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RUSH: The media is still stunned by the audacity of NOPE in Copenhagen with the Obamas and The Oprah rejected by the world community for the Olympics in Chicago. A lot of things went wrong with that presentation. Obama forgot to bring the Greek columns to go along with his and his wife’s speeches. Forgot to add the reverb in there to his speech so it didn’t sound godlike like all of his other important speeches, so without the reverb and without the Greek columns to distract, the IOC had to actually listen to the words and all they heard was a bunch of self-centered narcissism, narcissistic ramblings: I, me, my father, my kids. There’s Michelle (My Belle) saying I sat on my daddy’s lap watching Carl Lewis win his gold medal. She was 20 years old when Carl Lewis won his gold medal. If she was sitting on her daddy’s lap, her daddy was infirm by that point. That’s like Hillary saying that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary when Edmund Hillary hadn’t climbed the mountain before Hillary was born. It was not possible. And so here’s Michelle (My Belle) saying she was sitting on her daddy’s lap at age 20, and the Olympic committee no doubt — (laughing) I mean, this is a bunch of sophomores here making this speech.

Everything I predicted about this has come true, ladies and gentlemen. I did a bunch of media tweaks on Friday and they’re all upset, and you know what they’re all upset about? Barack Hussein Obama, me, me, me, Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm, they are just beside themselves. They’re calling this hate speech in the media. Here, let’s give you an example of this. This is Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough today, and he had on the BBC America correspondent Katty Kay about the discussion of politics, civility and me. And Scarborough, ‘It always seems that one side feels the need to delegitimize the other side. This cannot be helpful for our political process.’

KAY: I don’t think it is. After, you know, listening to that Rush Limbaugh clip again and I don’t think I want to hear it, really, for a fourth or fifth time, is that it’s not Barack Obama, it’s Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Hussein Obama. There’s something insidious going on there, too, in the repetition of his middle name.

RUSH: For crying out loud, this is a BBC reporter. She does not know, she does not know about this.

SCHOOLKIDS: He said that all must lend a hand to make this country strong again. Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama. He said we must be fair today, equal work means equal pay. Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama. He said we all must take a stand —

RUSH: All right, that’s enough. A bunch of little kids out there being indoctrinated and propagandized into singing songs to dear leader and this BBC America person doesn’t even understand that we’re just having a little fun with all of this. I mean — (laughing) — here, they don’t like that? See if they’ll like this.

SCHOOLKIDS PARODY: Rush Hudson Limbaugh. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Rush Hudson Limbaugh. Mmm, mmm, mmm. (Battle Hymn of the Republic tune) My ears have heard Rush Limbaugh on my parents’ radio. He tells me that the left is wrong and stuff I need to know. We turn it off when he is done ’cause there is no other show. Rush, keep broadcasting on. Glory, glory hallelujah. Glory, Clinton couldn’t fool ya. Barack Obama can’t ignore ya. Rush, keep broadcasting on. In 1951 he was born in Missouri. Now he’s on the radio conducting EIB. On the air to set us free from sea to shining see, he keeps broadcasting on. Glory, glory hallelujah. Glory, Clinton couldn’t fool ya. Barack Obama can’t ignore ya. Rush, keep broadcasting on. Rush keep broadcasting on!

RUSH: Now, I wonder what they’ll say about that. (laughing) More fun than a human being should be allowed to have. No sense of humor. I want to bring a football analogy into this. I was in Pittsburgh yesterday. I was in Pittsburgh for the Steelers-Chargers last night and it was a night game so we’re in the hotel all day long and we’re watching football, and I’m watching the Patriots and the Ravens game which is the early game at one o’clock, and the officiating in that game was very, very odd. I know Tom Brady is coming back from reconstructive knee surgery and so forth, but the penalties that they were calling against the Ravens defense for barely touching Brady got everybody all worked up. Ray Lewis, who is the great middle linebacker of the Baltimore Ravens said, ‘Without totally going off the wall here, it’s embarrassing to the game. You can’t do that. Brady’s good enough to make a play. Let him make his own play. You can’t end the play like that, and then throw the flag. No, man. The embarrassing part is when he understands that, and he walks up to one of us and says, ‘Oh, that was a cheap one.’ That’s not football. And that’s the embarrassing part about it. Two great teams going at it, like them go at it. But you can’t stop drives like that, you can’t throw flags and say, ‘Oh, you touched the quarterback.’ Put flags on them. Put a red buzzer on them, so if we touch them, they’re down.’

Rodney Harrison last night joking, but he was taken seriously — nobody has a sense of humor anymore — Rodney Harrison last night on NBC for their pregame show in the Steelers-Chargers said, ‘Hey, Tom, you gotta take off the skirt, Tom, and put on a pair of slacks.’ And that goes back to Terry Bradshaw and Jack Lambert. Jack Lambert, back in the old days of the Steelers, the defensive people have always been concerned about how they protect the quarterback in the NFL because they are the franchise. And during a particular period in the NFL when the quarterbacks were overly protected by the refs, Jack Lambert said, ‘Might as well put skirts on them.’ So Rodney Harris said, ‘Hey, come on, Tom Brady, put on some slacks, take off the skirt.’ He was joking, but everybody took him seriously. Now, this is related to Barbara Boxer because Ray Lewis — I want to hear a liberal agree with Ray Lewis that overprotection of the quarterback by officials is hurting the game because the insane protection of Barack Obama, this country’s rookie, undrafted quarterback who played five minutes of one game has hurt the country.

