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RUSH: Steven in Houston. I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the program, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, it’s truly a pleasure to talk to you. I’m very excited, and I’m glad I got through. But I just wanted to say I think you’re giving the Democrats too much credit. I know this because I used to be a man of the left, but I had a road to Damascus conversion and the truth really does set you free, and believe it or not, this happened to me at a small liberal arts college in Memphis, Tennessee, called Rhodes College, and I learned about the unconstrained vision and the constrained vision. And the Democrats have the unconstrained vision, everything is possible with them, they don’t accept trade-offs. And what tells me that they’re just bumbling idiots is, you know, they take this equation the John Maynard Keynes wrote, which is basically that GDP equals consumption minus investment plus government spending plus or minus said exports and they say, ‘Oh, we want GDP to go up, we’ll just spend more money,’ and they forgot that Keynes was the head economic advisor to England during World War I.

RUSH: When did you have your awakening? When did you attend this school, how many years ago?

CALLER: I just graduated this past May.

RUSH: All right. Can you hold on?


RUSH: You are one of the greatest teachable moments that I will have for this audience, but you’re going to have to hold on for 10 or 15 minutes. Do you mind?

CALLER: No, I would love to, it would be my pleasure.

RUSH: Thank you much. We’ll be back.


RUSH: Back to Steven in Houston. Steven, thanks for holding on.

CALLER: Rush, how you doing?

RUSH: I’m doing well. Are you still doing well?


RUSH: Okay. Now, you just graduated from a school in Memphis, did you say in Tennessee?


RUSH: Okay, just graduated and you had an epiphany, you had an awakening there, you went in as a lib and you came out the exact opposite. And because of what you learned, you think that I’m a little incorrect when I say that the Democrats are doing all this, like the economic destruction, the stimulus package not working, doing the exact opposite of what its intent is. You think that I’m wrong. You think that they’re not doing this by design, that they’re just blithering idiots, right? That they have faith in a bunch of theory and equations like Keynes —

CALLER: And their intentions, it’s all about their intentions, their good intentions, as Sean says a lot, their anointed intentions. I think that they’re just blinded to see the truth.

RUSH: All right, this is why this is a teachable moment. I agree, by the way, that their intentions are what they want everybody to focus on because they want people to think of them as good people.


RUSH: They never want the results analyzed. And see, here’s the thing, Steven, and I say this with all due respect, and I’m glad that you called because it’s really great. You have made an overwhelming positive conversion and it took the liberal academic setting for this to happen to you.

CALLER: Yeah, that’s what depressed me most.

RUSH: Well, you are how old?

CALLER: Twenty-two.

RUSH: You’re 22 years old.


RUSH: So I’m guessing that in terms of an adult life with focus on education of yourself and interest in current affairs and politics and so forth, you’ve probably had no more than six solid years of that since you were 16?


RUSH: So you have now had this epiphany, and your education has worked miracles on you and you think what you have learned so far in your life explains it. And I applaud you for that, but here’s what you’re going to learn as you live longer. You’re going to learn that all this is intentional, because there is a track record of over 75 years of these failures from even the stupidest people to learn from. It’s not that they don’t want to learn the truth, they want control, they want power, they want as many people dependent on the government as possible. They just have a different belief system. Their intentions may be good, but I don’t care about their intentions because their intentions have failed miserably this country and people like them all over the world. The people that run our country now have a much closer proximity and they’re much closer to the world’s tyrants and dictators than they are closer to the people who founded the country. This is not accidental. They have chosen it. This is the ideology that they have chosen. This is what’s best for them. And you’re going to learn this if you stay focused and stay interested and keep learning as you grow older, you’re going to learn this. You’re gonna learn that they’re not innocent idiots. They are dangerous, devious central planners who have designs on everybody’s liberty and freedom. That’s what matters most to them because that’s where they derive their power.

CALLER: What concerns me, though, Rush, is that if they’re smart enough to understand this, to implement it, you know, what concerns me is that the only type of people who I can think of who will do this are people who want to see the world burn and I would hate to think that those people are at the top of our system. I mean maybe somebody like Rahm Dead Fish Emanuel, but I truly think that our system can protect us from this. To a disagree or do you think —

RUSH: Now, if I thought the system couldn’t protect us, as I said last week I’d cash in my chips, I would retire, and I would start on a spending spree to make sure I spent all the money I had before they take it from me, and the last check I wrote would be to the IRS, and it would bounce. But I’m not doing any of that, I’m hanging in there because I do believe in the American people. We’re seeing right now that the American people don’t want what this administration, what the Democrats in Congress are offering. You say that they’re smart enough to understand this, to implement this. Intelligence has nothing to do with this. This is a raw pursuit of power that they succeeded in acquiring with their allies in the media for eight years tarnishing and trashing the US military.

George W. Bush and the institutions and traditions that made this country great, these people have purposely set groups of Americans against each other, men versus women, black versus, white minority versus majority, gay versus straight, all by design to create chaos, never contentment, never happy — they’re not happy. Did anybody, your professors, were they ever happy or were they always constantly wringing their hands and enraged and mad at whatever was going on even after they’ve won all the power? They’re still unhappy, they’re still angry, they’re still miserable. You look at them on TV, and they don’t smile, they have nothing about them that says, ‘Join us.’ We have no choice and their power didn’t just come because of their intelligence. The opposition party laid down. The opposition party nominated somebody that didn’t have a holy prayer of a chance.

CALLER: Well, if it’s not their intelligence, then what you’ve said to me is it translates to downright evil to want to destroy the best economic system all for the wants of power just sounds like just evil.

RUSH: (clapping) You got it.

CALLER: I mean do you think that they’re evil?

