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“It’s time to take the skirt off Obama and put a pair of slacks on him. We should take the skirts off the media, too. This is embarrassing.”

“Seems the media is still stunned by the audacity of NOPE in Copenhagen, what with the Obamas and The Oprah getting rejected by the world community. Of course, a lot of things went wrong with that presentation, like Obama forgetting to bring the Greek columns.”

“I hope these media people all remember the policy that came out of the White House during the town meetings: ‘They hit us; we hit ’em back twice as hard.’ Well, that’s what we do here on the EIB Network. We hit back twice as hard.”

“Every time liberalism fails (which is every time it’s tried), at some point they reach a catastrophe, and then they always revert back to conservatism — because it works!”

“Obama and Michelle (My Belle) made terrible presentations to the IOC. I watched those speeches. My speech teacher from my first year in college would have flunked me and everybody else for turning in such self-centered, self-aggrandizing junior high speeches!”

“The only thing missing during Obama’s speech to the IOC was somebody yelling, ‘You lie!’ Oh, man, do you realize what I would have paid to see that happen?”

“We conservatives wake up every day and watch our Constitution and our country come under assault, sowe defend it, and then you liberals get all whiny about the lack of the civility.”

“Story: ‘Respected circuit judge Herman Thomas is accused of bringing inmates into his chambers and spanking them with a paddle.’ Maybe he’s going to be a czar with Obama after they pardon him.”

“As I assured a bunch of people on the sideline last nightbefore the Steelers-Chargers game, I am not quitting until every American agrees with me — which means, my friends, that I plan on immortality.”

“Obama as a ‘beta male’. I find that fascinating. Explains quite a bit.”

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