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RUSH: To the phones. New Port Richey in Florida. Betty, welcome to the EIB Network. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Oh, hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Fine. Thanks much.

CALLER: That’s good. Do you know, Rush, I spoke with you exactly a year ago in October, before the big election, and I explained to you that I’m in my seventies, my husband is in his eighties and he fought in World War II. And I told you that we were going to vote for President Obama. And, of course, you were very upset about that. But I want to know, and like I asked the screener, what is your main reason why you dislike President Obama? What is it? Can you pinpoint it?

RUSH: Easily. But first I should point out, it’s nothing personal, I don’t even know him. I think he does have a personality that kind of grates on me with that insufferably large ego that is unbearable for me, but no, I don’t like the fact that he looks at this country as an obstacle, the greatness of this country, that there’s no such thing as American exceptionalism, that the country was immoral and unjust before he was elected, and his effort to totally remake it and rebuild it with the government as the central focal point of everybody’s lives is just something, Betty, that I can’t abide.

CALLER: Would you call remaking country, would you call that like medical reform, would you call that trying to build a strategy for the war in Afghanistan? Do you call that a remake?

RUSH: The specifics, yeah. We’re not talking about medical reform. That’s not what this is. Health care reform is simply a vehicle for the denial of individual liberty and freedom and the opportunity for government to regulate every aspect of the moment you’re awake and sleep.


RUSH: We have a nursing home crisis brought to you by the people who want to control your health care. (interruption) What, you want me to answer that lady? I mean, she’s been listening to me for how long? How often have I said on this program what my problems with Obama are? I don’t believe we’re trying to build a strategy to win the war in Afghanistan, Betty. I think Obama has said he’s uncomfortable with the whole concept of victory in Afghanistan. He’s got a public spat going on with the general. He’s not a general. Obama looks at the military and kind of frowns. He’s not a big military guy. He’s one of these people that thinks the US military is one of the problems in the world, not the solution. He looks at the United States as one of the problems in the world, not a solution to the world’s problems. He said it over and over and over again. I’m sorry. He doesn’t see the America I have lived in, and he doesn’t want the America I’ve lived in to continue. He wants to remake it, government being the focal point of everybody’s life. National health care is simply a gold mine of regulatory power for people like Obama and the reason, Betty, it’s not going to be implemented ’til 2013 is because he’ll be reelected, he hopes, in 2012.

Once this thing gets implemented there’s going to be a revolt but there’s nothing anybody can do about it at the ballot box, he’ll be in, that’s why none of this stuff gets implemented while he’s in his first term. It’s bad enough talking about it, but wait ’til the stuff actually happens, wait ’til people actually have to start living these policies. His objective is to destroy the wealth of 70% of the people in the country and transfer it to the 30% of the country he thinks have gotten the shaft since the founding of this country. And that’s what he’s in the process of doing. The student loan business is now totally run by the government — or it will be starting next year. If we’re not careful, whenever you need a loan, of any kind, for any reason, you’re going to have to go to an Obama-controlled entity. And then do you think it might matter whether or not you support Obama or contribute to Democrats as to whether or not you’ll be given assistance with your financial needs? Why are we even talking about this? This is not the role of the US government. None of it’s mentioned in the founding, none of it’s mentioned in the Constitution.

I mean all I have to know is what Obama has said. The Constitution is a list of negative rights. I’m sorry. From that perspective how can the Constitution be negative? The Constitution tells government what it cannot do to the people. Obama looks at that as a negative. He wants the Constitution to say what government can do to people. Well, he says ‘for.’ But he means ‘to.’ This is a dangerous man, Betty. This guy wants to do things that your husband fought World War II for to prevent, if I may be so bold. And now we have this: ‘The nation’s nursing homes are perilously close to laying off workers, cutting services — possibly even closing — because of a perfect storm wallop from the recession and deep federal and state government spending cuts.’ The headline of this AP story: ‘Waves of New Fund Cuts Imperil US Nursing Homes.’ What kind of cuts, you say? ‘A Medicare rate adjustment that cuts an estimated $16 billion in nursing home funding over the next 10 years was enacted at week’s end by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services — on top of state-level cuts or flat-funding that already had the industry reeling. And Congress is debating slashing billions more in Medicare funding as part of health care reform.’