RUSH: You got it. You got it. Another epiphany, and it didn’t take you four more years, you got it in one call to the EIB Network. We are dealing with people who have — and let’s define evil in this case.

CALLER: Well, that’s a good point, Rush, because, you know —

RUSH: Well, let me —

CALLER: — in Eastern societies —

RUSH: Let me define it. Let me define evil for you, as I mean it here because this is one of these things that could end up being a Media Tweak, they’ll hear me, ‘Oh, they’re evil, I’m going to applaud you, they are evil,’ and that’s going to be all over the cable networks.


RUSH: Let me define it for you. Let’s make it simple. Let’s say that America is made up of basically two groups of people, and both groups are represented by leaders that seek to win power to implement their ideas. The people who are running the country now are from a group that does not believe in the justness of the founding of this country. They are adamantly opposed to the way the country was founded. They believe the country was founded by white Eurocentric racists, sexists, bigots, colonialists and imperialists. They believe that the United States’ superpower status militarily and economically is the greatest threat to world peace and the climate and so forth. And their job, as they see it — they don’t have a love for this country as the people on the other side do who cherish the founding, who cherish the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and understand what it is, understand that the greatness of this country is due to the freedom of its people to be and do whatever they wish to the best of their ability. That is anathema to them. They think that has led to an unjust and immoral country with racism and bigotry, the majority tromping all over the minority every day since we’ve been founded and it’s something they must fix, they must fix. They don’t dislike America. They dislike America as it was founded. They want to remake it and they want to change it.

CALLER: I think it’s an important point in —

RUSH: And that, to me, by the way, is evil. If we have people who want to take over the government of this country, via elections, for the purpose of remaking it and eliminating all of the institutions and traditions that made —

CALLER: Progress —

RUSH: Then that’s evil to me.

CALLER: See, I would break it down to something as simple as good versus bad. In Eastern societies where we’re dealing with these jihadists, the fundamentalists, they want to go backwards in time to a more primitive state and they despise the West because we like progress, you know, economic progress is good for us. I’m not talking about progressivism and progressive thinking or any of that garbage. I’m talking about just moving forward, you know, helping the human condition. And so, you know —

RUSH: Well, now, they may be a little misguided in that they think they’re helping the human condition by getting rid of racism, sexism, bigotry but in fact they practice racism, sexism, and bigotry in the process, and they simply pollute the decency of the country. Let me try this another way with you, all right?


RUSH: To illustrate my point. Teenage unemployment is running over 50%. Standard unemployment in this country, the real U6, that’s the Labor Department characterization, the U6 unemployment is approaching 17%. It’s 9.8 but that includes people still looking for a job. The real unemployment rate, people who have given up and no longer even receive extended unemployment benefits is close to 17%. In certain cities and states it’s approaching 25%.


RUSH: Now, these jobs, it’s not only jobs lost now, but this is the delay or loss of entry-level training that could affect the rest of their working lives. If young people cannot get entry-level jobs today and start learning how to work in the workplace at a job, their productivity as productive members of the workforce is going to be delayed and delayed and delayed.

CALLER: I mean, Rush, I studied accounting, you know, with all the things that happened after Enron, with all the Sarbanes-Oxley and everything you would think I’d be able to easy enough get a accounting job. But the government puts so many restrictions and so much regulation on CPA firms and corporations —

RUSH: Right. Do you think that was just innocent?

CALLER: Oh, no, I think it was — I do believe that some of it is mal intent.

RUSH: Damn right, it was purposeful because that’s class envy. They were simply ginning up average Americans’ hatred of corporations and coming up with legislation that would penalize corporations for the sake of only getting people’s votes. And in the end —

CALLER: Yes, exactly.

RUSH: — they’re harming people’s lives by eliminating jobs. Now, let me finish this analogy. Teenage unemployment 50% and as that number grows larger, fewer and fewer people getting jobs, that means fewer and fewer people getting entry-level training, that’s going to affect the rest of their lives. Now, here’s a question. If cutting the minimum wage in half would drop teenage unemployment from 50% to 10% or 20%, would the liberals agree to do it?

CALLER: I think they would, but —

RUSH: No. No.

CALLER: — we who know —

RUSH: Uh-huh. This is the point. If cutting taxes would cause job creation to start, if cutting taxes would cause the economy to rebound, if cutting taxes would lead businesses to grow and invest and hire workers, would liberals cut taxes?


RUSH: No. So you acknowledge they’re smart, they’re educated, we have history in this country, the blueprint for getting out of a mess like this was written in 1980s. They have gone out of their way to rewrite that period so that the media and the schools teach that the eighties was a decade of greed.

CALLER: And imperialism.

RUSH: And imperialism when we beat Soviet communism. My point to you is they will not do what’s best for this country and its people if it conflicts with their ideological desires. That to me is evil. That to me is not innocent bumbling idiots. This is purposeful destruction. It’s a teachable moment I thank you for, and you have advanced your life by four years in a 20-minute phone call. All the best, my man.


RUSH: To be fair, ladies and gentlemen, there is an alternative explanation for liberals repeating failed policy after failed policy for 75 years, and that’s insanity. You’ve heard the classic definition: ‘Trying the same thing over and over again, and you keep expecting a different result is insane.’ I’m not even going to give them that acknowledgement. They’re not insane. They are totally sane. This is by design. This is who they are. Obama represents them perfectly. This is who they are. Pelosi, Reid, this is who they are. Barney Frank. Just listen to ’em speak. This is who they are. (sigh) All right, I got a lot of stuff here I gotta squeeze in. The teachable moment was not part of the plan today, but it just happens so we dealt with it when the opportunity presented itself.

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