It’s time to take the skirt off Obama and time to put a pair of slacks on him. Take the skirts off, media. This is embarrassing. Take off the red flag. Take off the buzzer. You guys are going out of your way to protect Obama from any sort of natural reporting that you would do. There was no vetting of who this guy is and now there’s no reporting at all, there’s simply repeating. And you’re making the enemies of the country out to be people who have zip, zero, nada power. Once again we’re back to this: We play the talk radio card and the race card at the same time, and that is the old same page of the playbook, whenever things are going bad for the Democrats and their president, it’s always time to blame talk radio and specifically blame El Rushbo. Here, let’s grab the next sound bite in order. It’s number 13. This is Joe Lockhart, again this morning on MSNBC: ‘How do we get back to the path of political conversations that even have the remotest air of wanting to solve any problem this country has?’

LOCKHART: I would say the first thing you do is you start ignoring people like Rush Limbaugh. I mean there — there are fringe people who speak loudly and get ratings and are entertaining that at best are irrelevant to our politics, at worst are poisoning our politics and the more we pay attention to them, the more we —

RUSH: Wait a second, stop the tape you can’t have it both ways, you can’t say nobody listens to me and then say that I’m poisoning politics and you can’t say stop listening to Limbaugh because nobody’s listening to him because he’s poisoning politics. These guys are just all over the board, and it’s the same thing, day in and day out. Their problem is they’ve got a skirt on Barack Obama. Barack Obama is not allowed to be criticized, he’s not allowed to be hit, even when he and his wife screw up royally in front of the world.


RUSH: Chicago Tribune yesterday: ‘Obama was Told a Trip to Olympics Meeting May Clinch Chicago Win — ‘The intelligence that we had from the US Olympic Committee and Chicago bid team was that it was very close and therefore well worth our efforts,’ said Valerie Jarrett,’ the well-known Chicago slumlord and ‘a senior White House advisor. ‘The message was that … a personal appeal from the president would make a huge difference.” Ho, folks! This is a guy that’s going to talk Iran out of building nukes. So somebody at the IOC says, ‘You get Obama over here and it might put you over the top.’ Now, it is, if this is true, that somebody in the IOC knew exactly how to play to Obama’s ego for the express purpose of embarrassing him.

I think Obama needs to take off the skirt, put on a pair of pants like real guys do and the media needs to start treating him like a quarterback that doesn’t get kid-glove treatment. All weekend, all weekend long the word about what happened was ‘failure.’ Excusing failure, ignoring failure, blaming failure, enjoying failure, pretending it’s too mean to enjoy failure — and, remember, now, if this had happened to George W. Bush the glee would still be going on with these people in the media! Obama and Michelle (My Belle) made terrible presentations to the IOC. I watched these speeches. My junior high drama teacher and my speech teacher from my first year in college would have flunked me and everybody else for turning in those self-centered, self-aggrandizing junior high speeches.

If you look at these speeches and read them it makes perfect sense they got booted in round one. They flunked. They failed. Michelle (My Belle) was especially patronizing. Slow talking. She faked a crying voice. Lying about the time she spent with her father sitting on his lap — when she’s 20 years old! — watching Olympics telecasts and Carl Lewis winning medals; whining about the very special poverty and racism, discrimination, trying to guilt the IOC into being charitable to the downtrodden Americans who have suffered so much for so long until Obama got to the White House. I mean, it was embarrassing. It was truly embarrassing. You don’t even have to listen, just read these speeches. And Michelle’s was all, before we got to the President. It’s all about Bam’s speech. Here’s a couple quotes from what Obama said:

‘Nearly one year ago, on a clear November night, people from every corner of the world gathered in the city of Chicago or in front of their televisions to watch the results of the US Presidential election. Their interest wasn’t about me as an individual.’ Your interest is only about you! What does that have to do with the Olympic bid that people gathered around the world to watch the election returns? If I had been sitting there in that committee no amount of self-control could have kept me from rolling my eyes all the way to heaven except they don’t believe in heaven at the IOC! Somehow he’s president of the whole world and that justifies Chicago getting the Olympics. He’s bigger than himself as an individual. ‘Rather, it was rooted in the belief that America’s experiment in democracy still speaks to a set of universal aspirations and ideals.’

Did he really try to interject the notion of American exceptionalism? If he did, it wasn’t unbelievable. Obviously the IOC didn’t fall for it. He said, ‘In the beginning of this new century the nation that has been shaped by people from around the world wants a chance to inspire it one more time.’ Well, wait a minute. Wait! I thought the world was inspired by Obama’s election. I thought the world was in awe. I thought the world was in stunned awe and I thought that the world was bowing down and begging Obama to lead us all from bondage as he had to somehow lead himself from the bondage of his own existence. ‘And so I urge you to choose Chicago. I urge you to choose America — and if we do, we walk this path together then I promise you this, the city of Chicago and the US will make the world proud.’

Proud of what? A city awash in corruption with the blood of gangs killing each other, proud of a country that Obama has done nothing but apologize for since inaugurated? The only thing missing during Obama’s speech to the IOC was somebody on the committee yelling, ‘You lie!’ Oh, man, do you realize what I would have paid to see that happen? Somebody on the IOC committee, ‘You lie!’ ‘House liberals have floated a bill to bar a surge of troops for Afghanistan.’ So the Democrats in the House are preparing to vote against victory once again. It’s becoming a little clearer now, folks.

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