But wait, but wait, but wait, I thought they weren’t going to touch Medicare, I thought they were going to get money from Medicare by cutting off fraud and abuse, and already we’re dangerously close to closing some nursing homes. I thought they weren’t going to do any of this. They weren’t going to do any of this, Betty, but they’re doing it right before your very eyes. How you don’t see it mystifies me. ‘The funding crisis comes as the nation’s baby boomers age ever closer toward needing nursing home care. The nation’s 16,000 nursing homes housed 1.85 million people last year, up from 1.79 million in 2007, US Census Bureau figures show.’ It’s bad out there, Betty. All you have to do is have the courage to believe what you see.

Susan in Monrovia, California, glad you called, nice to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. You’ve got another mad Susan in Southern California.

RUSH: That would be you.

CALLER: Oh, yes. Oh, yes. And I think what makes me so furious is that we keep on looking at this president, when in reality it’s Barack ‘Puppet’ Obama. And we need to start looking at where he takes his talking points every day. This is a man who looks at the teleprompter and if it fails, he has no idea. So he has to look at Rahm Emanuel, the media, we have to look at the labor unions, the ACLU, we have to look at these wonderful czars, which were all election obligations given, and that’s who we need to start focusing on, because Barack, he’s a teleprompter, and only if it works. It’s most frustrating. Do you think I’m mad?

RUSH: No. Not deranged mad. I think you’re angry, yeah.

CALLER: It’s amazing when I listen to a woman such as Betty, and she doesn’t see that this last election was all about the media getting its power back, all about the media. They took a man who had no experience, a couple of days in the Senate, they even chose the Republican candidate, and then they wonder why all of this is going on. It was all about control, and they got it back.

RUSH: Well, I don’t disagree with this as you well know. I myself have articulated these sentiments. I know the media was desperate to show itself, that it had the power to shape public opinion and public events, their outcome and all that, but the thing that you said about who is Obama, who is writing the stuff, without the teleprompter he’s nowhere. We’ve gone back and forth on that subject. Is Obama a puppet, is he a Manchurian Candidate, what is he? And whether or not he’s a Manchurian Candidate, what you have to understand, Susan, is that he believes it regardless whether he can write it himself or whether he can put it on the prompter himself, he believes it. This is who he is. Whether he’s a front man for somebody else, who would it be, George Soros, Rahm Emanuel, Axelrod.

If my sensibilities are quite naïve, but it didn’t take me long to see the reality. I think a lot of people bought into this whole postpartisan Obama is a brand-new kind of guy, he’s going to get rid of all the partisan divide, no more blue state/red state and he had a lot of supporters on that basis, a lot of people joining him in the White House. It wouldn’t have taken me very long to realize this is not who I thought he was. This is not right. This is not what this country is all about. Government does not run everything that happens here. We are not going to enact policies that are gonna destroy the US economy. We’re not going to do it and yet nobody has defected. And if you look at the people that he has put in there, he’s got child abusers, he’s got perverts, he’s got noted communists, he’s got people who do not like this country at every level of his administration. So you have to assume that’s him, too.

CALLER: Well, maybe, but I think the only thing Obama believes in is himself. I think he’s a huge ego. And I think he is so angry right now that he can get on a microphone and no one’s buying it except Betty. And yet there are people out there that are still holding onto the sixties movement feeling that it’s Enron yet they’re not looking at GE, that, you know, that it’s all about what he says, and he’s going to make the change. And I disagree, I think he only believes in himself. I think he does hate the US but I only think he believes in himself.

RUSH: Well, I don’t think he hates the US. I think he sees the US as an opportunity for it to be remade in a way that he thinks is more fair and more just because basically the whole country was structured and put together in the most unfair, discriminatory way. But, look, there’s no questioning his ego. But don’t doubt for a moment that he’s just a brainless puppet here executing somebody else’s words. This guy, this is who he is. This is in his heart. This is in his brain. It’s how he was raised; it’s how he’s been taught. And it’s why he’s able to surround himself with so many people like him, ’cause the shocking truth is that there are a lot of them in this country who believe exactly as he does.

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