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RUSH: All right, See, I Told You So time. I predicted last Friday during one of the most fun three-hour radio shows we’ve had since January, that the media and the liberals would squeal that I celebrated the Obama loss in the pitching of Chicago for the Olympics. This is what I said last Friday.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Look for the headline later today: ‘Republicans Joyful America Loses Olympics, Limbaugh Ecstatic.’

RUSH: Sure enough, the State-Controlled Media ran with that line.

JOHN BERMAN: About the only place you could find more unbridled glee than Brazil was with Rush Limbaugh.

JULIAN EPSTEIN: Rush Limbaugh and others, cheering about the fact that the United States has lost.

JOAN WALSH: We certainly heard Rush kvelling over it.

HOWIE KURTZ: Limbaugh did say that this was the worst day of the Obama presidency.

ALEX WITT: What about what Rush Limbaugh did calling yesterday the worst day of Obama’s presidency?

DAVID SHUSTER: There is a political benefit to them saying President Obama has been rejected on the world stage, as Rush Limbaugh did today.

MIKE PAPANTONIO: We’ve lost 400,000 jobs in a conservative projection, and Rush Limbaugh says that is a victory.

PETER MIRIJANIAN: Folks like Rush Limbaugh take glee out of the fact that we didn’t get this.

KAREN FINNEY: Rush Limbaugh was jubilant.

RUSH: Do I know these people or do I know these people? You know, these people — one thing I know, they have no sense of humor. They’re utterly predictable. They listen to me predict what they’re going to do and they still do it. Rather than say something just the opposite to make me look wrong they make me look like a wizard each and every day. Here’s the second See, I Told You So. I predicted this last Friday.

RUSH ARCHIVE: They’ll blame Bush for residual hatred of America even though he’s not here.

RUSH: Jan Schakowsky Friday night: ‘What about the Republicans actually campaigning against the US and down talking Chicago? How do you feel about that?’

SCHAKOWSKY: How dare Rush Limbaugh! How dare he say that this president goes around talking about how bad our country is? He has finally been able to establish us as real participants in the world community, and if anything would have stopped us from getting it, it’s the last eight years.

RUSH: Bingo! Bull’s-eye! (interruption) She does sound like Lorraine X. She’s totally insane. She doesn’t know how Obama’s run around ripping the country to shreds, apologizing for it? Here is Roland Burris, Illinois Democrat Senator. He had this to say.

BURRIS: Chicago now is a victim of all of that negativism that came out of that bad image that was created.

RUSH: So they’re blaming Bush. I predicted it. Now, something you need to know, ladies and gentlemen, about Bush. Chicago became a finalist for the Olympics, the 2016 Olympics on June the 4th of last year, while Bush was in the Oval Office. Hillary Clinton conceded the presidential race to ‘Barack Hussein Obama. Mmm, mmm, mmm,’ on June 7th. Is that when all of the anti-American sentiment really started, when Hillary dropped out? Because Bush was still in the White House. Another for-what-it’s-worth: All these people conveniently blaming it on Bush all forget that Chicago was named by the IOC as one of the four finalists on June 4th, 2008 within while Bush was still president. And now, my friends, it’s time for the third See, I Told You So. I ended up saying this on Friday.

RUSH ARCHIVE: [T]hey will come out and they’ll say, ‘You know what? Obama probably really didn’t want the Olympics. He wanted it to go to a city that had never had the Olympics before and so he tailored his presentation to see to it.’ (snip) I’m just telling you. It sounds ridiculous to you. You think I’m off my rocker here, but I’m telling you: Nobody knows the media like I know the media. Nobody knows leftists like I know them. They’ve got to save this guy’s bacon, folks! This is a disaster! Do you understand what a disaster this is? This is a worldwide how humiliation! ‘Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm, mmm, mmm,’ and Michelle (My Belle) Obama, ‘Mmm, mmm, mmm,’ put it all on the line, and they got bitch slapped, humiliated in front of the world. There’s going to be somebody that’s got to cover the bases on this. Somebody has got to come up with a way that this can be explained that Obama maintains his brilliance, his uniqueness, that he is a step ahead of all of us. Mark my words.

RUSH: Sure enough, Friday night, ABC News Nightline, we’re talking here with John Berman and his report about what all happened.

BERMAN: There is of course another way to look at this. Maybe despite the tears, maybe, just maybe, Chicago is better off. Just ask Montreal. That city just finished paying off debt from the 1976 games. Ask Athens. The Greeks budgeted $1.6 billion before the 2004 games and ended up spending $16 billion. London hasn’t even had the 2012 games yet but they’ve already blown their budget plans.

RUSH: And what’s the lesson here? It’s that government bureaucracies don’t know how to spend money properly. They’re all going to go in debt. But you see maybe now it’s better off. Here’s a fourth See, I Told You So. This is what I said last Friday.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Before it’s all said and done, they’re going to blame me for spreading the vibe worldwide that I wanted Obama to fail. Before it’s all said and done, that would happen. ‘Limbaugh wanted Obama to fail! He started that vibe! He spread it all over the world.’

RUSH: MSNBC Friday night.

MSNBC HOST: Where Rush goes the Republican Party follows. What the Republicans did I think rivals Jane Fonda sitting on a gun in North Vietnam. This is not a failure of President Obama! This is a failure of the Republican Party, the right wing talkers in this country that openly — openly! — campaigned against the Olympics by denigrating our president again. It’s their stated goal to see Barack Obama fail.

RUSH: So… (laughing) So four-for-four. Four See, I Told You So’s right out in the open. You know, you don’t need a special code to listen to this program. You don’t need a special radio. Anybody can listen to this program, and millions do. You would think these clowns would actually try that themselves. That whole show Friday was a giant, 100% Media Tweak (and, of course, Obama Tweak) and here they come. I mean, they’re like sheep. I have these people wrapped around my little finger. Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that these people all remember the policy that came out of the White House during those tea parties and the town meetings. ‘They hit us; we hit ’em back twice as hard.’ Well, that’s what we do here on the EIB Network: We hit back twice as hard.

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