residents get thrown out. And now back to Katie Connolly, Newsweek: ‘Public support for the Olympics in Chicago itself was already lukewarm. Residents would have been facing seven years of disruptive construction and roadwork as their city raced to prepare itself. It’s a recipe for serious disgruntlement. Obama would have been inextricably tied to all of this — the budget overruns, the construction hiccups, the predictable corruption. By going to Copenhagen, he became the public face of the effort. Already, some of his closest supporters and friends were on the bid committee: his campaign’s national finance chair Penny Pritzker and a co-chair of his inaugural committee, Patrick Ryan, both had key roles.

‘Senior adviser David Axelrod’s communications firm, AKPD Media, was one of the contractors for the committee, and Obama confidant Valerie Jarrett had been involved in supporting the bid,’ again because she wanted to unload slums that she owns for big-time Olympic dollars. ‘When problems would start to arise in the planning of this mammoth event — and they invariably would have — Obama would be implicated, regardless of his actual involvement.’ Now, get this. This is a bigwig at Newsweek, Katie Connolly, saying, losing the Olympic bid is good for Obama because Chicago’s a cesspool of fraud, deceit, and corruption that he now will not be tied to it because the fraud, deceit, and corruption will not happen because the Olympics aren’t coming.

Don’t ever doubt me, Snerdley, when I start predicting what the media’s going to say and how they’re going to spin something to make their guy look good. Don’t ever, ever doubt me. Don’t any of you, either. ‘Olympics-related screw-ups may have no concrete bearing on Obama’s capacity to govern, but they do make easy campaign ads. It’s not hard to imagine attack ads tying whatever planning ineptitude that was making news back to the White House. And while most voters outside of Chicago wouldn’t care all that much, such issues provide an unwanted distraction for the White House. They can dominate news cycles and pull advisers, and possibly even the president, into debates that divert attention from more critical politics.’

What do you think they just did? They just diverted themselves, Katie! They just went over there and diverted themselves from the economy, from unemployment, from Afghanistan, from practically everything that’s important. ‘Think about how ACORN sidetracked political debates on health-care reform.’ Think about how ACORN sidetracked political debates? I don’t remember Obama getting ‘tied’ to that. People tried, but… ‘This is a tad humiliating for the president,’ writes Katie Connolly of Newsweek, ‘but his embarrassment will be short-lived, especially if he demonstrates some good humor about it. Republicans will probably criticize him for skipping the country for a day instead of focusing on Iran or Afghanistan, but those attacks won’t stick. He wasn’t even gone 24 hours, and General McChrystal joined him on Air Force One.

‘This will be fodder for late-night comedians and talk-back radio for a day or two. But winning the Olympics could have bogged down his entire presidency. And this way, next time he goes to Tokyo, he’ll have something in common with Prime Minister Hatoyama.’ There you have it, my friends, the latest wisdom from Newsweek magazine, State-Controlled: Losing the Olympic bid is good for Obama because Chicago is a shining cesspool on a hill. Corruption, fraud, thuggery, RICO investigations, RICO crimes, deceit — intricate webs of conceit woven throughout the city — that would invariably harm Obama’s image. So it’s good that we lost the Olympics. It will just be a couple days that people will laugh at it and then it will be back to saving the world.

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